Sunday, August 14, 2022

Dante-esque chambers of pop Hell

The answer, as always, is shekels, shekels, shekels:

"More US lawmakers visiting Taiwan 12 days after Pelosi trip".  Not much of a group, but still . . .  

"The Second Coming of the Heartland" (Escobar).

"Iran at the crossroads of history" (Bhadrakumar).

"Russia vs Ukraine Debunking UK MOD + Channel Updates [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).


"What War, Mr. Kissinger?" (Martyanov).

"Russia on the Ropes–Part 13; Really" (Johnson).

"Ukraine War Day #172: Peski Has Fallen" (yalensis).

"Is Viktor Orban Due To A "Democratic" Coup d'Etat?" (Martyanov).  I'll be waiting for the Hungarian gloat videos - while Europe freezes in the dark, Hungarians will search for ways to consume plentiful, cheap, clean-ish energy, without the guilt involved in preserving the sacred borders of Nazis, or having to follow the Green/WEF death cult, in profligate ways, so they can video it and send it to the Euro-serfs.

The Russians are as bad as the Jews in never forgetting!:  "We will come after you! Message for the Ukronazi terrorists".

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 172".

"Salman Rushdie Mystery" (Aangirfan):

"One Iranian official told the official news agency IRNA that he was convinced the attack on Rushdie was a US “false flag” operation.

“Isn’t it odd that as we near a potential nuclear deal, the US makes claims about a hit on Bolton, and then this happens?” said Mohammad Marandi, a senior advisor to the Iranian delegation attending talks in Vienna aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear deal.

Marandi was referring to the foiled assassination attempt on former US national security adviser John Bolton, which resulted in US government charges against a 45-year-old Iranian man, still at large, who is allegedly linked to the regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

Revelations of the plot against Bolton came shortly after four Iranians were charged with the attempted kidnapping of Masih Alinejad, an Iranian human rights activist based in New York."

"The German Greens and Unprincipled Lust for Power" (Doctorow):

". . . the Greens Party in Germany, in Belgium and I assume elsewhere in Europe is nothing more than a vehicle for incompetent, unprofessional sloganeers to seize power and to implement radical social policies of which the public has no inkling. If it were only economic hardship for the population that resulted from their policies, that would be bad enough. But by foolishly and ignorantly baiting the Russian bear and trying to inflict maximum damage on the Russian economy, which is a policy that has “Greens” written all over it, the party and its leadership are pointing Europe to what may yet become a pan-European conflagration that spins out of control."

"Chronicles of Baltic Russophobia: Everything in Its Time" (Maslov). 

"West will brush Ukraine biolab allegations under the carpet just like those of Kosovo organ trafficking" (Pavic).

"[ Donetsk Front ] Russian forces captured Pisky (NW of Donetsk City)" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 171 (13/8) Summary - Russia attacks at Mykolaiv, Donetsk, Kharkiv fronts" (Defense Politics Asia). 

"Q&A: Sanctions, Odessa, Belarus and more [Ukraine war map analysis]" and "General Frontline Update Ukrainian Supply in Danger [Ukraine vs Russia War Map Analysis]" (Weeb Union).

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Charles I was beheaded

"Russian Ops in Ukraine (August 14, 2022) - Russian Advances, Ukraine Shelling Nuclear Power Plant" (The New Atlas). 

"FBI Mar-a-Lago raid, Trump, Charles I of England and a nervous swamp" (The Duran).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 13.08.2022" (Military Summary).

"Russia vs Ukraine live war news [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"Ukraine War [13 August] - Ukrainians recapture Dovenhke - Russians push in Pisky and Bakhmut Fronts" (Military Lab.).

"The Seventh Us-Made HIMARS Launcher Destroyed in Ukraine" and "US Threatens Russia and Iran With Sanctions Over Alleged Drone Deal" and "Russian Forces Confirmed Full Control of Peski in Donetsk People’s Republic" (South Front).

The salt mines

"EU, we are at war. Estonia/Finland blockade, Baltic Sea will be NATO sea. US warns Africa. Update 1" (Christoforou).

"Donetsk Front Update and Analysis [Ukriane War Map Analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"Did Europe not foresee the impact of their own sanctions?" (Galloway).

"Thomas Klikauer – German Capitalism Needs Its Green Party".

"Iran Confirms Drone Sale To Russia - But What Will It Buy In Exchange?" (Moon of Alabama).  The splashy debut of Iran on the international arms market.  This is also a part of Russia's explaining to Israel that choosing to have Russia as an enemy isn't the best idea.

"War Propaganda About Ukraine Starting to Wear Thin" (Bowes).

"Richard Morningstar and a Eureka moment" (Doctorow).

"Ukraine War Day #171: The Battle For Soledar" (yalensis).

Actual Dostoevsky

Sorry, my third-world internet went out just as I was posting, somehow wrecking the post, so this is a do-over, no doubt inferior to the lost posting. 

"The Masque of Pandora" (Crooke):

"Rousseau’s passionate ‘defence of the individual’ arises out of his opposition to ‘the tyranny’ of social convention – the forms and ancient myths that bind society: religion, family, history, and social institutions. His ideal may be proclaimed as that of individual freedom; but it is ‘freedom’, however, not in a sense of immunity from control of the state, but in our withdrawal from the supposed oppressions and corruptions of collective society.

Family relationship is thus transmuted subtly into a political relationship; the molecule of the family is broken into the atoms of its individuals. With these atoms today groomed further to shed their biological gender, their cultural identity and ethnicity, they are coalesced afresh into the single unity of the state."


". . . today’s ‘Totalitarianism Lite’ (Niall Ferguson coinage) of contemporary western life, accepts that whilst human beings naturally form social groups for common purposes, today’s woke ideology assumes that organic associations natural to any rooted community, cannot support a good society (because of ingrained racism, etc.), and therefore must be cleansed from the top down to rid it of such legacies. This is the ‘Bolshevik’ seed that Rousseau sowed.

Here is the point: Our disorientation and sense of disappearing sanity owes not a little to the psychic stress of embracing an ideology that purports to be exactly what it is not. Or, in other words, it proclaims liberty and the individual, when concealed within is absolute statism.

Alain Besançon remarks that “it is just not possible to remain intelligent under the spell of ideology”. Intelligence, after all, is an ongoing attentiveness to reality, which is inconsistent with willfulness and fantasy. Nor can it take root in the sterile soil of widespread cultural repudiation. This is why all ideological regimes are without exception plagued by sheer ineptitude."

"The Clash of the Century, or Actual Dostoevsky" (Shafran/Ilnitsky):

"And attempts to introduce the practice of blocking the process of puberty in children in order to provide in the future the (!) children themselves with the opportunity to choose an appropriate gender – this, in the understanding of our former Western partners, should become an inalienable human right – sexual right, the same as the right to vacation, work, etc. Moreover, the topic of choosing a gender by a child without the consent of the family, in fact bypassing parents (in Norway it is allowed from the age of 7, in the UK – from 9 years old) is nothing more than giving an unformed individual subjectivity in order to remove them from parental care.

Why is this done? For power over the world!

After all, if a child is de facto removed from under the family (the foundation of society) and de jure from under parental care, already devalued by juvenile justice, then a certain “third force” intercepts the management of children, instilling the models of behaviour it needs. Thus, the child is already being raised from childhood as an object controlled from the outside. The same “Matrix of Klaus Schwab” is a management technology with total manipulation of the information space and totalitarian control over society and its individual members. De facto, this is the transfer of power to transnational illegitimate structures controlled by a narrow group of “global elites”, this is the abolition of national states and democracy – it is no longer even imitated – this is depriving a person of the ability to think independently, oppressing the will and, as a result, turning them from a subject into a manipulation object. Thus, the actors of globalism overthrow man from the pedestal of “God’s likeness”, which he occupied for centuries in Christian culture, and deprive him not only of his spiritual foundations, but destroy the very biological essence of man.

There are all the signs of a deep socio-psychological-mental disorder that has gripped the Collective West."

Integrating the current pedo/troon obsession, along with the constant pushing of the horrible dangers of 'white privilege', as part of the greater billionaire strategy to save billionaire necks while enslaving everybody else, is important.  It is part of the general deracination which we have to understand if we are going to defeat them.

"Confronting One World Order (OWO) Globalism. The Rise and Fall of the Beast" (Koenig).  The sheer arrogance of these freaks means they tell us, in explicit detail, what they are doing, while never telling us why.

"Russia-Turkey reset eases regional tensions" and "US commits a perfect murder in Kabul" and "China-US decoupling gushes out" (Bhadrakumar). 

Nuclear suicide

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 171".

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 163-168 (5-10/8) Summary - Heavy fighting at the Bakhmut and Donetsk Front" and "[ HIMARS Watch ] At least 2 operating ard Bereznehuvate (Mykolaiv), 2 ard Hryhorivka (Zaporizhzhia)" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 169-170 (11-12/8) Summary - Fighting entering Bakhmut's residential area" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Ukraine War [12 August] - Russian troops capture Zaitseve, Ukrainians repel attacks on Siversk Front" (Military Lab.).

"Russia vs Ukraine live war news (We now have membership!) [Ukraine war map analysis]" and "Russian General Offensive [Russia vs Ukraine war map analysis]" and "Bakhmut Front News [Ukraine vs Russia Map Analysis]" and "Siversk Front News [Russia vs Ukraine map analysis]" (Weeb Union). 

"CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou: Trump, Espionage Act & FBI's Search Warrant" (Shadowproof).

"Clarifying the System and Authorities to Classify Information–Trump Followed the Law" (Johnson).  The Democrats, desperate to avoid getting steamrollered during the next two American election cycles, are getting very close to permanently ruining their brand.  Obvious abuse of the legal system for partisan political purposes is pure tyranny.

"Five Lingering Questions In the Wake of the Mar-a-Lago Raid" (Turley).

"The National Security Apparatus Is Now the Enemy | Opinion" (Beattie).  If Trump's first act after his re-reelection isn't winding up the FBI (moving the forensic labs, the only part of the FBI worth preserving, barely, into some other federal organization), it will be another four years of Trump bullshit about the sincerity of his desire to fight the Swamp.

"In Actual Russia, No Sign of Sanctions" (Rall).

"Ukraine's Mystic Kherson Offensive Did Not, And Will Not Happen" (Moon of Alabama).  'Kherson' seems to have been replaced by an attempt to parlay the Ukrainian attacks on the nuclear plant into a practical freeze of Russian military operations in the south, if necessary by a mass nuclear disaster.

"Ukraine War Day #170: Lusya For President?" (yalensis).

"Mighty Estonia..." and "About Real War." (Martyanov).

Friday, August 12, 2022

Hardliners coming up with crazy ideas

"New Atlas LIVE: US-China Tensions Over Taiwan Continue" (The New Atlas).

"Stop playing the Hong Kong card" (Giuliano).  The Hong Kong uprisings were engineered by the colonial powers to force China to intervene, so the intervention could serve as a cautionary tale for Taiwan.

"Zaporozhye demilitarised zone, freeze conflict. Baltics gone mad. Scholz, take the turbine. Update 1" (Christoforou).

"EU prepares sanctions package aimed at banning Russian travel to EU member states" (The Duran).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 12.08.2022" (Military Summary).

"A Short, Honest Severodonetsk Video!" (Phillips).

So Far As I Can Make Out

"Russian General Offensive [Russia vs Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"Russia Advances Deeper Into Bakhmut; China's Xi Goes to Saudi Arabia, Discussing Alternatives to USD" (Mercouris).

"LIVE STREAM: News From Saint Petersburg - August 12th 2022 Update" (iEarlGrey).  40:33 and then on to the Trump impersonator.

"Interview with Andrei, the Saker" (Hudson).

"Monopolistic nationalisms" (Levine).  So the Ukrainians in Canada manufactured their identity, their nationalism, and the people they really hate, all out of what had been going on in Ukraine since their ancestors left, no doubt all described in nationalist newspapers written by Nazis and read on the Canadian Prairies.  We've seen this phenomenon before - the farther away the diaspora is, the crazier they become.

"Patrick Lawrence: So Far As I Can Make Out".  Mostly on the sad state of 'journalism' purporting to cover the war in Ukraine.

More to come.


"Sensor Fusion" (Martyanov). 

"Using the Nuclear Pretext to Attack Donald Trump" (Johnson).

"Samarkand at the Crossroads: from Timur to the BRI and SCO" (Escobar).

Blackface Trudeau has been caught red-handed in establishing his dictatorship:  "Cabinet told of possible 'breakthrough' with protesters night before Emergencies Act was invoked" (Quenneville).  The Traitor Singh won't do it - he is, after all, fundamentally and essentially just a traitor, as are all the members of his decrepit party (note how they are trying to score political points off Trudeau's abuses, while supporting his stay in dictatorial power!) - but this should be enough for him to stop backing the dictator and allow Canadians to have an election.

The Act under which the evil dictator Blackface Trudeau established his dictatorial reign reads as follows:

"When the Governor in Council believes, on reasonable grounds, that a public order emergency exists and necessitates the taking of special temporary measures for dealing with the emergency, the Governor in Council, after such consultation as is required by section 25, may, by proclamation, so declare."

Obviously, if there was a real chance of a negotiated settlement, which Blackface Trudeau was being told, there is no right to declare an emergency, and Blackface Trudeau jumped the gun as that is what the WEF wanted.  Blackface Trudeau should be in jail (along with the Traitor Singh). Note that the Canadian dictatorship still is in full force, as The Nazi, who finds her treasonous tyranny hilarious, made it clear that the WEF financial cancellation regime is still in place (which extends beyond banks to crowdfunding, as the elites fear the power of the people), permanently, even as the fictitious 'emergency' has gone.

"Canadian police refuse to say whether it used malware to spy on lawmakers" (Rankovic).  If the real and full story of the spree killer Wortman ever came out, which it won't as the media is working overtime to keep it under wraps, the RCMP would be in an existential crisis.

"Terrorist Attacks Amid Positional Battles on Ukrainian Front Lines" (South Front).

I admire the British consistency in being spectacularly wrong about everything:  "UK says Russia ‘starting to fail’ in Ukraine war".

Another win for Russian diplomacy (although we'll have to watch carefully, as Erdoğan is a slippery bastard):

"How TAIWAN Planned to Reconquer CHINA" (HistoryLegends). 

"China’s Military Was Built To Defeat America In A Taiwan War" (Davis).

Note how Taiwanese ultra-racist ultra-nationalism fits neatly with Japanese ultra-racist ultra-nationalism, creating the idea of 'Greater Japan' and allowing the supremacist (((neocons))) to glom onto another future victim, a thread: 

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Hello from the CIA

"Crimea airbase explosions. EU's Borrell says 'we are at war'" (The Duran).  I think this is an hello from the CIA and a forecast of what Russia will face in occupied Ukraine.

"Roundtable #12: Default Friend, Dubovikova, Iverson" (Lira).  3, then dramatically 2, panelists.

"Scott Ritter On: Serbia-Kosovo, Taiwan-China, and the Time When Americans and Russians Came Together" (Through the eyes of).


"Ukraine War [11 August] - Russia's loses in Novofedorivka Airbase confirmed: (Military Lab.).

"Satellite Imagery Show Damage to Russian Military Base in Crimea" (South Front).

"Russia Tightens Grip on Bakhmut, Ukraine Ponders Withdrawal from Siversk, EU Argues Ban on Russians" (Mercouris).    

"Steven Sahiounie talks Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Empire and Mideast Discourse" (Jeff J. Brown).

"Washington steals over 80 percent of Syria’s oil output per day" (The Cradle News Desk).  "Syria Says Us Stole 83% Of Its Oil Production With Help From SDF" (South Front).

"Scott Ritter Extra Ep. 5: Ask the Inspector" and an excerpt which works its way around Lira:  "Scott Ritter - gonzo ridiculous lira!" (U.S. Tour of Duty).  "Scott Ritter Extra" has a useful list of recent articles by Ritter.

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 11.08.2022" (Military Summary).  Without civilian shields for the Ukrainians, they get to face the Russian thermobaric weapons.

"Attack of Ukrainian Forces in Donetsk Led to Ammonia Leak" and "In Chase of Nuclear Disaster. Kyiv’s Forces Once Again Strike Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant" (South Front).

"Why did the battle of Kiev fail [Opinion]" (Weeb Union).  I think the idea that it was a feint to freeze Ukrainian forces to guard Kiev, while the Russians attacked the east, makes more sense.  Thus, it didn't fail.  Of course, the Russians may have hoped that Kiev would simply collapse and give up, thus ending the SMO before it had to start, but that was never likely.  It was worth a shot.

"Why Ukraine needs a ‘jubilee’" (Hess).  There are over 100 countries with a stronger moral claim to a jubilee than the Nazis in Ukraine.

"US Using UN to Bolster Anti-China "Genocide" Claims" (The New Atlas).

"China Gives America a Taste of its own Geopolitics" (Berletic).

A normal routine matter

"Sweden agrees to extradite man to Turkey in wake of NATO deal".  So Sweden is admitting it was improperly withholding his extradition, probably for racist anti-Turk reasons, or it has given up all its 'values' and thrown this guy to the wolves (or Gray Wolves) for the sake of some NATO graft for its politicians.  A real good look for Sweden! 

"“This is a normal routine matter. The person in question is a Turkish citizen and convicted of fraud offences in Turkey in 2013 and 2016,” Justice Minister Morgan Johansson told Reuters news agency in a text message.

“The Supreme Court has examined the issue as usual and concluded that there are no obstacles to extradition,” he said.

A spokesperson for the justice ministry declined to say if the man was on the list of people Turkey has demanded to have extradited or to provide further comment on the matter.

Swedish broadcaster SVT, which was first to report on the extradition, said the man was sentenced in Turkey to 14 years in prison on several accounts of bank card fraud.

The man, detained in Sweden since last year, says he has been wrongfully sentenced because he is a convert to Christianity, refused to do military service and has Kurdish roots, SVT said."

Accelerating levels of military interventions

"Introducing the Military Intervention Project: A New Dataset on US Military Interventions, 1776–2019" (Kushi/Toft). 

A thread:

Because it is insane

"How Russia can conquer Novorossiya [Opinion]" (Weeb Union). 

"China backs Russia. India ruble trade. Klitschko Madrid mayor prank. German smiles in Kiev. Update 1" (Christoforou).

"Moscow Slams Kiev's Shelling of Zaporozhye NPP as 'Act of Nuclear Terrorism'" (Buranov).

"Russia rejects Swiss plan to act as a go-between with Ukraine".  It is too bad that the Swiss Euro-trash are as corrupt and stupid as the rest of them.

"People Started Asking Me..." (Martyanov).

"Poland Began to Establish Control Over the Most Promising Sectors of the Ukrainian Economy":

"With the obvious consent of the Ukrainian authorities, Polish companies organised the purchase of products of Ukrainian agricultural producers at low prices, condemning Ukrainian entrepreneurs to bankruptcy. The main goal is the purchase of assets and land from bankrupt enterprises for a penny.

As an example, the Russian intelligence agencies cite the fact of purchasing barley of a new crop at $30 per ton, which is almost 5 times cheaper than the real cost of this product. Recall that grain is exported from the territory of Ukraine under the cover of a powerful propaganda campaign, allegedly in order to “save the world from hunger” and “liberate it from Putin”."

A thread:

"Ghislaine in Chains: What Maxwell May Know About Jeffrey Epstein’s John Does" (Burleigh).  Bizarre, in that it covers up the main issue, blackmail, while flirting with the possibility of outing of the names of Clinton, etc.

"Still, so much remains unanswered in the Epstein-Maxwell saga: What was the point of the industrial-scale grooming operation the socialite and the late supposed billionaire financier operated together? Did Epstein, who had a reputation as a cold fish, really have Olympian carnal needs? Who else was involved in their many crimes? Then there’s one of the most burning questions: Where are the videotapes from inside Epstein’s homes, which from some accounts, could incriminate multiple world leaders?"


"In pleading for leniency, family and shrinks contended Maxwell was in thrall to Epstein’s manipulative personality because it matched that of her father. They point out that all her post-Epstein attempts to build normal relationships— first with tech entrepreneur Ted Waitt and then her apparent husband, Scott Borgerson—were doomed by her prior attachment to Epstein. 

Her lawyers say in court filings that Waitt ditched her after being blackmailed by now-convicted Florida lawyer and fraudster Scott Rothstein, who demanded money to keep Maxwell’s name out of civil lawsuits his firm was filing for some of Epstein’s victims in the 2010s. (Rothstein has so many enemies that the feds have him locked up at an undisclosed location.) Borgerson stood by Maxwell through bail requests but the marriage, per her lawyers in Maxwell’s sentencing filing, is over." 


"As Epstein’s madam, Maxwell knows a lot of big secrets. Two years in the Brooklyn dungeon didn’t break her silence. But will the prospect of 20 years in a balmy minimum security prison do the trick? The case may be over, but these redacted John Does are still fighting to keep their names out of the public record. The redactions are, indeed, tantalizing; take this transcript from one of Maxwell’s depositions:

Did you ever provide Virginia Roberts with an outfit, an outfit of a sexual nature to wear for REDACTED?

I think we addressed the outfit issue.

I am asking you if you ever provided her with an outfit of a sexual nature to wear for REDACTED?

Inquiring minds might like to know which John Doe is fighting to make sure his wife and friends do not know about that particular sexy adventure. Prosecutors, however, might not care." 

Basically, with all her accomplishments and background and wealth, you're supposed to believe Maxwell was just a pimp's assistant with poor choice in men. 

Oh, Wait, Never Mind

"Ep.1.9 Weeb Union - Geopolitical weekly update" (Mazarin Geopolitics).  Oh no, another map analyst!  A solid discussion.

"Discussion on the new escalation of attacking outside of Ukraine" (Weeb Union).

"LIVE STREAM: News From Saint Petersburg - August 11th 2022 Update" (iEarlGrey).  Starts about 1:50.

"The Global Debt Scam – Day of Reckoning?" (Salamah). 

"2,408 Foreign Mercenaries Left in Ukraine – Russian Mod" (South Front). 

"David Petraeus Is Wrong: The Afghanistan War Was Never Winnable" (Davis):

"But there were fundamental reasons that weighed even more heavily. Too many in the population were historically inclined to view any foreign military as “invaders” and would thus never support us. The government of Afghan that we installed was incurably corrupt (and we didn’t help the matter by refusing to hold them accountable for known corruption).

We tried to form an Afghan national army largely out of men that had never served in the military and had little motivation to fight the Taliban. But perhaps most critically, we knew that Pakistan had been supporting the Taliban leadership from the beginning of the war. So long as significant proportions of the people remained against our military, the government could never rid itself of massive corruption, the army couldn’t form quality fighting men, and we could never stop the material and political support of the Taliban from Pakistan, the war was unwinnable.

It wouldn’t have mattered if we had stayed another two decades, so long as those fundamentals were against us, we would succeed only in throwing away billions of dollars per year and losing the blood, lives, and limbs of our service members – but never won. That was true in 2009 when I first wrote that, in 2010, in 2012, and nearly every year thereafter, all the way through the final withdrawal on August 30, 2021."

"China Says Patrols Around Taiwan to be Permanent" (Anglin).  When China takes and reintegrates Taiwan, it must erect a statue of Nancy Pelosi in Taipei in thanks for her help.

""The Menace of Nativist Hate Stalks Muslims Even in Sunny Albuquerque." Oh, Wait, Never Mind ..." (Sailer):

"This story reminds me of a local story that for about 8 hours looked like it was going to be the biggest news in the country that week, but then vanished.

The first reports were that two Jewish men had been shot in a Valley Village synagogue.

Anti-semitic mass shooting in a synagogue!

But then … nothing. Eventually, the facts came out in the backpages.

The two men weren’t exactly shot in the synagogue, but in the synagogue’s parking garage.

At 4 AM.

And both were shot in the knee.

At close range.

And neither victim could remember who shot them or why they were in the parking garage at 4 AM."

Evil, corrupt and criminal

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 169". 

I don't know how this guy did it, but there is not one word in this piece that isn't utter nonsense:  "Ukraine struggles to retake Kherson before Russia annexes it" (Psaropoulos).  The Al Jazeera daily summary is pretty bad, but less biased than anywhere else, but I think it is time to draw the curtain on the rest of their 'journalists'.

"U.S. To Pay More for Ukrainian Victories" and "More Weapons for Kiev’s Terrorist Attacks on Civilians" (South Front).

"Is There a Red Line Biden Won’t Cross?" (Snider).  The Biden Presidency is an excellent cautionary tale explaining why the US needs a mentally functioning President.  As it is, Biden is not capable of putting up any prolonged resistance - he appears to try, but can't keep it up - and the (((neocons))) are thus allowed to run wild.  I assume this is the exact reason (((they))) picked him to run.  Trump didn't do well against them when he was President - he started liking the shekels a little too much, and President Kushner was, of course, a huge problem - but at least he was able to block all (((their))) wars, which is why he had to go, and why his re-reelection has to be (((blocked))).  

Also:  "Did Donald Trump Bait the FBI?" (Johnson).

Bukele raises an excellent point:

Celebrating with some crack:


"Pentagon-hired contractors ‘everywhere on battlefield’ in Ukraine".  Which makes this a direct military defeat of the US.

"How Ukraine Lost Its Riches" (Moon of Alabama).

"Oil Slides As Ukraine Readies Resumption Of Russian Crude Flow To Europe" (Durden).  I guess somebody decided punishing Hungary wasn't worth the harm to the whole continent.

"EU Robbing Global South of Cheap Gas in Quest to Replace Lost Russian Supplies".  The EU is the self-styled 'conscience of the world', and we've all just got an eyeful of what bullshit that is.  They have just clothed their turbo-colonialism with virtue signalling.  The sanctions against Russia are in themselves one of the greatest crimes against humanity in world history.

The big summary:  "Why have I stopped posting maps of the situation in the Ukraine and a few other questions" (The Saker).

"Andrei Raevsky Gives..." and "About Iranian "UAVs". (Martyanov).

What branch of the US government is Twitter under?:  "Twitter Suspends Russian Foreign Ministry Account For COVID Origins Theory" (Durden).

"The New York Times push for multilingual censorship" (North).

The brain-damaged neo-Nazi death cult weighs in:  "Germany’s foreign minister bangs the drum for war in New York speech" (Schwarz).

"Ukraine War Day #168: Of Lies And Little Liars" (yalensis).  The PR problem of Ukrainians voting with their feet and heading for Russia-controlled areas.  "Russians Welcomed as Liberators in Many Eastern Ukrainian Cities Contrary to Western Media Depictions" (Van den Ende) [I'm having trouble getting this link to work].

"Ukraine War Day #169: Ukraine For Sale!" (yalensis).  This parallels the neoliberal plans of treasonous scum like Rutte and Blackface Trudeau to depress the cost of farm land so Bill Gates can buy it up for a pittance.  In Ukraine, the war makes this possible; in the West, it is phony terror at carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

"LIVE STREAM: News From Saint Petersburg - August 10th 2022 Update" (iEarlGrey).  Starts just after 10:00.  I feel it is abusive to force people to plow through short videos that are just cut out of the daily long video.  If you are going to do that, you have to clearly identify the shorts as part of the daily long video.

The bicycle and bicycle-infrastructure fetish is the purest distillation of white privilege:  "Payoffs to Community Organizers Almost Double the Price of a D.C. Bridge" and "Why We Can't Have Nice Things: Boston Bicycle Advocate Visits Amsterdam and Complains Dutch City Planners Focus on Needs of Dutch Cyclists Rather Than on Bike-Hating People of Color" (Sailer).  The weird hobbies of completely deracinated white people - see also vegetarianism/veganism - are the current bedrock of white supremacy.  Also, the entirety of Green opposition to nuclear power:

CIA subsidiary mocks CIA house organ by making reference to Russia's DARPA-like control over the Ukrainian internet: 

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Steel condom

"Crimea attack. Russian military base in Serbia. Kherson counteroffensive infowar. Update 1" and "EU, Russian travel ban regime change. Ukraine stops oil supply to EU, Hungary intervenes. Update 2" (Christoforou). 

"Russia - Turkey trade deal causes collective west panic" (The Duran).

"UK Admits Russian Advance on Bakhmut; Prospects for Ukraine's Kherson Offensive Fade" (Mercouris).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 10.08.2022" (Military Summary).

"Ukraine War [10 August] - How many aircraft did Russia lose on Novofedorivka Airbase explosions?" (Military Lab.).

Simply appalling

"Freedom of Speech and Graham Phillips" (Murray).  An odd and sometimes unfortunate preamble - it is not relevant that Murray agrees or disagrees with Phillips, and in fact it muddles the principle involved here - leads to this (my emphasis in red):

"The war will end with Ukraine ceding Crimea to Russia and perhaps more territory. Had Zelensky negotiated before the war started, Crimea plus the Minsk Agreements would have been enough. The Ukrainian negotiating position radically worsens daily. NATO is cheerfully sending Ukraine to disaster. The Russian invasion was illegal; the response now is immoral. The terms of the eventual settlement are obvious. Let it be reached now, without more pointless death.

But for Phillips, a British citizen, to be severely legally punished for publishing opinions about a war in which his own state is not a party – nor, it is important to state, in formal alliance with any party – is entirely without precedent. If we accept that Phillips supports the Russian side in the war, why should it be illegal to do that? How does this principle play out? Am I to be sanctioned for supporting the Palestinians? What about those who uphold the rights of the Houthis against the Saudi death grip?

What about american journalists who opposed the Vietnam War? Or the British journalists who stood up against the attack on Egypt in the Suez Crisis? What of campaigners against the Iraq War? When you think it through, the implications of this action against Phillips are simply appalling."

I guess this must be hate speech:  "Keira Bell: My Story".  "How Tavistock Came Tumbling Down" (Evans).

"CBS Goes Full Back Flip and Tries to Erase Reality" (Johnson).

"People Started Asking Me..." (Martyanov).  The article mentioned:  "How the American Brainwashing Machine Works" (Vinnik):

"Generally speaking, for liberal economic thinking, and for political thinking, it is extremely characteristic to believe in the forces of self-organisation of society. A huge number of phenomena and events that are clearly the work of human hands and the result of the design of specific people are declared either the notorious “invisible hand of the market”, then the spontaneous self-organisation of concerned citizens, or simply statistical phenomena of large numbers – they say that rare events tend to be grouped, and only an ignoramus who has not mastered the course can see the meaning critical thinking or crazy.

“By the way, about the so-called critical thinking courses. If you think that this is another name for a course in formal-logical argumentation logic, then you are mistaken. This is a special psychological and propaganda operation at the same time. This course is full of examples from speeches by Russian politicians and opinion leaders who ‘expose’ our propaganda. However, its theoretical content has little in common with classical formal logic. This is another Newspeak. By the way, I would like to point out that I also consider the emigration to Russia of an American technical specialist who spoke about the possibilities of electronic investigation and other horrors of total surveillance to be a similar operation controlled by a leak.”

Are you talking about a person whose last name is “Snowden”?

“Yes, about him. By the way, he is most likely honest in his intentions. But, note how the Americans allowed him to fly out of the airport in Singapore without hindrance. And remember to compare the stories with Bout and Yaroshenko. The Americans need this for some reason.”"

"Russian nuclear missile control units have been compromised" (Gaytandzhieva).  No slur on the writer, but this sounds like an American psych-op.

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 168".

"Trump raid, Biden DOJ crosses the Rubicon w/Robert Barnes (Live)" (The Duran).  Barnes is in great form on the Trump raid, the Alex Jones trial, Ukraine, and China.

"New York company raises $120k to make Zelenskyy action figure".

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Dead children's parents

"Roundtable #11: HistoryLegends, Military Summary, Sleboda" (Lira).  Excellent discussion.

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 09.08.2022" (Military Summary).

Wow!!!:  "Detective tried to uncover vaccine status of dead children's parents, sources say" (Yogaretnam).  It sounds like the detective was just doing her job, protecting the most vulnerable from the vaxx and other billionaires, the depopulation death cultists, and their stooges like the cruel and crooked dictator, Blackface Trudeau.  Police corruption in Ottawa runs at surprisingly high levels ('third world' again comes to mind), with police officers committing serious crimes obviously incompatible with being any kind of police officer, yet eventually these criminals are readmitted to the force without even a lost pay check.  This, however, is a political crime, not the usual violence or corruption which we've come to expect from the Ottawa force, so it will be interesting to see if the union collapses and feeds her to the WEF wolves.

New enemies for no reason whatsoever

"Trump, Mar-a-Lago raid. CBS weapons story retracted. 3D Elensky, ban Russians everywhere. Update 1" (Christoforou).  "Jesse Watters exposes Paul Pelosi Jr.'s alleged shady business dealings" (Fox News Staff).  The sons of the 'leaders' are making out like gangsters over Ukraine and Taiwan.

"Pentagon contractors in Afghanistan operated with minimal disclosure and oversight" (Clifton):

"The human and financial costs of the 20-year conflict were staggering — approximately 243,000 people died because of the war and the cost to U.S. taxpayers exceeded $2.3 trillion.

But the war wasn’t a failure for Pentagon contractors who enjoyed $108 billion in contracts for work in Afghanistan, with little oversight, according to a new paper by Brown University’s Cost of War Project.

The paper, authored by Heidi Peltier, finds that 13 companies received over $1 billion each in Pentagon contracts for work in Afghanistan. And those are just some of the contracts disclosed in federal databases. Over one-third of Pentagon contracts for work in Afghanistan — worth $37 billion — went to recipients who are not uniquely identifiable in publicly available contracting databases."

"Ukraine War [09 August] - Massive explosions at Russian airbase in Novofedorivka (Crimea)" (Military Lab.).

"CNN's Attempt To Police Roger Waters" (Gosztola).  The context is poison for the (((media))) and the (((neocons))) they work for.

"Western sanctions are good for Moscow – US economist".  Hudson is the 'US economist'.

"Trump Raid Is Sabotaging The Democrats' Campaign" (Moon of Alabama).  The Republicans are threatening to open up Congressional hearings on corruption of Hunter and his dad Pedo Pete after the midterms, and there is horse-trading going on with the Democrats.  If the Democrats start to lay off Trump, the Republicans will back off on Hunter.  One issue is that the Republicans don't necessarily want to protect Trump.  The RINOs would prefer DeSantis.  It's complicated.  People are nervous in 
Washington as there is a fear that the new crop of MAGA politicians have no interest in protecting the old traditional Washington family corruption.

"Producing New Enemies for No Reason Whatsoever" (Giraldi).

"Weekend Improv" (Martyanov).

This is satire about the greatest traitor in Canadian history, the Traitor Singh, who keeps his fellow WEF cult member Blackface Trudeau in power, but it is remarkably close to the ridiculous reality:

Brink of catastrophe

The death cult that is the Euro-trash would let this happen if they were told it would 'help the environment':  "Teetering on the Brink of Catastrophe" (Schryver).  When are Europeans going to wake up and determine that they have no time to waste in removing these psychos?

Carbon wallet


"Zakharova dubs Zelensky "President Lewinsky"...".  Starts at 7:00. 

The Duran:

"Blinken goes to South Africa to counter Lavrov's popularity".

Day 167:

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 167".


Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.


"Ukraine Needs A Miracle To Drive Russia’s Military Out Of Kherson".  The funny thing is that the mythological million-man Ukrainian attack on Kherson gives Russia an excuse to build up its troops in the south for the coming attack on Nikolaev and Odesa, under cover of getting ready for the Ukrainian attack.


Even by the lying standards of the Toronto Star, this is an obscene stack of lies:  "‘Nuclear terrorism’: How a sinister Russian gambit is playing out from a Ukrainian nuclear power plant".


"Ottawa must block gas turbine shipments to Russia, opposition MPs say".  Of course, Nord Stream 2 is all fired up and ready to ship gas, without having to extract one turbine from the fangs of The Nazi.


"The United States Government Behaving Like a Third World Despot".  Garland has ensured that the Republican candidate will be Trump, and not DeSantis.  The Dems apparently feel they will have a better chance against Trump, or perhaps Killary just wants a clean do-over against the same opponent who so embarrassed her. 

Anglin thinks the opposite:  "Trump Raid: This Is Probably the End, Friends".   `    

Oil games:

"Ukraine halts Russian oil supply to EU".  This is punishing Hungary for trying to go its own way in the EU.  As was the case in cutting off gas, Ukraine will get away with it.  The excuse is that the Russians can't pay the fees due to the EU's seventh sanctions package.

Viable Opposition:

"The Carbon Wallet Scheme":
"In the interview which appeared on BNR Newsradio's website advocates for a very creative climate change solution; giving each citizen rights (i.e. a carbon wallet) to emit a certain predetermined amount of carbon dioxide. Here are some of her comments on how a carbon wallet system would function. made in response to a comment regarding how certain people will not be able to fly if the price keeps rising due to taxes on kerosene used in the airline industry:

"There are people who think I am anti-growth, But I am absolutely not. We haven’t even tried yet. Let’s put that incentive on edge.

Let’s put a price tag on it and then you don’t know what kind of creativity there is in the economy. And what if we start price-tagging CO2?”

Dividing up those emission allowances and every household or every citizen gets an amount of emission allowance until we tell you: ‘That’s it, don’t emit more than our limit!’ No more than the number of credits that fit in your carbon wallet, so to speak."

Remember - carbon wallet.

Now, here's the fun part for the ruling class who most definitely do not want limits placed on their behaviour for the sake of reducing their greenhouse gas emissions:

"So, if I want to fly, I buy some carbon emission rights from someone who can't afford to fly, for example. This way, this poor person can earn a little more money."

"Or, if someone lives in a small rented house and I live in a large house so I need more emission rights to heat my house and so people with a smaller wallet can also earn something from the green economy.".
Baarsma claims that she believes in economic growth within ecological limits and that this is reflected in her carbon wallet concept. As an upside for the carbon wallet concept, Baarsma claims that this scheme will allow the Netherlands to simplify their tax system, in particular, reducing tax pressures for the nation's lowest income households. She claims that this will be a win-win scenario but, as we all know from our personal experience, there is always a winner and a loser.  
The carbon wallet scheme appears to be little more than a bizarre combination of a social credit score and a universal basic income.  Individuals who are receiving a paltry universal basic income that will provide only enough money for the most basic of needs will be able to sacrifice their carbon emission rights to a wealthier person for a bit more money.  The entire concept of a personal digital wallet also fits very nicely into the concept of a universal digital identifier which, among other things, could be used to track an individual's carbon emissions."

Note how Bill Gates still has the right to fly his private plane as long as he slips some poor citizen enough money so one day a year that citizen and his or her family won't have to 'eat ze bugs'.  The main problem facing society by far is the fact we do not yet have punishments painful enough to deal with these credentialed monsters and their bosses. 

Bernays in China

I still have a lot of catching up to do on videos.


"Scott Ritter On Being BlackListed" (RealTruthTalk). 

The New Atlas:

Pre-visit:  "New Atlas LIVE: US-Chinese Tensions Over Taiwan".

Post-visit:  "China's Taiwan Military Option - How and Why?".

Jeff J. Brown:

Pre-visit:  "Taiwan: What happens if Pelosi steps in the Pacific's geopolitical poop? JB West and JB East present".


"Zelensky To Star in 'Downfall' Sequel..."'  Starts at 9:45.

South Front:

"Pelosi Is a Beijing-Run Asset Who Enabled China’s Naval Siege of Taiwan" (Shimatsu).  Given this is crooked Pelosi we are talking about, this is possible, parallel to the conspiracy theory that Putin is funding the Greens in Germany (although Putin obviously preferred selling energy to Europe, so the Green ultimate treason against Germany is almost certainly based in the fact it is a WEF death cult).


"Pelosi Plays with Fire Like a Bull in a China Shop".

Moon of Alabama (China):

"How Pelosi's Visit Hurts Taiwan".

"China's Reaction To Pelosi's Visit Reveals Its Taiwan Conflict Plans".

Berletic keeps stressing that China does not need a full blockade of Taiwan to being it to its knees, all it would have to do is stop trading with Taiwan.

Moon of Alabama (Ukraine):

"Ukraine SitRep - On The Ground Report - Ukrainian Frontline Collapses".

Awful Avalanche:

"Ukraine War Day #164: Why The Ukrainians Need To Take Kherson":
"For those who watch the youtube channel Ukraine Military Summary and Analysis, we learned yesterday “some very interesting updates,” as Dima likes to say. He believes that the Ukrainian decision to move artillery brigades from the Donbass to the Kherson front was a terrible blunder; leading to an irreversible breakthrough on the part of the Allied forces, starting in the Peski area and building a saliant towards Bakhmut/Artemovsk.

[I just realized that, in this extended literary metaphor, the Russians are the mice! But that would make General Zaluzhny the Nutcracker; and President Zelensky the Harlequin doll.]

In Dima’s opinion, this breakthrough is not just a tactical advantage for the Russians, it is “unfixable” for the Ukrainians. Those trenches and fortifications, which they spent 8 years building, have finally been cracked open like a ripe nut (which Dima pronounces as “gnat”). In his view, a Ukrainian counter-offensive is physically impossible on that front. In general, over the course of this war, the Ukrainians have proven themselves incapable of any kind of real, strategic counter-offensive on any front, they are mostly passive defenders. I personally attribute this to their NATO curators. I believe that if the Ukrainians had been allowed to fight the way they were taught in Soviet times, with NCO’s and other commanders fighting alongside their troops, then they would have done a much better job. NATO crippled them by imposing alien mannerisms of warfare."


"According to Dima, Seversk will fall like a domino after Bakhmut/Artemovsk falls. With some difficulty, the Russians are able to sustain offensives on two fronts; but the Ukrainians cannot sustain a strategic counter-offensive even on one front, let alone two.

That being said, Dima feels that Ukraine, in its own strategic interests, has one chance, and one chance only, left to it, to remain a viable state: Now that it has moved its artillery, there is no going back, and it must double down: Must focus all its forces on the Kherson front and push the Russians back onto the Left Bank of the Dnepr River. In other words, everything else (even the Donbass) must be sacrificed to retake Kherson. It’s their very last Hail Mary pass before the bitter ending to this circus show. Dima’s analysis matches to the debates and chattering one sees in the pro-Ukrainian blogosphere (to the extent that there is any rational non-delusional kind of thinking going on at all within that milieu). It is said that the Ukrainian leadership is deeply divided on this matter: One faction, led by General Valery Zaluzhny, wants to move the heavy artillery and troops back to the Donetsk front, in a desperate attempt to regain lost ground. Another faction, led by Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov and represented in the media by Alexei Arestovich, is prepared, like a painful chess move, to sacrifice the Donbass in favor of Kherson. Whereas Zelensky himself, the Clown-in-Chief, has come to believe that he is able launch counter-offensives on two fronts at the same time.

Remember, the (((neocons))) want the Ukrainian lines to collapse, after putting up significant resistance.  Thus the seemingly irrational movement of artillery from eastern Ukraine towards the south, and then back again, is perfectly rational from the (((neocon))) point of view. 

"Ukraine War Day #165: Why The Ukrainians Need To Take Kherson [continued]".

"Ukraine War Day #166: Why The Ukrainians Need To Take Kherson [concluded]".

Lithuania's insanity may be rooted in its extreme poverty and inability of its incompetent/crooked politicians to get out of it:  "Ukraine War Day #167: Taking It Into The Toilet".


"The Consumer Society":
"To re-state, the American economy depends for 75% of its life on consumer spending, a ratio far higher, nearly twice as high, as that of most other nations, a condition that is pathological by any economic or psychological measures. This condition did not derive from natural development but was instead the result of decades, generations in fact, of an insidious program of marketing propaganda consciously promulgated to turn Americans into witless consumers for the sake of enriching the industrial 1% of the nation. An economy based on a level of consumer spending of this magnitude is so unbalanced that in the long run it cannot survive. And indeed, its temporary survival comes at enormous cost to the nation. One such cost is that the US is now a country with an infrastructure, including dams, highways, bridges, airports, railways and more, that has seen no maintenance or upgrading for more than 60 years and that is increasingly experiencing collapse. The money that should be extracted in taxes and spent on crucial national needs is instead spent on shoddy goods at Wal-Mart. In fact , the funds requisite for critical national needs are being siphoned off as corporate profits for the benefit of a chosen few. Yet we have the Americans today furiously urging China to follow their path and drastically encourage consumer spending. Of course, part of this evangelising is an equally furious urging for China to cease all infrastructure spending and other national development to release funds for consumers to spend. The reasons are two-fold. 
One is that following the US advice would mean China’s development would be frozen in place, all improvements would cease, China’s hopes for the future would die on the vine, all this being part of the plan. The second reason is that the Americans hope to profit the most from a potential doubling of consumer spending in China. It is astonishing to me the clearly-flawed economic theory postulated by the Americans has been able to gain any traction in China. Briefly, the postulation is that consumption, consumer spending, will replace investment in development and therefore permit China’s economy to continue to grow unimpeded, a theory so obviously false one would need to believe in fairies to give it credence. Consumption – consumer spending – is not the driver or creator of national growth and development, but is the result of growth. As the economy grows, wages and incomes rise, and people have more money to spend. To freeze investment and encourage the population to spend all their money will not make the economy “grow”, regardless of the temporary (and false) effect on GDP statistics. It will simply transfer private savings and incomes to the owners of those firms selling consumer goods, impoverishing the nation while enriching primarily the American MNCs. The entire proposition is rubbish, pushed onto China for the perceived benefit of American firms with the added attraction of derailing China’s economic development and thus removing China as an economic threat to the US. And that is the entire story. China’s economy is neither unsustainable nor unbalanced, and to follow the advice of the Americans to “shift China’s growth model to one driven by household consumption rather than by investment and exports”, will serve only to destroy China. And that is the plan."


Monday, August 08, 2022

Two pounds of baloney in a one pound bag

"Cui bono, Zaporozhye nuclear plant. CBS News weapons report. Blinken visits Africa. Update 1" (Christoforou). 

"CBS Deletes Documentary Revealing That Just ‘30%’ of West’s ‘Aid’ to Ukraine Reached Frontlines" (Tsukanov).

"CBS Deletes “Arming Ukraine” Documentary, Says the US Government Told Them to" (Anglin).  With the disappeared video, whish is very professionally produced, must have cost CBS a lot to make, and is immediately pulled as it interfered with the (((neocon))) plant to continue to ooze weapons into Ukraine..

"Hryvnia - Ruble USD parity and shifting military assets to plug up holes" (The Duran).

"Russia Storming Key Town of Bakhmut. Zelensky Admits Suffering Heavy Losses. FT, Turkey Realigning" (Mercouris).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 08.08.2022" (Military Summary).

"Alex Christoforou on Who/ What Will Cut off the Gordian Knot...?" (Through the eyes of).

"Ukraine War [08 August] - Russians continue advance on Pisky & admit Ukrainians took Mazanivka" (Military Lab.).


"Teenage Head guitarist Gord Lewis found dead in Hamilton apartment; son charged with second-degree murder" (Hristova).  When they signed to an American label they had to change their name temporarily to 'Teenage Heads' as the label thought that would be safer with an American audience.