Monday, December 22, 2014

Lie factory

"GAO says FBI’s investigation of anthrax attacks was flawed":
"The FBI used flawed scientific methods to investigate the 2001 anthrax attacks that killed five people and sickened 17 others, federal auditors said Friday in a report sure to fuel skepticism over the FBI’s conclusion that Army biodefense researcher Bruce Ivins was the sole perpetrator."
Yes, having absolutely no evidence would 'be sure to fuel skepticism' over the frame-up of Ivins.

"Ivins died in July 2008 of an apparently intentional Tylenol overdose as the Justice Department prepared to indict him."
Steven Hatfill was the first patsy the FBI picked, and when he fought back too successfully, they settled on Ivins, whose personal weaknesses made it too difficult for him to challenge the lies. As we've seen with the recent FBI blame on North Korea for the Sony hacking case, the FBI is nothing more than a lie factory.

From the same time period (fall of 2001), a possible murder that many have wondered about:
  1. "What Happened to Don Wiley?"
  2. "Colleagues Doubt Wiley Suicide Theory"
The mysterious deaths of such people were fashionable at the time:
  1.  "16 renowned microbiologists died mysteriously in 4 months: 11/01-3/02"
  2. "The mysterious deaths of top microbiologists"
  3. "Conspiracy didn't kill eleven microbiologists, just coincidence --a case of "random clumping" and death by "roadway bounce""
  4. "The Very Mysterious Deaths Of Five Microbiologists"

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Propaganda Model

"What If North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony?: 4 Alternate Theories"  "The Sony hack: What if it isn't North Korea?"  The FBI's evidence is laughably weak.

"Sony Pictures Presents:  the Propaganda Model"

This is what you get if you make racist jokes about the President in your leaked emails:  "Obama: Sony Made a Mistake Pulling The Interview"

Phony claims of anti-Semitism to allow World Jewry to kill people and steal their land?  There's an app for that:  "Hillel International and Simon Wiesenthal Center’s incredibly creepy new campus surveillance tool"

"How Facebook May Secretly Foil Your Activist Plans" (from 2013, tweeted here)

"Ferguson DA Claims He Knew Witnesses Were Lying, Let Them Testify Anyway"  Clear grounds for disbarment and for a new grand jury.

"Canada’s war on terror has a Catch-22 absurdity: Walkom" (the sheer amount of freedom we all give up so that World Jewry can kill people and steal their land is nothing short of amazing):
"The relief fund can appeal this terrorist designation and is trying to do so. But to mount a successful legal action it must raise money.
Yet as a proscribed terrorist organization it cannot raise money without putting donors at risk of being labelled terrorists.
That’s because, as the public safety department website explains, it is illegal to fund “any activity of a listed entity for the purpose of enhancing the ability of the entity to facilitate and carry out a terrorist activity” — a clause the government apparently interprets quite broadly
Put simply, if an organization is labelled terrorist by the government, any attempt to dispute that label is itself terrorism.
As The Canadian Press reported Thursday, the relief organization is going to federal court in an effort to win the right to raise money to mount a defence.
To avoid running afoul of anti-terror laws, the lawyer in this particular case is working for free."
Tweet (Liliana Segura):
"There's something so perfect about a Seth Rogen movie depicting a CIA assassination assuming the moral mantle of cherished American ideals."
Remember that Sony was going to lose a lot of money on this piece-of-shit movie. Now they can save the promotion costs and distract people from the real scandals in the emails.  "The Interview Is "Desperately Unfunny", "Will Flop" If Not Cancelled According To Leaked Sony Emails"

Tweet (David Spade):
"Why isnt dennis rodman fixing this ??"
Tweet (KimJongNumberUn):
"On a more positive note, I loved "Annie.""

Friday, December 19, 2014


Poll manipulation:
"Stat of the day –> 51 percent – By a 51- 29 margin, Americans say that the CIA’s interrogation methods are justified, according to Pew Research Center. The poll has come under criticism for not defining what those methods were, failing to mention that they violate the law and avoiding the word “torture.”"
Paragraph after paragraph on market manipulation: "Rigging the Market: by Paul Craig Roberts

"CIA Officer Michael Winograd ran CIA torture site Green"

"The secret to the Uber economy is wealth inequality"

"Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban Want to Be the Koch Brothers for Israel"  It would be nice if the ego of certain Jewish billionaires wrecked the Lobby.

"Rupert Murdoch criticised for 'gloating' about his paper's Sydney siege coverage"

"Sony Hack: Studio Security Points to Inside Job"  Sony is hiding the real scandal behind discussion of its bad and arrogant assassination movie:  "Sony leaks reveal Hollywood is trying to break DNS, the backbone of the internet"

"CIA Review of High-Value Target Assassination Programs"  "Leaked CIA document reveals setbacks of targeted killings"  The point is to destabilize and weaken countries like Pakistan that are regarded as threats to the Zionist project, and on that count the drones and the assassinations are a success.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

So which is it?

"Good Riddance to a Ridiculous Cuba Policy"

"Castro, Cuba, Obama—and Iran"

So which is it?

The concentration camp guard makes a big deal out of the fact it was none other than Zionist treason agent Ben Rhodes who led the American negotiation team.  I am thus certain this is a Zionist attempt to gain a new friend in Cuba.  This will be proven if the Republicans don't do anything serious to ruin the deal.

Of course, getting their agent out was also important.  By the way:  "Rabbi Doctor Who Visited Alan Gross In Cuba Says Gross Was Not Seriously Ill"  When Pollard gets out the two of them will run the marathon on the West Bank.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Alternative fairly tale

"The Oil Coup"  This is likely completely backwards.  Kerry probably went to see King Abdullah to try to talk him out of this crazy scheme, part of the ongoing manic-depressive influence of Prince Bandar, but the Saudis, furious with the Americans over the failure to remove Assad and the negotiations with Iran, want to pressure the Americans to follow a more Zionist line.  Noticing this is noticing American Empire vulnerability, so we can't go there.  Of course, we could even travel a stage higher in questioning the idea that the Saudis, as we're constantly told the 'swing producer' (despite the fact that numerous new sources of hydrocarbons have come on line in the last 20 years), actually have that much power at all.  The collapse of oil prices is actually due to a collapse in world demand for oil caused by the complete collapse of the world economy caused by the predations of the 1% and neoliberalism, but we're really not supposed to notice this, so we need an alternative fairy tale.

"Blowback from Oil Price War: Sovereign Wealth Funds Selling Investments"  Note the likelihood that American shale oil producers are lying to their lenders by lowering their claimed break-even costs, lying which has now made it into academic analysis and news reports.  Of course, the lenders would be destroyed by the truth (the truth would no doubt trigger automatic loan defaults of loans with worthless collateral), and need to be bailed out by the American government, so they play along.

"The Impact of Falling Oil On The U.S. Economy – John Mauldin"  Note what will happen to the American employment situation and GDP without the hydrocarbon boom.

Of course, if the fall in oil prices is not caused by the Saudis, but by a long-term collapse in demand caused by a world recession, there is no easy step that can be taken to correct it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The candles are missiles

I forgot to add this to yesterday's posting:  "Book says White House ordered forgery"

The two people responsible for September 11:  "The SSCI’s Left Hook"

"CIA Torture Pseudonyms Update"  "CIA Officers Czarnetsky and Zalucky Establish and Run Blue Torture Site"  "The Charmed Life of a CIA Torturer: How Fate Diverged for Matthew Zirbel, aka CIA Officer 1, and Gul Rahman"

"German TV Shows Nazi Symbols on Helmets of Ukraine Soldiers"  "Jury member goes public with criticism of victims of communism memorial site"  "U.S. Taxpayers Now Alone in Financing Ukraine’s Ethnic Cleansing Campaign"

The candles are missiles:  "U.S. Ambassador to Israel Gets an Early Hanukkah Gift: an Iron Dome Menorah"

"Saudi Arabia is playing chicken with its oil"  While the Saudis are happy to mess with Russia and Iran, the real target of this is obviously the United States, whose 'recovery' is entirely based on hydrocarbon extraction dependent on extremely high oil prices.  Related, the necessity of prearranging for the next too-big-to-fail bailouts of the banksters, over their heads in shale oil derivative exposure:  "Did Wall Street Need to Win the Derivatives Budget Fight to Hedge Against Oil Plunge?"

"'To Protect You… From Me.'"  It is fun to play with the timeline:  "The Rise in State Prison Populations"

Spectacular, and it gets better the further you read:  "Why did Israel intervene for convicted US felon Adam Milstein?" by Abraham Greenhouse.  See also:  "Adam Milstein: Documents he hoped you’d never see"

Monday, December 15, 2014

Don't you know your queen?

There is almost nothing new in the Torture Report, except perhaps for demonstrating how obsessed the CIA is with the male butt.  I wonder if they have some kind of 'fruit machine' to determine whether someone is qualified to join the CIA interrogation squad.  Don't you know your queen?

Tweet (Sam Husseini; his posting on the issue):
"Key torture report finding buried in footnote 857: torture helped produce bogus case for Powell on Iraq war"
Landay at McClatchy, 2009 (without the specifics, but with clear understanding that the torture was intended to produce lies to be used for propaganda):  "Report: Abusive tactics used to seek Iraq-al Qaida link"

We could even go further back to the Executive Intelligence Review News Service, 2005:  "DIA Proof Of Cheney's Lies Released" (based on the CIA's President's Daily Briefing of September 21, 2001, before Ibn Shaykh al-Libi had been captured and interrogated by the Americans, and before his rendition to Egypt, where torture created his testimony of an Iraq-al Qaeda connection).  This means that the intelligence community knew the stories they were creating using torture were lies.

The newest revelation, separate from the Torture Report, is that Levin has details from the classified March 2003 - just before the American attack on Iraq started - CIA cable warning that the allegation that Mohamed Atta had met with an Iraqi intelligence officer in Prague was false.  Ironically, it appears that Brennan has released this in order to attempt to protect the CIA's reputation by emphasizing that Bush/Cheney/Powell had been given due warning from the CIA that the propaganda basis for the American attack on Iraq was a lie.  Levin:
"There is a second recent revelation about how the “Prague meeting” progressed from unsubstantiated report to justification for war. It comes from Jiri Ruzek, who headed the Czech counterintelligence service on and after 9/11. Mr. Ruzek published a memoir earlier this year, which we have had translated from Czech. It recounts the days after the terror attack, including how his nation’s intelligence services first reported a single-source rumor of a Prague meeting between Atta and al-Ani, how CIA officials under pressure from CIA headquarters in turn pressured him to substantiate the rumor, and how U.S. officials pressured the Czech government when Czech intelligence officials failed to produce the confirmation that the Bush administration sought.
Mr. Ruzek writes, “It was becoming more and more clear that we had not met expectations and did not provide the ‘right’ intelligence output.” Mr. Ruzek goes on: “The Americans showed me that anything can be violated, including the rules that they themselves taught us. Without any regard to us, they used our intelligence information for propaganda press leaks. They wanted to mine certainty from unconfirmed suspicion and use it as an excuse for military action. We were supposed to play the role of useful idiot thanks to whose initiative a war would be started.”
That’s chilling. We have a senior intelligence official of a friendly nation describing the pressure that he and other Czech officials were under to give the Bush administration material it could use to justify a war."

The Atta Prague meeting is the creation of Douglas Feith, who created the lie in the face of specific CIA information to the contrary, and passed it on through Libby to Cheney and Powell (of course, the suppressed 'Able Danger' material informs us that 'Atta' was working for the US government throughout, as one of those false flag recruiters/military trainers in the mold of Ali Mohamed, a role much beloved by the Pentagon, so the CIA or Pentagon knew where 'Atta' was at all times, including not being in Prague at the relevant time; my emphasis in red and green):
"Cheney's public statements before and after the war about the risks posed by Iraq have closely tracked the briefing Feith's office presented to the vice president's then-chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby. That includes the briefing's depiction of an alleged 2001 meeting in Prague between an Iraqi intelligence official and one of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers as one of eight "Known Iraq-Al Qaida Contacts."
The defense report states that at the time, "the intelligence community disagreed with the briefing's assessment that the alleged meeting constituted a 'known contact' " -- a circumstance that the report said was known to Feith's office. But his office had bluntly concluded in a July 2002 critique of a CIA report on Iraq's relationship with al-Qaeda that the CIA's interpretation of the facts it cited "ought to be ignored."
The briefing to Libby was also presented with slight variations to then-Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, then-CIA Director George J. Tenet and then-deputy national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley. It was prepared in part by someone whom the defense report described as a "junior Naval Reservist" intelligence analyst detailed to Feith's office from the DIA. The person is not named in the report, but Edelman wrote that she was requested by Feith's office."
I wonder if the DIA connection means it was the DIA, and not the CIA, that was directing the various torturers in what specific story they wanted from the torture.  You also have to wonder if she was part of an Israeli conspiracy with Feith.  It is not clear that the Prague meeting came out of a guided torture session, or whether she and Feith just made it up.

And more background:
  1. "Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq"
  2. "Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda link allegations"
  3. "Humanitarian Aid Worker: Torture Only Stopped When I Pretended I Was In Al Qaeda"
  4. "U.S. Officials Guilty of War Crimes for Using 9/11 As a False Justification for the Iraq War"
  5. "The Media Is Focusing On the WRONG Senate Torture Report"

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Butt pirates of The Hague

"Edward Snowden lawyer calls on Europeans to prosecute US torture architects"  Butt pirates of The Hague.

"Now put Blair and Straw on trial for torture, says diplomat who was fired when he warned Labour Government of UK collusion with US abuse"

"Update on tapping German chancellor Merkel's phone"  Despite efforts by various media outlets at obfuscation, there is no reason to believe the NSA wasn't listening to Merkel. By the way, the story of the possible arrest of the 'second leaker' has completely disappeared since late October.

We have to assume that the (unusual and sane) American resistance to a no-fly zone over Syria is connected to Erdoğan's attack on Gülen (i.e., CIA) assets:  "Turkish police raid media offices of Erdogan rival"

"The far right in the new Ukrainian Parliament"

"Leaked emails reveal hidden sources of Bruins United campaign funds"  Oh, the money to be made, and power to be gained, as a Shabbos goy!  We aren't usually allowed to see evidence of the ubiquitous bribery.

"Hackers reveal how New York Times' Maureen Dowd promised to make her friend and Sony chairman Amy Pascal 'look great' in article that 'impressed' staff back at Sony"  "Can Amy Pascal’s career survive Sony cyberattack?"  You have to love the traditional cleansing effort:  "Amy Pascal Calls Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson: "I Want to Accept Responsibility""

"And The Winner In The "Worst Idea At The Wrong Time" Category Is..."

"The Easy Lesson of World War I" by Jean Bricmont

"Pro Israeli Jewish Terrorist Who Attacked George Galloway Is Jailed For 16 Months" (Atzmon):
"This is while the court also heard that after Masterson will be released from prison, he will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Israel from an unknown sponsor."

"Arizona Pastor Boasts About Tricking Rabbis Into Participating In Anti-Semitic Film"  The Khazar problem - the fact that the architects and main beneficiaries of Zionism have no fucking connection - historical or Biblical or otherwise - to the land they are stealing in the Middle East, and could not possibly have been the recipients of any promise from God through Abraham (an ancestor of current day Palestinians, but not of the Khazars), is finally starting to hit the American Christian Right.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Dangerous aversion

"Michael Hudson: U.S. New Cold War Policy Has Backfired"  From the hilarious introduction by Yves Smith:
"One thing that is striking about the US decision to escalate against Russia is that it’s not at all clear what the trigger was. And that raises the possibility that these hostilities were instigated out peeve, or what one might more politely call imperial reflex, reflecting the belief that Russia needed to be punished for its various sins, such as supporting Iran, outmaneuvering the US in Syria, and harboring Snowden. And the assumption appears to have been that Russia could be taken down a notch or two on the geopolitical stage at no cost to the US. Hudson explains that the reverse is proving to be the case."
Victoria Nuland ran the Maidan operation, and boasted of spending $5 billion of American taxpayer dollars in doing so.  Victoria Nuland is married to Robert Kagan.  Here are some of Robert Kagan's projects:
  1. January 26, 1998 letter to Bill Clinton, insisting on a war on Iraq due to weapons of mass destruction;
  2. May 29, 1998 letter to Newt and Trent whining about Bill's (sane) inaction;
  3.  the infamous and disastrous 'Rebuilding America's Defenses' from the infamous Project for the New American Century (say, how is that new century working out for you?);
  4.  not wasting any time, September 20, 2001 letter to George Bush, insisting on wars against Afghanistan, Iraq and Hezbollah, an end to American support for the Palestinian Authority, and a large increase in American defense spending;
  5. April 3, 2002 letter to George Bush insisting on various Zionist goals, and wondering how the Iraq war plans were coming;
  6. "Not Fade Away"  (the parasite explains that there is still a little juice left in the host;  see also:  "Obama embraces Romney advisor’s theory on ‘The Myth of American Decline’"); and
  7. "Robert Kagan: America's Dangerous Aversion to Conflict".
In case what is going on is still unclear:
  1.  "The ex-Israeli soldier who led a Kiev fighting unit";
  2. "Ukraine: Israeli Special Forces Unit under Neo-Nazi Command Involved in Maidan Riots?"
The paradoxes which people continue to pretend not to be able to understand will continue as long as Americans continue to allow American foreign and military policy to be run by traitors working solely for the interests of a foreign violent racist supremacist group.

From the comments to the Hudson piece, 'sufferin' succotash' gets it.  If the 'paradoxes' are still causing trouble, see the red bits from Irving Kristol.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


"CIA Torture Pseudonyms"

"The man detained over CIA 'torture' report" "Instead of prosecuting torturers, Obama prosecuted the guy who revealed the program"  "Imprisoned CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou Blasts Bureau of Prisons’ ‘Strident Anti-Family’ Policies"

"Torture is Good?" by Chris Floyd:
"A truncated version of the Senate investigation into the CIA’s Terror War torture regime has finally been released. Even in its limited form, it details an operation of vile depravity, one which would plunge a civilized nation into a profound crisis of conscience and spark a deep and anguished debate on how best to transform a system of government — and a national ethos — that could lead to such putrid crimes. It would also occasion a wide-ranging effort to subject the originators, perpetrators and accomplices of the torture program to the full measure of legal punishment they deserve.
Needless to say, nothing like that is going to happen in America. Indeed, even before the report was released, the New York Times — the standard-bearer and shaper of “decent” liberal thought for the nation — was splashing an opinion piece on the front page of its website, demanding that we “Pardon Bush and Those Who Tortured.” This was the very first “think piece” pushed by the Times on the morning of the report’s release."

"Jose Padilla's dirty bomb"  "How To Go About Making An H - Bomb:  Fact Or Fiction? : You Tell Me":

"Poitras: Guardian Had a Freak-Out Moment and Destroyed Some GCHQ Docs in Hong Kong"  'Freak-out' is a polite way of saying The Guardian was acting as an asset of British intelligence.

"Isis: the inside story" (very close to simply stating that ISIS is a creation of the American government):
"But at the time of his stay at Bucca, Baghdadi’s group was little-known, and he was a far less significant figure than the insurgency’s notional leader, the merciless Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who came to represent the sum of all fears for many in Iraq, Europe and the US. Baghdadi, however, had a unique way to distinguish himself from the other aspiring leaders inside Bucca and outside on Iraq’s savage streets: a pedigree that allowed him to claim direct lineage to the Prophet Muhammed. He had also obtained a PhD in Islamic studies from the Islamic University of Baghdad, and would draw on both to legitimise his unprecedented claim to anoint himself caliph of the Islamic world in July 2014, which realised a sense of destiny evident in the prison yard a decade earlier.
“Baghdadi was a quiet person,” said Abu Ahmed. “He has a charisma. You could feel that he was someone important. But there were others who were more important. I honestly did not think he would get this far.”
Baghdadi also seemed to have a way with his captors. According to Abu Ahmed, and two other men who were jailed at Bucca in 2004, the Americans saw him as a fixer who could solve fractious disputes between competing factions and keep the camp quiet.
“But as time went on, every time there was a problem in the camp, he was at the centre of it,” Abu Ahmed recalled. “He wanted to be the head of the prison – and when I look back now, he was using a policy of conquer and divide to get what he wanted, which was status. And it worked.” By December 2004, Baghdadi was deemed by his jailers to pose no further risk and his release was authorised.
“He was respected very much by the US army,” Abu Ahmed said. “If he wanted to visit people in another camp he could, but we couldn’t. And all the while, a new strategy, which he was leading, was rising under their noses, and that was to build the Islamic State. If there was no American prison in Iraq, there would be no IS now. Bucca was a factory. It made us all. It built our ideology.”
As Isis has rampaged through the region, it has been led by men who spent time in US detention centres during the American occupation of Iraq – in addition to Bucca, the US also ran Camp Cropper, near Baghdad airport, and, for an ill-fated 18 months early in the war, Abu Ghraib prison on the capital’s western outskirts. Many of those released from these prisons – and indeed, several senior American officers who ran detention operations – have admitted that the prisons had an incendiary effect on the insurgency.
“I went to plenty of meetings where guys would come through and tell us how well it was all going,” said Ali Khedery, a special aide to all US ambassadors who served in Iraq from 2003-11, and to three US military commanders. But eventually even top American officers came to believe they had “actually become radicalising elements. They were counterproductive in many ways. They were being used to plan and organise, to appoint leaders and launch operations.”
Abu Ahmed agreed. “In prison, all of the princes were meeting regularly. We became very close to those we were jailed with. We knew their capabilities. We knew what they could and couldn’t do, how to use them for whatever reason. The most important people in Bucca were those who had been close to Zarqawi. He was recognised in 2004 as being the leader of the jihad.
“We had so much time to sit and plan,” he continued. “It was the perfect environment. We all agreed to get together when we got out. The way to reconnect was easy. We wrote each other’s details on the elastic of our boxer shorts. When we got out, we called. Everyone who was important to me was written on white elastic. I had their phone numbers, their villages. By 2009, many of us were back doing what we did before we were caught. But this time we were doing it better.”
According to Hisham al-Hashimi, the Baghdad-based analyst, the Iraqi government estimates that 17 of the 25 most important Islamic State leaders running the war in Iraq and Syria spent time in US prisons between 2004 and 2011. Some were transferred from American custody to Iraqi prisons, where a series of jailbreaks in the last several years allowed many senior leaders to escape and rejoin the insurgent ranks."

"US agency infiltrated Cuban hip-hop scene to spark youth unrest"

"Libya: Be careful what you wish for"

"These are lies the New York Times wants you to believe about Russia" by Patrick L. Smith

"Cheney Calls for International Ban on Torture Reports" by Andy Borowitz

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Deep torture

"U.S. Tortured and Killed Innocent People for the Specific Purpose of Producing False Propaganda"

It is instructive that all the analysis from the United States, from both the 'right' and the 'left'. is that torture is employed for the purposes of eliciting otherwise unavailable information that saves American lives from 'terrorism'.  The 'right' accepts this uncritically; the 'left' either points out - correctly - that torture produces unreliable information, or alleges that it is not worth the moral decay to the country (not to mention the cost to the American reputation).  Both share the assumption that there is information - facts - available from certain individuals that could save American lives.

Of course, this is utter nonsense.  The Global War On Terror is the creation of World Jewry specifically intended to increase Islamophobia in order to continue American protection for the supremacist Jewish project of building a Zionist empire across the Middle East.  Considering the degree of provocation caused by American violence it is remarkable that there is almost no real terrorism, at least coming from Muslims.  Almost all acts described as 'terrorism' are either:
  1. false flags; or
  2. self-defensive actions against violent - and legitimate - American or allied military or intelligence targets.
The CIA isn't stupid. Psychopathic, yes, but not stupid. The leaders of the CIA know that there are no facts available that would help fighting the Global War On Terror. On the contrary, the facts are not only useless, but positively dangerous, for the propaganda war that the American government is engaged in.

The entire premise of torture is that pressure can be applied to human beings to force them to give up their secrets, accurate information that could save American lives.  This is largely based on entertainment provided by, yes, 'Hollywood;' (i.e., the propaganda arm of World Jewry), with the ticking time bomb that can only be found through pressure imposed on a captured 'terrorist' being the classic example.  Of course, the reality is that the poor victims of torture are in extremis, and will do anything to resolve their situation.  If only they could figure out what to say that would satisfy the CIA torturers.

The trick of excellent torturing is to convey to the torture victim what parts of the propaganda background would end the torture.  It is a trick the thug torturers have never really mastered.  The tragedy is that neither the CIA torturers, nor their victims, are aware that the torture is not a fact-finding enterprise.  It is a propaganda-creation exercise.  Thus the answers that any victim is liable to give - various facts known to the victim, or at least things made up out of necessity on the false hope that any kind of fact might please the torturer - won't work.  Since the entire premise of the Global War On Terror is based on lies - the main lie being that the danger to Americans is from Islam and not from World Jewry - facts can never please the torturer.

Consider how the CIA acted, against how we would expect it to act if it were really engaged in a critical fact-finding exercise.  Instead of picking up people who might actually be real terrorists, it rounded up victims holus-bolus, based on mistakes in identity and, in many cases, no attempt to confirm identity at allThere has never been any effort made to attempt to confirm if many of these victims had any hope of producing facts connected to terrorism (this is also the case for the victims at Guantanamo Bay).  Once captured and tortured, at least some victims were killed, out of what appears to be mere carelessness and sloppiness.  If these people had real, valuable information, the last thing a real torture operation would want is for the victims to die. Even the high-value victims, people with verifiable connections to radical groups, were handled in the most incompetent way possible, driving them insane, and thus useless as conveyors of information, before any accurate information was obtained.

The CIA behaved exactly as you might expect it to behave if it didn't really want the facts, and just wanted an operation intended to produce propaganda. The basis of all the lies told by the CIA and American politicians and bureaucrats is to misrepresent the basis and purpose of the Global War On Terror.

Of course, the American 'left' can't mention any of this, as the truth is career-ending 'anti-Semitism'.  That is why nothing will change.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Pathological corruption

"Ukraine’s Made-in-USA Finance Minister" by Robert Parry.  She seems to be the perfect fit for a Ukrainian finance minister!

"Israel Bombs Syria … Again: Hits Agricultural Centers, Warehouses"  The start of Bibi's reelection campaign.  Related:  Bibi explains what - or who - was behind the mysterious collapse of the Iranian peace talks.

"Revealed thirty years on ... the secret role that America's Henry Kissinger played in the Bhopal tragedy"

"Yemen: Did U.S. Surveil Hostage Negotiators To Hit Hostage Takers?" The raid only makes sense if it was intended to free somebody who could not be ransomed, like a member of the US military.

"RJ Eskow & Jeffrey Sachs: Pathological Culture Of The Tribal Rich"  Just think how bad they must be if somebody as evil as Sachs calls them 'pathological'.  Of course, it is not a coincidence that these people run the world  - we've allowed them to build a system specifically set up so that sociopaths will rise to the top.

"The occupation of Mahoud Abbas' son is: "son of the president""

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Being a thug

It is amusing that the mass resignations from the masthead at The New Republic - 'the distinguished liberal institution', seriously? - were intended to create a sense of outrage at the removal of two neocon assholes, yet led to a mass singing of "Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead" amongst the observers of American 'journalism'. Also, reminiscences of Marty Peretz, with no idea that the mysterious collapse of this 'liberal' magazine over the past few decades might just have something to do with it having been owned by a racist Jewish group supremacist warmonger.

"War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda" It is the consistency and ubiquity of lying in the media which is remarkable.

"The Worst Industrial Disaster in the History of the World" by Siddhartha Deb.  Very well written.

"No climate-change deniers to be found in the reinsurance business"  The people whose job it is to know the facts - to avoid bankruptcy - have no doubts.

""Turk Stream": Huge Win for Turkey - Big Win For Russia - Historic Loss for EU"  And Turkey, with its thwarted goal of joining Europe, and a massive economy, leaves the Anglo-American-Zionist block to join the China-Russia-rest-of-the-world block.

"Putin expresses hope for permanent Ukraine ceasefire" Hollande of all people?  Hundreds of millions of people in Europe and they send the most hated guy in Russia (and France)?  This is really weird.

"A Reckless U.S. Rescue Attempt Kills Nearly Free Hostage"  If you assume the goal is to rescue a hostage surrounded by armed men, this kind of operation has a very low chance of success.  The outcome is almost always corpses.  So we have to assume there was another goal. 

Barking dog.  How could they possibly have known that the 'terrorists' would have access to high-tech equipment like guard dogs?

"In Light of Eric Garner".  Big picture:
"The system is doing what it is meant to do.  It teaches compliance, it teaches hopelessness and it identifies those who will not obey laws that don’t make sense (marijuana possession, for example), or who will fight or organize against the system and then it destroys them economically and often psychologically through practices like solitary confinement and prison rape.
The system will not change until those who want it to change have the raw power to force it to change, because it does serve the interests of its masters by destroying or marginalizing anyone who is actually a danger to oligarchical control of the system.
Race is an effective tool in this system, dividing the lower classes (and almost everyone is lower class now) against each other.  No matter how bad a poor white’s life is, well hey, he ain’t black.  He or she can feel superior to someone, can have someone to kick down at.
And understand this, most of what police are paid in is social coin: the right to demand immediate obedience and fuck people up; the solidarity of the blue line; the feeling of belonging and power, is what makes the job worth having for (probably most) of the people who are now attracted to it.
Being a thug; having social sanction to be a thug, is enjoyable to a lot of people. Since that’s what cops get to do, those are the sort of people who tend to be attracted to the job.  The police are the biggest toughest gang around, and belonging to them has most of the rewards of gang life, without the dangers of going to jail."

Friday, December 05, 2014


"Who Should Own the Internet?: Julian Assange on Living in a Surveillance Society"

"Corporations Misusing Our Data"  A small subset of the Assange problem.

"The War Against the ‘Trolls’"  Any criticism of the neocons is treason and must be stopped at all costs.

"Why SecDef Hagel is Really Out: As usual, the War Party Won"  'War Party' is the polite way of referring to World Jewry.

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"When I saw how Obama turned on the Palestinians early in his career, it was clear to me he would betray everyone else who backed him."

The delicate matter of spinning Barryfascism requires some serious editing.

"In NYT's Retelling of Eric Garner's Death, the Officer's Arm Has a Mind of Its Own"

"How The Ukrainian Government Is Giving Away Citizenships So Foreigners Can Run The Country"

Two victims of World Jewry, guilty solely of the crime of putting up some resistance to Zionism.

Have you noticed how quickly Putin always has a plan B when the |Jews pull another destructive stunt in Europe.  His intelligence sources are excellent, as are his diplomats.  By the way, the only method of understanding things like 'leftist' German politicians expressing pure, undiluted Islamophobia, or Bulgarian politicians selling out the interests of their country, is the usual, bribery (deposits to offshore accounts) or blackmail.

Tweet (Gerry Adams) - it is a compliment to be blocked by the Jews from visiting the Palestinians:
"Palestinians have right to statehood. It’s not an issue for negotiation. "


Thursday, December 04, 2014

Moral depravity

"Why did US, Canada and Ukraine vote against condemning Nazism at the UN?" 

"US, Israel are the only countries to oppose UN ban on weapons in outer space":
"The US and Israel were only slightly less isolated when it came to a resolution on the “risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.”
The only votes against the resolution were Canada, Israel, the US and its colonial holdover Micronesia."

"Neocons Triumphant in Washington and Geneva" 

"Libyan renegade general announces readiness to cooperate with Israel"

"Meet and Greet Natalie Jaresko, US Government Employee, Ukraine Finance Minister"

Putin is getting good at delivering the passive-aggressive speech:  "The quote by Putin which says it all..."

Tweet (Wendell Pierce):
"The protests need to shift the focus on a new grand jury convened by a special prosecutor "
Tweet (To Thrive):
" It's possible. Since there was no verdict there's no double-jeopardy exclusion in play. No Statute of limitations on murder."
"How One Woman Could Hit The Reset Button In The Case Against Darren Wilson" "Freedom Rider: Ferguson’s Reckoning for Obama"  "Tim Wise Pens Brilliant Editorial on Ferguson: Most White Americans are ‘Completely Oblivious’"  "10 Key Points for a Broad Understanding of the Ferguson Movement"

"What Caused This Deadly Epidemic in Spain in 1981?"  It looks like they may be blaming one bunch of criminals in order to protect a more important bunch of criminals.

In case you thought there was any chance the US Congress would fix the NSA problem:  "Congress Quietly Decides To Delete Key NSA Reform In CRomnibus Agreement"

In case they tell you their motives are humanitarian|:  "Moral Depravity of US Syria Policy: Unlimited Funds for Fighting, UN Suspends Refugee Food Aid"

Christmas Card

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

They assume you will give up

"Putin Kills "South Stream" Pipeline, Will Build New Massive Pipeline To Turkey Instead"  It is a consistent pattern that the Americans and their stooges take actions on the assumption that their opponents will have no options but to succumb and give up, yet Putin, and others (Syria, Iran, Venezuela, China, etc.) , continue to prove that this assumption is not true.  Now Bulgaria has permanently fucked itself.  "Who won? Who lost? You tell me!"

"Documents show how eBay’s Meg Whitman and Pierre Omidyar conspired to steal Craigslist’s secrets"  It is amazing that Crazy Pierre hasn't yet bought Pando just to shut it up in the way he is building First Look Media to constrain and control the alternative American media.

Siding with the Nazis against the anti-Nazis isn't just the new idea of Victoria Nuland:  "Athens 1944: Britain’s dirty secret"

"The Saudi King who fought the wrong wars"

"Dishonest Jerusalem Post Headline On UK Town’s Israeli Settlement Boycott. This is journalism?"

"Anti-Defamation League creates blacklist of groups that link Ferguson to Palestine" The idea that the people of Ferguson and Palestine are victims in the same struggle for human values scares the hell out of World Jewry.  Of course, the fact that the |Israelis are actually training American police thugs in their Jewish supremacist racist violent methods just underscores the point.

Monday, December 01, 2014

The Underworld

"White supremacy and Zionism converge in deleted Times of Israel post on Ferguson"  A lot more on natural Jewish supremacism.

"Here are 10 things about 9/11 that deserve more attention – and 5 that deserve less"  This is bizarre in that it is an article about 9/11 that isn't utterly retarded. I would add 'Able Danger' to the list of things needing investigation.

"The strange tale of Canada’s ebola vaccine: Walkom"  Looks like ordinary political corruption, probably involving kickbacks.

"New World Order: An Overview Of The Underworld, Part 1"

Sunday, November 30, 2014


  1. google cache of very racist article, now deleted, by Robert Wilkes of the Seattle chapter of Stand With Us (Twitter discussions here and here);
  2. "The Pathology of Max Blumenthal" by Gilad Atzmon (though I must say there is something definitely odd - and in no way connected with guilt - about the German elites who think it is a good idea to continue to supply Israel with subs capable of firing nuclear missiles);
  3. amongst the heathens.
Racism is always a natural fit for group supremacism.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Full circle

"Leaked email: Save the Children trying to “contain” damage from Tony Blair award"  When you call yourself 'Save the Children', you probably shouldn't be giving awards to a mass child murderer.  There is plenty of competition for charity dollars, and this vile one shouldn't see another cent from anybody, ever.

When Harper's Reform Party - now called Conservative Party after it ate and digested the old Progressive Conservative Party - started out, it turned out a lot of its members were neo-Nazis, and the party had to go through a considerable Denazifizierung process to become respectable enough for mainstream Canadian politics (Harper himself has quite a history with extremist right-wing organizations). Now we've come full circle, with Harper arming neo-Nazis:
  1. "Ukraine getting $11M more in non-lethal support from Canada"
  2. "There are no Nazis in the Ukraine?"
  3. "far right populist Lyashko and neo-nazi Mosiychuk - now part of the parliamentary majority in Ukrainian parliament"
"The Mossad's strategy against BDS" by Asa Winstanley.  On lawfare specialists Shurat HaDin.

"US helping Israel boycott Geneva summit on occupied territories – diplomatic sources"

"Menace of hypocrisy: Neocon propagandist frets over Russia’s ‘weaponization of information’"  It is quite remarkable how western media and politicians ascribe their own actions and motives to the Russians.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Severe Lack of Understanding

Finding a common thread in the injustices faced by black people in the US and gentiles in Occupied Palestine is definitely not Good For The Jews:  "#JusticeForMikeBrown: NFL star Reggie Bush connects Ferguson to Palestine".  Note the condescension in Abe's response - schwartzers aren't intellectually up to the challenge of political analysis and should stick to entertaining white people:  "ADL: Reggie Bush’s Ferguson-Palestine Comparison Demonstrates “Severe Lack of Understanding” of Both Issues".

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A lot of evil in one place

Tweet (Sana Saeed):
"Wonder if Michelle Obama would hold up a sign reading as she did with "

Unlikely, as Boko Haram had entirely to do with stealing resources from Africa, but I'd like to put in a request for 'Hands up, Don't shoot'.

"Blog Postmortem: learning from the billionaire journalism model"

Julian still has trouble picking his friends.  Who is next, Žižek?

"Sen. Ted Cruz, ’16 Presidential Hopeful, Woos New York Jewish Donors – UPDATED"  Note the update was an order from Sheldon to remove the idea that Sheldon said Cruz was 'too right wing'.  World Jewry is entirely happy with Hillary, so I'm expecting the Republicans to nominate some unelectable clown like Cruz.

"Michèle Flournoy Takes Herself Out of Running for Top Pentagon Job"  She intends to be Hillary's Secretary of Defense, surrounded by pure neocons, and doesn't want to queer the deal by two years of being associated with Barry's liberal interventionist losers.

And then the portal opened and the entire universe was sucked into Hell.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Neocon weekend coup d'etat

The Jewish billionaires have finally told Barry their price for funding his very comfortable retirement - more Wars For The Jews.  They had to wait for the Republicans to retake the Senate so they could force a neocon Secretary of Defense.  In quick succession in the last few days we've seen:
  1. Barry extending and expanding the War For The Jews in Afghanistan;
  2. the mysterious collapse of the Iran peace talks  (Iran thought they were headed for a deal and suddenly the other side turned away - see also "France Mistral Ship Update: Hollande Suspends Decision To Deliver Warships To Russia" connected for the War For The Jews against Russia being carried on in Ukraine);
  3. the rather vicious firing of Hagel, the viciousness coming no doubt from the Jewish idea that he is an anti-Semite due to his skepticism at running all American foreign and military policy solely for the benefit of Zionism;
  4. a new call for more sanctions on Iran in order to undermine any chances for peace (note the change from November 21 - "Why Is AIPAC Suddenly So Silent on Iran?" to November 24 - "AIPAC Leads Call for Sanctions to Sabotage Iran Talks").

Monday, November 24, 2014

A true outsider

Max Boot (my emphasis in red):
"The immediate question is whether Obama will be able to stomach a stronger personality in the secretary of defense job–someone like Bob Gates or Leon Panetta. If so, Michele Flournoy or Ash Carter, both of whom served at the Pentagon earlier in the Obama administration, could fill the job description. But if Obama were truly intent on a radical break with some of his failed policies he would opt for a true outsider like Joe Lieberman . . . "
"Regardless of who fills the job at the Pentagon–or for that matter at State–the reality remains that in this administration all critical decisions are made in the White House by the president with a handful of loyalists who have little independent standing, knowledge, or credibility in national-security affairs. This has been a problem ever since the raid to kill Osama bin Laden, the point at which Obama stopped listening to independent advice and started acting on his own ideological worldview predicated on downsizing the American armed forces and retreating from the world.
If this were a parliamentary system, Obama would long ago have lost a vote of “no confidence” and been forced to step down. But because it’s a presidential system he will remain in power two more years. The firing of Hagel will be a positive step forward only if it signals a complete rethink of the president’s foreign policy a la Carter’s conversion to become a born-again hawk after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Iranian hostage crisis.
The test of that will be to see how Obama deals with Iran now that nuclear talks have reached an impasse after a year. Will Obama allow the mullahs to drag out negotiations indefinitely while continuing to enjoy sanctions relief? Or will he clamp down with extra-tough sanctions and implement a plan to roll back Iran’s power grab in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen? My bet is that not much has changed in the president’s thinking beyond his desire to see a new, more credible face at the Pentagon, but I’m happy to be proved wrong."

Unmentionable facts about Michèle Flournoy

From Right Web:
"In 2012, as the Obama administration was deciding on a new Pentagon chief, rightwing groups attempted to promote a Flournoy candidacy. The rightwing Times of Israel reported in December 2012 that talk of Flournoy's nomination had been "welcomed by conservative and pro-Israel groups," in part because of Flournoy's familiarity with Israeli security issues like the Iron Dome missile shield, regional arms sales, "and the importance of Israel's military edge over its neighbors."[17]
Numerous neoconservative actors also promoted Flournoy's candidacy because of their opposition to leading nominee—and Obama's eventual choice for the position—Chuck Hagel, a former Republican senator known for his bipartisanship as well as his criticism of one-sided U.S. support for Israel.
In December 2012, the New Republic reported that, "Flournoy—the Pentagon's former undersecretary of defense for policy, and the head of Obama's transition team for the Department of Defense—has become the name that conservatives have floated as an alternative to Obama's rumored pick to replace Leon Panetta: Former Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel, whom Republicans have never forgiven for his role as one of the Iraq war's greatest critics and his occasional endorsements of Democrats. Flournoy's apparent supporters now include the Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol (who essentially argued that she wouldn't be as objectionable as Hagel), former George W. Bush administration Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and [Mitt Romney] foreign policy adviser Dan Senor."[18]"

Upside down

"Report: US Blocks Pollard Parole Request - Again"  "Denial of Pollard's Parole was 'Deeply Flawed'"  "Netanyahu Meets with Esther Pollard"  The funniest thing I've read all week:  "Pollard’s parole plastering"

It is amazing to read the upside down military propaganda spread by the American mainstream media, such as this account of the government of Syria fighting al-Qaeda terrorist forces:  "Aleppo, Syria, could soon be under siege by government troops"

"Pro-Israel activists ask MPs to halt non-violent BDS protests" Another part of the never-ending destructiveness of World Jewry in attempting to shield JSIL.

"The Many Iranian Obstacles in the Way of a Strong Nuclear Deal"  Two Jews discuss how to wreck peace between gentiles.  Note the 'funny' caption under the picture, revealing the enormous lack of professionalism in The Atlantic, and the essential Zionist propaganda message of the piece.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Irreplaceable ally

"Bringing apartheid through the back door" (my emphasis in red):
"Since Israeli governments proved time and again that “facts on the ground” are very hard to change, and given the distinct possibility that the shifting balance of world-power will dramatically fortify Israel as an irreplaceable ally for the west, the successful enactment of apartheid will postpone indefinitely the creation of a Palestinian state and shift the site of conflict and oppression from the occupied territories to the very core of Israeli society."
Note that Nuland's War For The Jews in Ukraine is supposed to bring about the New Cold War, allowing Israel to go back to its status of the 80's, when it supposedly served as an anti-Soviet bulwark for the Americans.  World Jewry created Islamophobia and the Global War On Terror to replace the loss of the Cold War, but people are finally tiring of all the hate and expense of the GWOT, and World Jewry has decided to recreate the Cold War to continue its parasitic relationship with the Americans.  Nuland is working from the long-term plan of World Jewry.

Tweet (Joanne MacInnes):
"Brilliant letter 2 Save The Children by Nicolas J Davies re child killer Tony Bliar "
"Feeling safer?"  Also, of course:  "Head of United States Naval Intelligence Is Not Currently Allowed to See Classified Material"

Tweet (Zaid Jilani):
"Someone should trick DeBlasio. Tell him a Palestinian mob lynched an Israeli bus driver, get reax, then tell him actually opposite happened."

Saturday, November 22, 2014


"Factsheet: Home Demolitions and Caterpillar":
"Since its occupation of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem following the 1967 war, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) has destroyed more than 18,000 Palestinian homes in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT)."
Note the blatant racism in the demolition of the homes of the families of Palestinian 'terrorists'; that kind of punishment is never applied if an exactly identical crime, not to mention a much, much, much more common crime, is committed by a Jew against Palestinians.

"In Israel, only Jewish blood shocks anyone" (Levy):
"A few hours after the attack in Jerusalem, journalist Emily Amrousi said at a conference in Eilat that the life of a single Jewish child was more important to her than the lives of thousands of Palestinian children. The audience’s response was clearly favorable; I think there was even some applause."

"A 'Child' Is Missing–From a New York Times Headline"  Of course, one of the best consequences of the squatter rabbi removals was that everybody noticed the extreme overreaction of wailing by the Jew-controlled mainstream American media, with absolutely no recognition of the ongoing slaughter, often mass slaughter, of Palestinians.

"Synagogue killings on the site of an Israeli massacre of Palestinians"  That yeshiva was where it was as a celebration of Jewish power, and those foreign-born rabbis where all where they were for a reason, and cannot in any way be described as innocents.

Friday, November 21, 2014

We think the price is worth it

"Washington plays Russian roulette" by Pepe Escobar.   I don't foresee WWIII, but this War For The Jews has turned Ukraine into a permanent, unsalvageable basket-case, Europe is going to end up much poorer than it now, and Russia has been forced to accelerate the process of creating the new world order led by the BRICS.

"John Baird: Russia’s aggression is against its own best interest"  Bizarre collection of lies from the closet-case whose whole life is a lie.

 "TFF PressInfo # 292: Brisbane – A show of Western weakness"

"Syrian team, Putin to discuss relaunching peace talks: source"

"UN Ambassador Warns Against Intervention Fatigue"  Power channels Madeleine Albright.

"Salaita sues Univ. of Illinois for refusing to release emails related to firing"  The dog-ate-my-Jewish-billionaire-donor's-memo defense is going to make it to a courtroom!

"The Assange case and the deceitful Swedish prosecutor" Assange is still having trouble picking his friends.

"The 4 Jacobs and the 2100 Esaus" by Michael Hoffman

"US media erase Israeli state and settler violence":
"Noting that the attack site is located in what used to be Deir Yassin — a Palestinian village destroyed in 1948 after Zionist militias deliberately executed more than one hundred of its inhabitants, including children — the Post rendered the massacre an unproven accusation against Israel.
Following an uproar on social media, the Post quietly removed the reference to Deir Yassin from the piece without issuing an explanation or correction."
The Onion: "5 Million Illegal Immigrants To Realize Dreams Of Having Deportation Deferred"

Not The Onion:  "Prince Albert Raiders' new mascot causes stir:  Western Hockey League team unveils Boston the Arabian raider"

Thursday, November 20, 2014


"How the Israel Lobby Protected Ukrainian Neo-Nazis" by Max Blumenthal.  The most violent and illegal excesses of the War For The Jews in Ukraine are being fought by neo-Nazis, so naturally the ADL and the Simon Wiesenthal Center back off.  You can only understand Ukraine if you see it clearly for what it is, just another in a massive series of wars that form the conspiracy where Jewish Billionaires, working solely for the interests of World Jewry, bribe and blackmail western politicians to fight the wars between gentiles desired by World Jewry. 

For the same reasons, the British government allows neo-Nazis to celebrate Nazi war dead at the British cenotaph (just think about that for a moment) - thus making a mockery of the purpose of the British cenotaph and the soldiers it memorializes - while simultaneously warmongering by using pious praise of the very same British soldiers.  Samantha Power gives another speech about the supposed dangers of anti-Semitism while the American government simultaneously funds and supplies neo-Nazis in Ukraine who commit horrible war crimes and crimes against humanity, and Israel detects an anti-Semitic crisis in Ukraine - as a direct result of the new power and destructive capability of neo-Nazis created by World Jewry - requiring immediate movement of thousands of Jews to Israel.  Note the spectacle of Foxman simultaneously making his usual hay over 'anti-Semitism' while effectively backing the neo-Nazis by praising their 'important gestures'.


Of course, the Jewish political desire to bruise Putin for providing support to Iran and Syria is the basis for the new support of the American and British governments and the Jewish supremacist propaganda organizations for today's version of National Socialism.  The sentiments about 'anti-Semitism' and hatred and the sacrifices of soldiers and the need to protect international law are just lies they spout to fool us into going along with all the Wars For The Jews, but the stark contradictions between the lies and what they actually support are impossible to hide.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lee Harvey Kassig

Freedom fighting!

Somebody ought to tell George that Bibi don't need no excuses, or he just makes them up (or has George forgotten what happened in Gaza over the summer?).  Monbiot's political judgment is so horrible that you have to wonder if he is up to something with his environmental stuff.  Oh, and in case you need a deep politics explanation (though you also have to wonder what deep mining - and it is all about resource extraction - politics the BBC is up to):
  1. "No Holds Barred: Netanyahu and Kagame" (Shmuley);
  2. "Paul Kagame’s Rabbi"
  3. "Rwanda Leader Paul Kagame Gets Jewish Embrace — But What About Human Rights?"
Tweet (Rina Andolini):
" John Kerry did not condemn the 51 days of terror on Gaza, he did not condemn the shooting of a child... "
Lee Harvey Kassig (post-mortem legend building).  'Journalist' and 'aid worker' are (or were - how stupid do they think ISIL is?  do they care how much they endanger real journalists and aid workers?) excellent covers for espionage/special ops.

"The Persecution of Julian Assange" by John Pilger.  Even the British government seems to be tiring of the evil Swedes.

"Iran Nuclear Pact Faces an Array of Opposing Forces"  By 'array' they mean Jews and the scum the Jews pay and blackmail to do their dirty peace-destroying work.  Tweets by Ali Gharib (note the silly Saudi threat).

Monday, November 17, 2014


"The AngloZionist Empire has truly become an "Empire of Illusions""  "G20 in Australia: Buffoons v the Global South"  The danger lies in the violence committed by the United States as it fails to deal with its diminished role in the world (not to mention the horrible rioting which will take place in the United States - and the even more horrible government over-reaction to the rioting - which will occur when the economic effects of the loss of world reserve currency status are felt by the 99%).

"Caltech prof says Israeli scientist passed NASA rocket secrets to his government"  The usual: Jews steal from gentiles for the benefit of the Zionist violent group collective, with no repercussions whatsoever.  Naturally ". . . when she reported the matter to Caltech authorities, she was punished for the disclosure."  Related:
  1. "The truth about Israel's secret nuclear arsenal"
  2. "Arnon Milchan reveals past as Israeli spy"
  3. "Netanyahu implicated in nuclear smuggling from U.S. — big story in Israel"
  4. "The Apollo Affair"
  5. "The Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) and the diversion of US government weapons-grade uranium to Israel"
  6. "Obama’s NUMEC Nuclear Diversion Cover-Up"
"Meet the Warmongering Billionaires Who Will Spend a Fortune to Influence the Next President"

"The Real Reason Why Germany Halted Its Gold Repatriation From The NY Fed" I'm starting to think the gold storing countries have a big pile of concrete blocks covered with a thin veneer of gold and whenever one of the deluded countries who are storing their gold come and ask to see it, they are pointed, from a distance, to the same pile.  Their gold is long gone, so it can't be repatriated.

"Yemen as exemplar"  Iran will quietly and systematically win the proxy wars.

"Publish All Snowden Papers?" by Patrice Riemens.  A call for a bigger revolution.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


It is hilarious that the possibly now headless Peter Kassig is always described as an aid worker, when the far more interesting and relevant description is 'ex' U. S. Army Ranger.

"Israel to provide refuge for 6,000 Ukrainian Jews: Paper"  Perfectly logical way to deal with your demographic problem after you've started the War For The Jews which caused the refugee problem.

Tweet (Joey Ayoub):
"Yeghayahu Leibowitz wrote this in 1968. Interesting how his predictions turned out to be accurate. "
"Pussy Riot: ‘When friendly people like us become enemies of the state, it is very strange" Timely propaganda.

Tweet (The Rancid Honeytrap):
"Here's The Intercept's new National Security Editor fear-mongering on Iran's nuclear program for the New York Post. "

"West End Boy":
"Central to the PP’s message is the idea that the country’s ‘cultural elite’ is stabbing Norway in the back, colluding with what its leader Siv Jensen – Norway’s finance minister – describes as ‘Islamisation by stealth’. Because liberals are ‘failing liberals’, only an aggressive party like the PP can defend Norway’s traditions of social liberalism. Under Jensen, the patriarchal, nostalgic party of Norwegian shopkeepers has rebranded itself as a feminist party, although its feminism mostly amounts to what Bangstad (following Gayatri Spivak) calls ‘saving brown women from brown men’. The ‘polarisation entrepreneurs’ of the PP have a growing audience, and their arguments an increasing cohesion and sophistication, thanks to journalists and bloggers like Fjordman and Walid al-Kubaisi, an exiled Iraqi writer and filmmaker who has played the role of ‘native informant’ much as Ayaan Hirsi Ali did in Holland. Their rhetoric is more extreme than the PP’s, but the overlap is too pronounced to be a coincidence, and some have advised the party. They form part of a much broader network, an anti-Islam international that extends from Scandinavia to the United States and includes such figures as Lars Hedegaard, a prominent right-wing Danish intellectual; the Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci; the American neoconservatives Daniel Pipes, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer; and – the maître à penser of the ‘Eurabia genre’ – Gisèle Littman, a British woman of Egyptian-Jewish origin who lives in Switzerland and publishes under the pseudonym Bat Ye’or. (It’s striking how many Eurabia theorists write under pseudonyms when you consider their attacks on Muslim dissimulation.)
Eurabia writers believe the West has been weakened by a politically correct cult of victimhood, yet their own writing (like Breivik’s) appears to be driven by a personal sense of injury at the hands of Muslims, reinterpreted, and thereby globalised, through the prism of Samuel Huntington’s ‘clash of civilisations’. Fjordman, an Arabist from a left-wing family, was in Cairo on 9/11 when he saw a group of Egyptians celebrating the attacks. Al-Kubaisi fled from Iraq to avoid serving in the Iran-Iraq war and received asylum – and a state scholarship guaranteeing him an income for the rest of his life – in Norway. Bruce Bawer, an American gay literary critic who moved to Norway in 1999 to be with his Norwegian partner, came to see Muslim immigrants as an irredeemably illiberal fifth column. He denounced Breivik as a ‘murderous madman’ but – in his 2012 book The New Quislings: How the International Left Used the Oslo Massacre to Silence Debate about Islam – lifted two fake assertions directly from 2083: that the Labour Party had employed anarchist militants as storm troops, and that ‘innumerable Norwegians have been killed by Muslims.’
Eurabia ideologues have been given a platform by liberal intellectuals and the Norwegian press. Hysterical polemics about Islam and Muslim immigration are easy to come by in liberal papers like Klassekampen. So are articles that confirm the hysteria, such as a recent interview with a Norwegian admirer of Isis, which appeared in a liberal newspaper without any editorial note questioning his claim to be speaking for all Muslims. Liberal tolerance for anti-Muslim hate speech, Bangstad argues, goes back to the Rushdie affair, when Norway became the first country to publish The Satanic Verses in translation. Four days after Khomeini issued the fatwa, a group of Muslim leaders established the Islamic Defence Council, calling for the novel to be banned and invoking a blasphemy law that had long since fallen into disuse. In 1993, Rushdie’s Norwegian publisher, William Nygaard, was shot three times outside his home in Oslo (he survived); the assailant was never found. The government responded by forming a series of commissions that called for expanding the protection of free speech. It was an admirably full-throated defence of Rushdie’s right to publish, but, as Bangstad suggests, since then a kind of ‘free speech absolutism’ has steadily chipped away at any concern for minority protections against racist and discriminatory speech, which are guaranteed by Norwegian law. A popular narrative had emerged that Muslims were uncomfortable with free speech, and that there was an irreconcilable conflict between Norwegian ‘values’ and Muslim ‘culture’. The press became ‘an arena for confrontation rather than dialogue’ – a forum for inflammatory views about Islam. Tolerance for ‘free speech’ has been widely construed as a loyalty test. ‘The right to offend bishops and imams is absolutely central to our way of life,’ Per Edgar Kokkvold, the secretary-general of the Norwegian Press Association, has explained. ‘If they happen to dislike it, they must leave.’"

"How leading Tor developers and advocates tried to smear me after I reported their US Government ties" Tor is another trap to herd the politically inconvenient into one place to make government oppression more convenient.