Sunday, January 16, 2022

Tense situation

"Iran official proposes formation of countries' union against sanctions". 

"Why is the US Stirring Up Tibet as an ‘Issue’?" (Sheikh) (my emphasis in red - the key issue why the US always loses against China): 

"As it stands, the US push for inciting anti-China policies in Southeast Asia, too, have failed to gain any traction. For instance, despite Washington’s so-called “hyper diplomacy” in Southeast Asia, Thailand – which has an alliance treaty with the US – is yet to host a single cabinet-level official from the Biden administration. Thailand was also noticeably absent among invitees to the anti-China “Summit for Democracy” in Washington. While some Southeast Asian states – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore – have recieved US officials, including the US Vice President, the Biden administration has still not been able to develop any major trade and economic framework to counter China’s economic gains. So, while Washington has ambitions for Southeast Asia, it does not have the right tools.

In this context, the difficulties the Biden administration is facing add to the necessity of flaring up new fires in the region to make these states in South and Southeast Asia cling to the US without requiring Washington to offer any concrete trade treaty to counter-balance China’s BRI."

"The Myth of Apolitical China: Why the West Refuses to Accept China’s Superpower Status" (Baroud). 

"Defying U.S. Caesar Act, China Admits Syria Into BRI" (Cafiero).

The only crime is embarrassing bureaucrats:

The fantasies of war activists

"What Happened to the "Question Authority" Era? Discussion with Author Walter Kirn" (Taibbi).  Mostly on the sad state of 'journalism'.

"Facebook and Google accused of ‘secret deal’ to carve up ad empire" (Zilber):
"The newly unredacted suit also claims that Google duped publishers and advertisers for years about how it prices and executes its ad auctions, creating secret algorithms that hiked prices for buyers while deflating revenue for some advertisers.

Likewise, Google used the extra cash it got from inflated ad prices to improperly expand its monopoly, according to the complaint, which cites internal correspondence from Google employees. Some Google workers said the practices amounted to using “insider information” to grow the business, according to the suit.

The allegations were made by the attorneys general for Texas, 14 other states, and Puerto Rico, who are suing Google in federal court for antitrust violations. Facebook and its parent company, Meta Platforms are not defendants in the lawsuit."

"EXCLUSIVE Ukraine suspects group linked to Belarus intelligence over cyberattack" (Polityuk) (my emphasis in red):

"Kyiv believes a hacker group linked to Belarusian intelligence carried out a cyberattack that hit Ukrainian government websites this week and used malware similar to that used by a group tied to Russian intelligence, a senior Ukrainian security official said."

I should also note that we know, thanks to Assange, that the CIA can spoof any hacking group and falsely implicate whoever is on the current American hit list. 

"CIA-trained Ukrainian paramilitaries may take central role if Russia invades" (Dorfman): 

"Working so closely with the Ukrainians has presented unique challenges, according to former officials. For years, U.S. officials have believed that, because of Russia’s web of spies within Ukraine’s intelligence services, the program has very likely been compromised by Moscow.

Senior Trump administration officials discussed worries about Russian penetration of the program with their Ukrainian counterparts, according to a former national security official. The Ukrainians, well aware of the issue, have tried to vet the U.S.-bound trainees to weed out moles, according to former officials.

Still, Trump-era National Security Council officials established a rule not to tell the Ukrainians anything they weren’t comfortable with the Russians subsequently learning about, recalled the former national security official."

"Why Washington’s Focus on “Credibility” is a Recipe for War" (Cook).  The neocons have used this line consistently through all the Wars For The Jews. 

That magic number:  "The Holocaust of Six Million Jews—in World War I" (Dalton).

"Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Ukraine and the Neoconservatives" (Cathey).

"The origins and future of the budding Saudi-Iran détente" (Baggini/Jan).

"Syrian Extremists Had Free Access To Western Media, Says Award Winning Syrian Photographer" (Paulov):

"Issa Touma was frightened by the situation in Sweden. He saw cultural centers and human rights organizations controlled by Syrian extremists. He saw how some Syrians were elevated by media as Syrian experts, despite the fact that they barely had been in Syria during the war, and sometimes came from cities other than those they claimed.

These so-called experts were also among the cultural workers who received support from ICORN, Pen International and other similar organizations.

Issa Touma told me about a conference in Norway in 2017. At the conference, an acclaimed Syrian filmmaker said that allies of the Syrian government side conducted ethnic cleansing in Aleppo. The audience was told that Iranian Shia militias occupied the city and purged the Sunni Muslim majority.

“What was he saying, I asked myself. I had been in Aleppo recently before the conference and saw nothing of this. There are few Shia Muslim families in Aleppo, almost all living there are Sunni Muslims. But the audience in Norway believed his lies. Ten organizations had invited this filmmaker to speak.”

During the conference, the Syrian government was accused of killing an opposition activist, despite the fact that it was known that the terrorist group Jaysh al-Islam was guilty of the murder.

“I was so angry. I went to the ICORN director and said this is too much for me. I do not mind criticizing the Syrian government—but told him that ICORN should criticize what it does badly, rather than promoting the fantasies of war activists in Europe.”"

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Count the vote!

"The Role that Social and Media Platforms Played in the Events in Kazakhstan" (Platov): 

"The role and significance of social media in initiating “color revolutions” has received extensive media coverage. It turned out to be critical in the events in Kazakhstan as well. A query concerning the part the Internet and social media played in Kazakhstan events was answered by Dmitry Peskov, Russian Presidential Press Secretary, who noted that “the social networks bear just as much evil as good.”

Many users noted that recent news had been mainly covered by the NEXTA Telegram Channel, which was previously actively used to coordinate protests in Belarus and is under the external supervision of Polish special services. It has become the primary Telegram channel covering large protests in Kazakhstan. Former NEXTA editor Roman Protasevich, apprehended by Belarusian authorities last year, does not dispute that intelligence services monitor the channel’s operations. The majority of the authors of this media resource are based in Poland, as is the Central Group of Psychological Actions (Centralna Grupa Dzialan Psychologicznych), which oversees this channel and reports to the Polish Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Directorate. This military force specializes in gathering intelligence and influencing the enemy’s psychology. It is based in Bydgoszcz and is nicknamed “Black Spiders” due to its emblem. The Polish Military Center for Public Education’s report on “Strategic Communication and Public Affairs” expressly mentions that the Polish Army uses social media when conducting psychological operations “to initiate systematic changes of a political nature.”

This is how the official Polish sources describe the purpose of this military unit: “It is a separate military unit, which is directly subordinate to the command of the ground forces and is part of the special operations forces. Its goals are to indoctrinate the troops and residents of the enemy for achieving political, military, and propaganda gains. Institutionally, the Central Group contains, in addition to the headquarters, the Psychological Fighting Intelligence Center, which serves as the Central Group’s principal coordinating component and is comprised of four information collection and processing bureaus. (The first focuses on press analysis and other open information sources on Poland, the second targets English-speaking Western countries, the third focuses on Eastern Europe, and the fourth on states in “conflict situations”).”

It is quite natural that this structure prefers to stay under the radar. However, there is reason to believe that the Polish Internet resources NEXTA and NEXTA Life were actively injecting fakes to sway the situation in Belarus. Their work is controlled and led directly by the leadership of the Central Group of Psychological Actions.

As the situation in Kazakhstan raged on for several days, this information resource from outside the nation weakened the demonstrators’ original precise demands, focusing primarily on political requirements and their interpretation, involuntarily drawing similarities with the Arab Spring. It is worth emphasizing that the arsonists located on Polish territory did everything necessary to keep the battle going for as long as possible. So, on January 5, after the official announcement of the resignation of the Kazakh government, NEXTA Live continued to incite the rioters. In particular, an inscription appeared: “Rumors about the resignation of the government are spreading on the Internet. Most likely, this is a tactical move to deceive the protesters. The protest cannot be stopped until the resignation of the government and dictator Nazarbayev becomes a fact. Don’t be fooled!” A little later, NEXTA unambiguously began to point out a new enemy to the Kazakhs – the Russian peacekeepers.

In addition, NEXTA Telegram Channel called to ascertain the identity of the fighters of the CSTO peacekeeping contingent sent to Kazakhstan, obviously to carry out malicious actions against them.

It becomes clear why, at the outset of the rebellion, the Kazakh authorities severely restricted Internet use in the country. Signs were beginning to surface that the protests were being conducted from abroad, including the assistance of the Polish NEXTA Telegram channel, which became well-known following the outcome of the Belarusian protests.

Messages defaming Russia and its CSTO partners in Kazakhstan are also being circulated in the international sections of Twitter, and Reddit, with botnets being used. The accounts, connected presumably from Lithuania, to distribute biased publications were noted. At the same time, Twitter revealed publications by presumably pro-Turkish anonymous authors about the alleged Russian intent to split Kazakhstan, as it was with Ukraine, about the need for NATO to intervene in the situation and the “genocide by Tokayev and Russia against the Kazakhs.”

Also, there is insider information that the political situation in Kazakhstan is being actively swayed using social media by representatives of Western intelligence services, primarily from the UK and the USA. Thus, a year earlier, the United States allocated more than $ 1.5 million to “protect the rights and freedoms” of citizens in Kazakhstan, most of which were received by some representatives of the blogosphere, who tendentiously covered the protest actions during the events in Kazakhstan.

And recently, it became known that the US Department of State intends to launch a program to develop democratic institutions and civil society in Tajikistan in 2022. The document published by the Department of State notes in particular that the primary target audience of the project should be the Tajik youth between 15 to 35 years of age. “The goal of the project is to strengthen the capacity of independent bloggers and social media influencers to create content that can effectively counter disinformation, propaganda, and extremism,” the document clarifies. The Department of State also aims to involve a wide range of moderate-minded people in creating “positive content.” What exactly is considered “disinformation and extremism” in the eyes of the US Department of State is anyone’s guess. However, there are reasons to believe that the United States is preparing for Tajikistan a destiny similar to what happened in Kazakhstan."

"Exclusive: U.S. talks to energy firms on EU gas supply in case of Russia-Ukraine conflict" (Zhdannikov/Bousso/Lewis/Gardner).  Early life.

"Nord Stream 2 shows Germany has lost its economic freedom – Lavrov" (Tickle).

"NATO Expansion: Blinken and Stoltenberg Lie Intentionally and the Media Let Them" (Oberg).

"Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly to visit Ukraine as it faces threat of Russian invasion".  As usual, the comments beat up the silliness in the article.  I don't see CBC comments lasting much longer.

"The Central Asian Alphabet Issue" (Rosser).

The Americans are still butthurt about being beat in such an embarrassing way, and are taking it out on poor people in Afghanistan: 

Sounds like another Hunter.  "EXCLUSIVE: FBI Hunts For Information on Paul Pelosi Jr. As Family Business Dealings Come Under Fire" (Howley).  "EXCLUSIVE: Nancy Pelosi's son Paul was involved in FIVE companies probed by the feds as shocking paper trail connects him to a slew of fraudsters and convicted criminals" (Boswell).

The new ACLU:  "“We’re Breaking Her, Keep Going”: ACLU Strategist Issues Chilling Tweet Against Sinema" (Turley).

"Hospital System Backs Off Race-Based Treatment Policy After Legal Threat" (Sibarium).

"NYC Mayor Defends Picking Brother for NYPD Job...Because of 'White Supremacy' Threat" (Barkoukis).

"Greenwald: Senate Democrats Use The Jim Crow Filibuster To Protect The Kremlin":

"That the filibuster is an inherently racist tool, a relic of Jim Crow, is an odd position for Democrats to take given that just yesterday, they used the filibuster to block legislation proposed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Indeed, Sen. Cruz’s bill not only attracted the votes of forty-nine out of fifty Republican Senators (the only exception was Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)), but also six Democratic Senators who face close races in 2022 and/or are from purple states: Senators Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Catherine Cortez-Masto (D-NV), Mark Kelly (D-AZ), , Jacky Rosen (D-NV), Maggie Hassan (D-NH) and Raphael Warnock (D-GA). That meant that Cruz had 55 votes for his bill — a clear majority. So why did it not pass? Because Senate Democrats invoked the racist Jim Crow relic in order to refuse to allow a vote on that bill unless it first attained 60 votes to close the debate. In other words, Democrats — on Thursday— used the filibuster to block Cruz's bill despite its having the support of the majority of the Senate."

"Retired BBC Panorama director, 76, found with 832 child abuse images gasps in shock as he avoids jail after judge said his 'poor health' would make prison 'particularly challenging' during pandemic" (Dennett).  "USA Today Hastily Deletes Tweets About “Science” Proving Pedophilia is “Determined in the Womb”" (Watson).  'Journalism'.

"‘The Nation’ lifts up Jewish fears over Palestinian realities in a Zionist tract" (Weiss).  The same (((donor))) problem we see here also means there is almost nothing of value in The Nation.  There are two very good comments by Misterioso to the Weiss piece.

The Khazars have never been more powerful, and aren't going to waste such a land-thieving opportunity:  "Israel escalates war on all fronts against Palestinians" (Shaoul).

"Why is Joe Biden Discreetly Looking the Other Way as His AFRICOM Commander Commits War Crimes for Which He Would Have Been Hanged at Nuremberg?" (Kuzmarov).

"January 2022 (Volume 73, Number 8)" (Monthly Review):

"One ghostly issue avoided at Glasgow was the question of military carbon emissions. Almost a quarter-century ago, the United States requested an exemption from reporting military emissions as part of the Kyoto process, and all other countries naturally jumped on board. The U.S. military emits more carbon than 140 of the world’s individual countries, with the Pentagon as the single largest institutional consumer of crude oil on the planet. Together, the United States and the United Kingdom have around nine hundred military bases in foreign countries, the carbon footprints of which are invisible in the international accounting. The increased military spending associated with the New Cold War will only accelerate capitalism’s rapid exhaustion of the world’s carbon budget (Jonathan Cook, “COP26: Military Pollution Is the Skeleton in the West’s Climate Closet,” Middle East Eye, November 8, 2021)."

"Nicaragua in the multipolar world" (Kimberley).

Biden's dementia has a tendency to drive him to say truthful things:

The false false-flag

"Coming Clean" (Zue).  Tackling some of the illogical parts of the COVID narrative.

"Russian roulette: as croupier at this particular casino table, I invite you to place your bets" (Doctorow):
"So what comes next?  In successive articles on this website, I have set out several scenarios, or algorithms. My most recent prognosis in yesterday’s piece was that Putin’s Plan B would likely be purely “military-technical” in the sense of roll-out of medium range nuclear capable missiles in Kaliningrad and Belarus, to place all of Europe under threat of attack with ultra-short warning times, such as Moscow finds unacceptable coming from U.S.-NATO encirclement of its territory.

At the same time, Moscow might announce the stationing off of the American East and West Coasts of its submarines and frigates carrying hypersonic missiles and the Poseidon deep sea nuclear capable drone, all to the same purpose, namely putting a pistol to the head of the U.S. leadership. And now there is even talk of Russia building military installations in Venezuela, likely to host Russian strategic bombers capable of swift attack on the Continental United States without having to fly half the world. And a Cuban delegation is reportedly in Moscow, no doubt talking about posssible installation of missiles there. This is all very reminiscent of the goings-on in 1962.

One reader of this essay has written in, saying that news of Russian submarines posted off the coast of New York and Los Angeles could sink the S&P. Yes, indeed, and this financial damage is an aspect of policy that the Russians have taken into account. The sensitivity of Wall Street to bad news was mentioned specifically by Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov earlier in the week in Q&A. The American middle classes may be indifferent to foreign affairs generally but they are very attentive and politically active when the value of their 401k pension fund is hit. It is not for nothing that wealth fund managers in the City of London, board members of leading U.S. banks and insurance companies are readers of my essays as reposted on my LinkedIn account.

I imagine that Russia’s Plan B could begin implementation in the next couple of weeks and would be given three or four weeks to take effect on Western public consciousness.  If the United States and NATO still resisted coming to terms over changes to the Alliance that satisfy Russian demands, then I envision a Plan C which would indeed be kinetic warfare, but quite different from the invasion that figures in U.S. public statements and approaches to its allies.

Without putting a single soldier on the ground in Ukraine or contemplating direct overthrow of its regime and occupation, Russia could by “military-technical means,” such as missile and air attacks destroy the Ukraine’s command and control structure as well as “neutralize” the most radical nationalist militias and other hostile units now threatening Donbas. The destruction of Ukraine’s military infrastructure would by itself put an end to Washington’s plans for extensive war games there later in the year.  We may assume that Russian forces will remain massed at the border till such operations are completed.

The clean-up of Ukraine, ending its potential to threaten Russian national security, would be a very strong signal to all of Europe to back off in practice even if no formal treaties are signed with Russia at present."

"Denmark accuses Russia, China, Iran of espionage threat" (Gronholt-pedersen) (see "Why does Donald Trump want to buy Greenland?"):

"The report cited a 2019 incident of a forged letter purporting to be from Greenland's foreign minister to a U.S. senator saying an independence referendum was in the offing.

"It is highly likely that the letter was fabricated and shared on the Internet by Russian influence agents, who wanted to create confusion and a possible conflict between Denmark, the USA and Greenland," it said.

In an email to Reuters, Russia's ambassador to Denmark, Vladimir Barbin, dismissed the allegation regarding the letter as false.

He linked the broader charges against Russia to a spy scandal in which the United States allegedly used a partnership with Denmark's foreign intelligence unit to spy on senior officials of neighbouring countries, including former German Chancellor Angela Merkel. read more

Barbin said the allegations "should be solely considered as an operation to cover up the scandal with the Danish authorities having provided the U.S. National Security Agency with access to communication cables that run through Danish territory"." 

The false false-flag!:  "U.S. intel suggests Russia is preparing a 'false-flag' operation as pretext for Ukraine invasion" (Gregorian/Lederman/De Luce/Alexander).  Now the Brits can do one of their White Helmet jobs in Ukraine, and the Americans will immediately blame it on Russia trying to trick the world with its own false flag!

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Successor ideology

"Should Philosophers Censor Kevin MacDonald?" (Cofnas):

"When I first started writing on conspiracy theories about Jews, I thought this would win me some political correctness points. After all, I say there is not a Jewish conspiracy! But, as I discovered, that’s not how it works. The only way you’re allowed to criticize a politically incorrect idea is to call its proponents a slur ending in “-ist,” “-ite,” or “denier.” If you try to provide evidence against it then you are guilty of taking the evil idea seriously and therefore just as doubleplusungood as someone who actually believes it. Luckily, I don’t care about gaining political correctness points, or I would live my life very differently."

Russia has 'no right' to constrain the decisions of NATO or Ukraine, but . . .  ('These folks are insane' = 'They are crazy'):

"Ex-Pentagon, NATO official calls for global Iraq-style coalition of the willing for war with Russia" (Rozoff).   As shocking as it may seem, Farkas appears to be of Hungarian descent, with no 'early life' at all, but is nevertheless 'genuinely insane'.

"Belgian Sorrows" (Jäger):

"No party however has gone through a more unwieldy transformation than the Flemish Socialists. In the south, the francophone Socialist Party rules unencumbered with a membership base larger than its French counterpart in a region of barely 4 million inhabitants. Its Flemish outfit is much smaller. In September 2020, its chairman Conner Rousseau announced a new name for the party: the slick sounding Vooruit (Forward). Elected on a platform of modernisation, Rousseau has followed his namesake in stressing the necessity of direct democracy and of turning his party into a ‘network’. He has also managed to pacify the warring clans within his party. Primarily though, Rousseau has combined vaguely patriotic appeals with loud lamentations about declining state capacity in the age of COVID.

The end result looks more like a Belgian Five Star movement than the conservative Danish Social Democrats. At a recent party conference, Rousseau appeared behind a red curtain, his silhouette projected onto a large screen overhead. When the futuristic music stopped, Rousseau was supposed to dramatically appear, but he got stuck in the curtain; a belated smoke bomb went off as he entered the stage. ‘We’re back bitches’ was his cry." 

Defamation is (((lawfare))):  "Rachel Riley Libel Ruling Is the Latest Judicial Attack on Political Speech" (Cook). It is a subject that can't be described properly without being sued.

"Has the World Health Organization Capitulated on the Current COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines?" (Viable Opposition).  Canadian health bureaucrats are starting to provoke almost appropriate levels of fury from their victims:  "What the rise and fall of Horacio Arruda tells us about Canada’s long, strange pandemic journey" (McKinley).

"Comparison of Self-harm or Overdose Among Adolescents and Young Adults Before vs During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ontario".  The pandemic has been good for some people.  Traffic accidents down, but fatalities up, presumably as people can drive faster on less crowded streets:  "Ontario traffic fatalities reach historic highs in 2020 despite pandemic restrictions, OPP say".

"A Faintly Curmudgeonly Analysis of the Sino-Dimbulbian Clash" (Reed):

"A staple response of nationalistic commenters on the web, when told that China is advancing rapidly in technology, is a truculent, “If the Chinese are so damn smart, why do they send their students to American universities? Huh?”

The answer may surprise. Appended below is an email from an internet friend with a career in math and engineering:


“….My oldest daughter, being half Asian, has joined many Asian circles of friends at her university.  When one of the groups was talking about why Chinese come to (state), to study, one of the male students said “Not the best of the Chinese students come to America.  I came here because I couldn’t get into a good college at home.  It’s much easier to get into an American college. ”

The acceptance rate at my daughter’s university’s college of Science and Engineering is 7%.  This student felt that it was very easy to get into."

"Dr. Henry Kissinger: The Myth of the Great Statesman" (Hixson):

"Even Indyk admits that when Kissinger entered the Nixon White House, he was a Eurocentric “Orientalist” who “didn’t know anything about the Arab world by his own admission.” On the other hand, Kissinger was a dedicated Zionist, which had led him to visit Israel six times prior to his executive appointment. Kissinger—like Indyk and a series of U.S. diplomats, from Dennis Ross to Secretary of State Antony Blinken today—sided unequivocally with Israel and against justice for Palestinians.

Indyk showers credit on Kissinger for bailing out Israel in the October 1973 war and for his subsequent much glorified shuttle diplomacy, while glossing over the fact that Kissinger had sabotaged Secretary of State William Rogers’ peace plan based on U.N. Resolution 242, in the aftermath of the June 1967 war. By pushing Rogers aside, the ever-opportunistic Kissinger took over his job in the Nixon and later Ford White Houses.

Indyk chides Kissinger for not pursuing a “Jordanian solution” to the Palestine conflict, but Kissinger had no interest in Palestine, which, as he explained in 1974, was “not an American interest, because we don’t care if Israel keeps the West Bank if it can get away with it. So, we won’t push it.” Here we see the real Kissinger—utterly disdainful of the U.N., the Palestinian quest for peace, justice and human rights, just as he disdained the cause of other dark-skinned peoples across the world, including millions of Asians, Latin Americans and Africans.

In 1975, Kissinger expressed regret albeit privately, explaining, “I am sorry that I did not support the Rogers effort” to forge a peace accord. He acknowledged that a diplomatic agreement with Egypt could have been negotiated that “would have prevented the 1973 war.” Kissinger thus admitted that his ignorance and disdain for the Arab and Palestinian position had precluded a peace accord and brought on a major war. Failing to prevent war and further militarizing the Middle East conflict were the hallmarks of Kissinger’s failed statesmanship.

Both Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford made sporadic attempts to act as honest brokers in the Middle East, occurrences that left Kissinger caught between the administrations and Israel. When Israel and the lobby publicly criticized Kissinger amid a dispute over military resupply during the short-lived Ford administration, Kissinger in a “crying voice” prostrated himself before the Israeli ambassador to the United States, Simcha Dinitz, pleading that he “was a Jew before I was an American and now you are making me the scapegoat.” He added—in a vivid example of the extent of Israeli influence over American diplomacy—“I showed you messages, telegrams and wires from the Soviet Union and Egypt,” only to be criticized publicly in return.

In addition to his bungling Middle East diplomacy, Kissinger infamously green-lighted the undermining of Chilean, Argentinian and other Latin American democracies; bolstered apartheid in southern Africa; signed off on a murderous Indonesian assault on East Timor; and gave a thumbs up to Pakistan’s genocidal attack on Bangladesh. Even the much ballyhooed and long overdue détente with Russia and China, for which Kissinger has claimed enormous credit, stemmed from a misguided hope that the great powers could compel the North Vietnamese to grant the United States “peace with honor” amid the massive, failed Indochina intervention. Nixon and Kissinger prolonged the Vietnam War for four years, achieving nothing but a wider degree of death and destruction in the process."

"Successor ideology".

$23 billion - where did it go?:

Blinkered vision

"This Is How the U.S. Does ‘Dialogue’" (Escobar). The Russians move from meeting to meeting, receiving exactly the same answer from the 'Americans' in each.

"Is Geneva 2022 Munich 1938 Without Chamberlain’s Piece Of Paper? How To Read the US Paper to Russia For Peace For Our Time" (Helmer).

"CSTO’s mission accomplished in Kazakhstan" (Bhadrakumar).  A nice demonstration of how the Russians are now ready to counter any color revolution the Americans propose.

"Blinken’s blinkered vision of Russia" (Ritter).  "Antony Blinken and a Gun at Your Head" (Snider).

"Qassem Soleimani's assassination has backfired on the US and Israel" (Carnelos).  The Khazars ordered Trump to murder Soleimani because Soleimani was the guy who figured out how Iran, Hezbollah, and the SAA, with the necessary help of the Russians, could save Syria from the Khazars, and presented this plan successfully to Putin and the Russians.  This was unforgiveable.

"US Senate votes against Nord Stream 2 sanctions".  "Senate barely beats back Ted Cruz’s Nord Stream 2 sanctions bill" (Stanley).  Even though the Germans have not yet put up much of a fight for their lives, or energy security, the Americans still have to pretend to care for the future of Germany in order, ironically, to get the WWIII which will put an end to Germany, and finally finish the revenge the Khazars have always planned for the Germans (the mass execution and mistreatment of the Germans after WWII wasn't enough).

"USA Today Posts and Deletes Tweet Trying to Normalize Pedophilia" (Snake Baker).

"Revealed: CIA warned Spain ISIS was plotting to attack Las Ramblas 12 WEEKS before fanatic murdered 14 in Barcelona van atrocity" (Couzens).  The rest of the story:

Thursday, January 13, 2022

This is some kind of crazy evil like I've never seen in my life.

Two famous cold cases seemingly are being solved, the pedo one:  "Andrew Gosden: Two men arrested for trafficking and kidnap", and, the one that looks like a political assassination: "Alps murders: French police arrest suspect over killing of British family". 

I guess they are practicing to lose somewhere that looks like the Carolinas:  "US states to host simulated ‘guerilla war’".  Not for the first time:  "Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theories".

Degenerate drug addicts can be right sometimes:  "Jordan Peterson: Open the damn country back up, before Canadians wreck something we can’t fix".  "B.C. family being evicted from Ronald McDonald House due to vaccine status" (Sims).

The best-laid schemes o' Dems an' men / Gang aft agley:  "A year on, has Trump benefited from a Twitter ban?" (Clayton):

"On Sunday a Trump adviser told the Wall Street Journal: "I don't know a single person in Trump world who regrets that this has happened - not a single one.""

"US actively working to delay certification of Nord Stream 2 – Nuland" (Tickle). So what is the point of saying this out loud other than to gum up the possibility of negotiations?  "They are crazy".

"Why Do NATO States Commit Energy Hara Kiri ?" (Engdahl).

"With No Progress In Talks Russia Will Have To React" (Moon of Alabama).  The 'Americans'? - "They are crazy".  There is no hope of negotiation with people who think the Tzar killed their great-great grandfather, and have only one's country's national interest in mind.  The only hope for Europe lies with Europe.  There is no reason for optimism.

I think the issues are much more difficult than this:  "What The US-Russia Talks Are Really About: Where Not To Place Missiles" (McGovern).  The biggest problem is the (((Khabinet))) doesn't want a deal, it wants WWIII.

"National Endowment for Democracy Provided $1.2 Million to Kazakhstan to Help Spark Color Revolution Against Pro-Russian and Pro-China Regime" (Kuzmarov).  Small world:  "We Still Don't Know Where Joseph Mifsud Is. But His Lawyer Is Entangled In One Of The World’s Biggest Fraud Cases." (Nardelli/Ryan).

The problem with the terrorist proxy armies of head loppers utilized by the Americans:  "Kazakhstan… Putting the Xinjiang in Context" (McKinney).

"Report: US quietly ditches project to pipe 'Israeli' gas to Europe".  The 'Israelis' will have to figure out some other way to fence the stolen goods.

"Blind to apartheid, Tom Friedman offers Israel as model for U.S. democracy" (Weiss).  I think Friedman is useful in that he lets us know what 'American' Khazars really think of 'Israel', which is obfuscated by people like Weiss.

There should be an automatic disclaimer - 'This is probably all lies' - to any government press release retyped by some 'journalist':  ""We Failed": Danish Newspaper Apologizes For Publishing Official COVID Narratives Without Questioning Them" (Durden).  We're still in the emperor's-new-clothes phase - the government lies are being admitted, even by government operators, yet for the most part the (((media))) remains committed to The Narrative.

"Pfizer CEO: Two Vax Doses Don’t Work at All, Three Doses Might Work a Little Bit" (Anglin).  He's generously agreed to let us win our money back in his super-honest street-corner three-card Monty game.

"It’s Coups All the Way Down" (Jilani).  "Response To Thomas Main" ('Hunter Wallace'):

"Here are some of the things that the Left has done over the past five years while I have sat at my house and made fun of people on the internet:

  • Created a complex racial hierarchy based on social justice ideology and placed cishet White men at the bottom of it while accusing them of possessing White privilege
  • Created a complex racial etiquette on the basis of social justice ideology that is far more elaborate than Jim Crow in which “White men” has become a racial slur
  • Imposed this social justice ideology on all American institutions from the top down from medicine to sports to business to “journalism” and especially on the Democratic Party
  • Spend all their time sowing racial grievances among non-Whites and encouraging them at every opportunity to resent Whites
  • Weaponized the FBI and used it as a tool to suppress their political opposition
  • Weaponized the “intelligence community” against the president
  • Weaponized government bureaucrats against the president and praised them for heroically subverting the president
  • Impeached the president twice over the made up Russia Hoax and the leak over the Ukraine phone call
  • Created a 24/7/365 show trial of people who are associated with Donald Trump who are hauled before Congress to be threatened and harassed and in some cases imprisoned
  • Created a literal gulag for Trump supporters in DC
  • Spread fake news like the Steele dossier which was used as a pretext for the Russia Hoax which consumed the country for years
  • Used COVID as a pretext to change election laws to tilt the 2020 election to Joe Biden
  • Organized the worst nationwide race riots since the 1960s to unseat the president and confessed to doing it in Time magazine
  • Got away with causing billions of dollars of property damage
  • Denied access to White people to life saving COVID medications on the basis of race
  • Created massive bail funds for people engaged in violence and rioting
  • Justified rioting and looting and violence in the press
  • Progressive DAs dropped charges against thousands of people who engaged in violence and looting
  • The FBI looked the other way at people who quite literally laid siege to the White House and burned down the country on national television
  • Defended and protected Antifa in Portland who laid siege to a federal courthouse for months
  • Antifa were allowed to intimidate juries in the Derek Chauvin trial
  • Embraced mob violence from Antifa and BLM who routinely get away with it in progressive cities and whose bail funds were promoted by Kamala Harris on Twitter
  • Decriminalized shoplifting in California
  • Deplatformed rightwing content creators from payment processors which have been politicized
  • Abolished ICE through executive orders allowing millions of illegal aliens to invade the country
  • Used COVID as a pretext to empty prisons of thousands of violent criminals
  • Defunded the police all over the country in cities like Portland and San Francisco
  • Merrick Garland’s DOSJ has put the police on trial in Minneapolis, Louisville and Phoenix
  • Merrick Garland’s DOSJ has meted out social justice by indicting Derek Chauvin and the McMichaels in Georgia on federal charges
  • Demonized Kyle Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist”
  • Downplayed or ignored the Waukesha Massacre because the victims were White and the black perpetrator didn’t fit the narrative
  • Redefined the term “racism” to mean systematic racism and “white supremacy” in which all White people are “complicit” and “racism” is baked into the law and institutions
  • Pushed lessons based on CRT into K-12 public schools to demonize White children on the basis of their race
  • Pushed transgenderism into public schools to sow gender confusion among the young about their sexuality
  • Created children’s books based on social justice ideology to indoctrinate children in White guilt and “trans” ideology
  • Pushed “equity” at every level of public policy through the executive branch which discriminates against Whites in everything from loans and debt forgiveness for farmers to the vaccine distribution
  • “Journalists” have become commissars who dox private citizens and threaten and punish them for having the wrong political and cultural views
  • Progressive DAs and the social justice system now selectively enforce the laws and charge people or choose not to charge people on the basis of race and ideology. This ideology has seeped down into juries and murderers are often acquitted out of racial solidarity
  • Continued the ongoing purge of all cultural institutions of people who do not conform to woke progressive ideology. In many cases, liberals are now being purged by leftists, as conservatives and people further to the Right were driven out a long time ago
  • Universities have become as ideologically cohesive and hostile to anyone on the Right as madrassas in Medieval Islam. It is not even fair to compare conservatives in these institutions to dhimmis who could pay a tax an be left alone
  • Made it nearly impossible to hold a professional class job or even in many cases a working class job for blacklisted political dissidents
  • Abused the civil courts to repress the First Amendment rights of political dissidents by claiming that free speech rallies are the equivalent of Klan violence. The actual Klan is not nearly as violent, censorious or race-obsessed as these people.
  • “The Free Press” has demanded that tech companies censor the internet to repress their competition
  • Censored the entire internet and rigged the internet up to and including deplatforming the president
  • Repeatedly banned books on Amazon
  • Deplatformed countless rightwing influencers and destroyed their careers like Stefan Molyneux, sued them, hauled them before the January 6th show trial committee
  • Pioneered the deplatforming of dissidents by banks
  • Deplatformed Parler from the internet
  • Repeatedly tried to deplatform Gab from the internet
  • Pressured police officers into standing down and allowing Antifa and BLM mob violence to take places in progressive cities
  • Launched a purge of the U.S. military and law enforcement based on political ideology
  • Weaponized the national security state and launched a witch hunt against “domestic extremists”
  • Used the most aggressive GWOT methods like no fly lists against alleged “domestic extremists”
  • Spread outright lies based on social justice ideology like the Atlanta shooting being an anti-Asian hate crime
  • Blamed White people for attacks on Asians by blacks
  • Toppled monuments of the Founding Fathers including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and everyone on Mount Rushmore including Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt
  • Repeatedly brought family members onto national television to denounce and shame their own relatives like Rep. Paul Gosar or Trump like in the old Soviet Union
  • Created a massive surveillance state and encouraged friends and family members to report people who they know to the FBI for “domestic extremism”
  • Shredded the Constitution to illegally spy on the public
  • Pressured cable companies to deplatform FOX News
  • Destroyed small businesses with draconian lockdowns
  • Weaponized vaccine mandates to drive people into unemployment
  • 2/3rds of the country self censor and have been intimidated and do not feel comfortable sharing their true opinions. The only people who feel they can speak freely are progressive activists
  • Stalked private citizens at their homes to intimidate their families
  • Stalked multiple mayors at their homes to intimidate them
  • The mob at ASU which is trying to hound Kyle Rittenhouse off campus when he is not even enrolled there
  • Jonathan Alter calling for lawyers with opposing political views to be kicked out of bar associations
  • The mob which is targeting the judge and jurors in the Kim Potter trial over the killing of Daunte Wright
  • The time that Trump’s White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was kicked out of The Red Hen in Lexington, VA
  • The time that Laura Loomer was deplatformed from everything from Uber Eats to AirBnb
  • BLM and Antifa have intimidated random patrons in restaurants on countless occasions
  • Repeatedly tried to cancel comedians like Dave Chappelle and anyone who says anything that is politically incorrect like JK Rowling
  • Identified Andrew Sullivan as “white supremacy"

Jackbooted thug news:  "RCMP commissioner wants Canadians to report “anti-authority” Internet opinions" (Bradley).

"The Great Epstein Cover-Up, Part 2" (Coulter).  Herculean efforts by various prosecutors to ensure Epstein's life was minimally effected by his having been caught committing very serious crimes.

"Cop Who Killed Ashli Babbitt Was Cleared of Criminal Wrongdoing Without Interview" (Sperry).  I note that the generally right-wing lawyers on the Rekieta law stream all agreed this was a good shoot.

"Alan Dershowitz reportedly lobbied Trump to pardon Ghislaine Maxwell before trial" (Brown).  I very much doubt this, as it goes against the obvious plot to scare official Washington (which has worked very well, as you can see everywhere), but it looks like Dersh and President Kushner talked the matter over, probably laughingly.  "'MyPillow Guy' Mike Lindell Hires Alan Dershowitz to Defend Him Over 1/6 Subpoena" (Thomas).

"Teary-Eyed Prince Andrew Reveals Ghislaine Maxwell Groomed Him To Have Sex With Dozens Of Teens" (The Onion).

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Jihadi reserve army

The fine details of the wording here are doing a lot of work (we can see and hear from the videos that Epps was acting very strangely, and actively, in egging on others to act, then just apparently drifted away before the shit hit the fan without actually doing what he was urging others to do): 

In other words, Epps is outside the wording of the committee if he was not working for the FBI or other law enforcement, and not a CI.  That leaves a lot of other governmental entities he could have been working for or with.  Three examples of this kind of Dem frame-up of 'deplorables' are the Whitmer 'kidnapping', Charlottesville, and 1/6.  Whitmer seems to have been a pure FBI operation (to the hilarious extent it was mostly FBI plotters!), Charlottesville was part state actors, and part local city police and officials.  There is no reason to assume 1/6 was a pure FBI operation.  Intelligence agencies aren't 'law enforcement'.  Of course, he might also, conceivably, have been lying, as his statements seem to have been taken at face value.

"After Kazakhstan, the color revolution era is over" (Escobar):

"When President Tokayev was referring, in code, to a “single center,” he meant a so far ‘secret’ US-Turk-Israeli military-intel operations room based in the southern business hub of Almaty, according to a highly placed Central Asia intel source. In this “center,” there were 22 Americans, 16 Turks, and 6 Israelis coordinating sabotage gangs – trained in West Asia by the Turks – and then rat-lined to Almaty.

The op started to unravel for good when Kazakh forces – with the help of Russian/CSTO intel – retook control of the vandalized Almaty airport, which was supposed to be turned into a hub for receiving foreign military supplies.

The Hybrid War west had to be stunned and livid at how the CSTO intercepted the Kazakh operation at such lightning speed. The key element is that the secretary of the Russian National Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, saw the Big Picture eons ago.

So, it’s no mystery why Russia’s aerospace and aero-transported forces, plus the massive necessary support infrastructure, were virtually ready to go.

Back in November, Patrushev’s laser was already focused on the degrading security situation in Afghanistan. Tajik political scientist Parviz Mullojanov was among the very few who were stressing that there were as many as 8,000 imperial machine Salafi-jihadi assets, shipped by a ratline from Syria and Iraq, loitering in the wilds of northern Afghanistan.

That’s the bulk of ISIS-Khorasan – or ISIS reconstituted near the borders of Turkmenistan. Some of them were duly transported to Kyrgyzstan. From there, it was very easy to cross the border from Bishkek and show up in Almaty.

It took no time for Patrushev and his team to figure out, after the imperial retreat from Kabul, how this jihadi reserve army would be used: along the 7,500 km-long border between Russia and the Central Asian ‘stans’.

That explains, among other things, a record number of preparation drills conducted in late 2021 at the 210th Russian military base in Tajikistan."


"The CIA and MI6 had been investing in dodgy outfits in Central Asia since at least 2005, when they encouraged the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), then close to the Taliban, to wreak havoc in southern Kyrgyzstan. Nothing happened.

It was a completely different story by May 2021, when the MI6’s Jonathan Powell met the leadership of Jabhat al-Nusra – which harbors a lot of Central Asian jihadis – somewhere in the Turkish-Syrian border near Idlib. The deal was that these ‘moderate rebels’ – in US terminology – would cease to be branded ‘terrorists’ as long as they followed the anti-Russia NATO agenda.

That was one of the key prep moves ahead of the jihadist ratline to Afghanistan – complete with Central Asia branching out.

The genesis of the offensive should be found in June 2020, when former ambassador to Turkey from 2014 to 2018, Richard Moore, was appointed head of MI6. Moore may not have an inch of Kim Philby’s competence, but he does fit the profile: rabid Russophobe, and a cheerleader of the Great Turania fantasy, which promotes a pan-Turk confederation of Turkic-speaking peoples from West Asia and the Caucasus to Central Asia and even Russian republics in the Volga.

MI6 is deeply entrenched in all the ‘stans’ except autarchic Turkmenistan – cleverly riding the pan-Turkish offensive as the ideal vehicle to counter Russia and China.

Erdogan himself has been invested in a hardcore Great Turania offensive, especially after the creation of the Turkic Council in 2009. Crucially, next March, the summit of the Confederation Council of Turkic-speaking States – the new Turkic Council denomination – will take place in Kazakhstan. The city of Turkestan, in southern Kazakhstan, is expected to be named as the spiritual capital of the Turkic world.

And here, the ‘Turkic world’ enters into a frontal clash with the integrating Russian concept of Greater Eurasia Partnership, and even with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) that, crucially, does not count Turkey as a member.

Erdogan’s short-term ambition seems at first to be only commercial: after Azerbaijan won the Karabakh war, he expects to use Baku to get access to Central Asia via the Caspian Sea, complete with Turkey’s industrial-military complex sales of military technology to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Turkish companies are already investing heavily in real estate and infrastructure. And in parallel, Ankara’s soft power is on overdrive, finally collecting the fruits of exercising a lot of pressure, for instance, to speed up the transition in Kazakhstan from Cyrillic script to the Latin alphabet, starting in 2023.

Yet both Russia and China are very much aware that Turkey essentially represents NATO entering Central Asia. The organization of Turkic states is cryptically called the Kazakh operation ‘fuel protests’.

It’s all very murky. Erdogan’s neo-Ottomanism – which comes with massive cheerleading by his Muslim Brotherhood base – essentially has nothing to do with the pan-Turanic drive, which is a racialist movement predicating domination by relatively ‘pure’ Turks.

The problem is that they are converging while becoming more extreme, with Turkey’s right-wing Grey Wolves deeply implicated. That explains why Ankara Intel is a sponsor and, in many cases, a weaponizer of both the ISIS-Khorasan franchise and those Turan racists, from Bosnia to Xinjiang via Central Asia." 

Korybko tries to peel Turkey out of this mess:  "Factual Evidence Discredits The Speculation That Turkey Destabilized Kazakhstan". 

Europe, RIP

"‘Rhodes Scholar’ claimed she grew up poor and abused — then her story started to unravel" (Oppenheimer/Vincent).  You bigots, she identifies as a Poor, and who are you to contradict her brave stance? 

"Lawsuit against Prince Andrew a go despite Epstein deal".

A selfie for grandma (day-to-day life in a khleptocracy):

These are the same people - did I mention crazy? - who completely run US foreign policy - largely thanks to Maxwell-style operations - and this is the kind of thing they have planned for Europe, and for the same thieving reasons:

If all thirty of these Euro-trash Euro-clowns spoke up in favor of NATO (American hegemony), Europe is over.  Get your pictures of the nice buildings and the artworks, as they will soon be smoldering piles of ashes: 

The thing is, what's a European who doesn't want to die going to do.  Vote?  Ha!  Protest?  Ha ha ha!  You're fucked. Jizz-laine wins.