Monday, August 06, 2001

Cryptome is the most interesting site on the internet. Where else would you find such a heap of interesting ideas as are contained in this article by Gordon Logan? Leaving aside the Bulgarian stuff, is it plausible to believe that the British powers-that-be would be so desperate to get the Conservatives elected that they would have contrived to start the foot and mouth disease? I would say that it is not likely, as the Conservatives are the party of the large rural landowners, and agricultural disease is hardly in their best interests. Having said that, the fundamental political point that the American oligarchs are desperate to keep the American dollar as the de facto world reserve currency is valid. The current American economic situation is not based on American productivity, American ingenuity, the internet, or any of the other nonsense we are fed every day. It is based on the fact that third-world mattresses are filled with American dollars, oil and illegal drugs and illegal arms are paid for in American dollars, and basically the American dollar is the default currency everywhere in the world. If Britain joins Euroland the American hegemony based on the monopoly position of the dollar would start to erode. It is sensible to theorize that drastic steps to stop Britain from adopting the Euro might be taken by the American oligarchs or their British allies.