Monday, March 18, 2002

So why did the conspirators feel it necessary to take the trouble and risk of faking an attack on the Pentagon, given the fact that they knew an attack on each of the towers of the WTC was going to occur on the morning of September 11? Their problem was that they didn't know exactly what was going to happen. They had all kinds of warnings from countries like Israel, Germany, Russia and Egypt. They were aware of plans from the Philippines for an Islamic terrorist organization to use planes as bombs. They also probably had an intelligence source inside the terrorist organization operating in the United States. The source would have been able to tell them the day of the planned attacks and that it involved hijacked planes, but it is not clear that anyone but the leaders knew the actual targets up to the last moment. Even if the conspirators knew it was to be an attack on the WTC, they could not have known if the attack would be successful. Even if one or both towers were hit, no one could have been certain that one or both towers would fall. So it is possible that the events of 9-11 would have been some dramatic hijackings and nothing more. Why, then, fake a crash into the Pentagon? It was necessary to start a war in Afghanistan almost immediately. Nothing short of a massive attack on the symbols of U. S. power by a group that could be tied to Afghanistan could serve as an excuse to start such a war. The terrorists' own actions might not have turned out to be enough provocation. It was thus decided to piggyback on the efforts of the terrrorists by creating other more certain atrocities (the Pentagon, the bomb outside the State Department, a fire at or near the White House, etc., with as many being used as were needed). The Pentagon attack, which would be a sure thing, together with whatever the terrorists managed to accomplish, would be sufficient provocation to start a war immediately in Afghanistan, as well as use the war on terrorism as an excuse to radically ratchet back civil liberties, as civil liberties for the average person are annoying to the elites, and start wars all over the world, both to increase military expenditures and to meet the geopolitical desires of the military-industrial complex. Two questions remain: 1) How would the terrorism be tied to Afghanistan (which, when you think about it, is an absurdly unlikely place for it to originate)?; and 2) Why did they need a war immediately in Afghanistan?