Monday, March 11, 2002

There are serious discrepancies in the biography of the man we know as Mohamed Atta, and I think there are two people involved in 9-11 who used the name 'Mohamed Atta'. One, born Mohamed Atta, is probably still alive. The other is an aircraft pilot who took Atta's name and died crashing into the WTC on September 11. I'll call the real Mohamed Atta 'Real Atta' and the user of the name 'Pseudo Atta'. Real Atta was born in Egypt on September 1, 1968. He trained as an architect and moved to Hamburg, Germany, where he became involved in planning terrorist acts. According to his father, he does look like his passport photo but not like a published security camera photo taken the morning of September 11 (which presumably is a photo of Pseudo Atta). His father also said that his son feared flying. He is devoutly Muslim, pious, and ascetic. Pseudo Atta was born somewhere in the Middle East, probably Saudi Arabia (and he may even be a Saudi prince with his own bodyguard!). He learned to fly military jets in a Middle Eastern airforce, and probably continued his studies in a U. S. military training program. He was Muslim but not at all devout (a drinker, gambler and frequenter of bars), and may have been homosexual. Unlike Real Atta, who was quiet and polite, Pseudo Atta was a 'jerk'. He started to use the name 'Mohamed Atta' in order to disguise his own background (due to his prominent family), and to put the authorities off trying to find Real Atta. Real Atta continues his work plotting terrorism, now made easier as everyone assumes he is dead. Papers referring to Real Atta were left behind in a car in Logan Airport parking lot to back up this ruse, but were probably created by Pseudo Atta, who wasn't well versed in Islam, so don't appear to be genuine. Real Atta, the mastermind, was thus not wasted in the attacks, and given the perfect protection from detection. It is quite possible that Real Atta has never set foot in the United States.