Monday, January 13, 2003

This is an amazingly balanced article on the situation in Venezuela, particularly as it is published in the Washington Post! While the author points out how ridiculous it is for the same people who in April attempted a coup to install a dictator and purported to dissolve the legislature and the supreme court to be complaining that the democratically-elected Chavez must be replaced because he is a dictator, he is careful not to point out that the Washington Post allowed itself to be used by the Bush Administration by publishing lies about the status of the April coup in a vain attempt to help it succeed (see these three articles referring to the resignation of Chavez, when Chavez never in fact resigned, pure propaganda intended by the U. S. State Department to be reported in the Venezuelan press as facts from a prestigious American unbiased source, thus convincing Chavez supporters to give up - I've already posted on the stench of this). Is publishing this article a way of assuaging their journalistic consciences (intentionally misleading reporting in the American press sadly continues, but is being nicely rebutted)? The Venezuela issue is important because Chavez is at the vanguard of a growing movement to reverse the horrible history of class and race injustices in South America (we see more evidence of this movement in recent elections in Ecuador and Brazil). If a tiny group of right-wing thugs supported by the American government manages to use brute force to return Venezuela to white plutocrat dictatorship, it will demonstrate to countries all over South and Central America that similar attempts by the most evil people in these countries will receive American assistance and, if bloody enough, may succeed (as an aside, is it possible that Otto 'Third' Reich was demoted not because he was too right-wing, but because he was felt by the Bush junta to have mismanaged the April coup by not being bloodthirsty enough?). Chavez is actually representing all the oppressed people in South and Central America.