Sunday, March 30, 2003

The Americans are trying to say that the attack on the Shu'ale neighborhhod in Baghdad, and the attack on the Shaab neighborhood, were due to stray Iraqi missiles. Tony seems to be the messenger for this story (actually, the first story was that it was a stray or even intentionally targeted Iraqi missile that hit Shaab, but the story has been reformulated so that they now claim that stray Iraqi missiles hit both neighborhoods). Robert Fisk is pointing out that the people at the scene in Shu'ale heard the plane, and the coding on the fragments is in Western style, not in Arabic. He even has the serial and lot numbers, in case they want to check it (I bet we don't hear anything about that). Patrick Graham reports: "This bomb was designed to kill, not destroy buildings." Could the story that it was an errant Iraqi missile be another American lie to cover up the fact that the Americans are now specifically targeting civilians by attacking markets?