Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Here is another article on the faked Khalid Sheikh Mohammed arrest. Everybody is becoming a conspiracy theorist. The new twist is that this was faked in order to allow Pakistan to abstain from the Iraq war vote. I guess the idea is that the U. S. would let Pakistan off the hook on the vote if it could come up with a fake arrest to prove to the American people that Bush, despite all appearances to the contrary, actually was winning the war on terror. Since the United States now desperately needs that vote, I wonder if Pakistan will actually be allowed to abstain. The idea that Mohammed may have been arrested a few days before the official date is nonsense, for why then would they have to set up a fake arrest? Mohammed must either be dead, or have been arrested months before (I doubt that he has escaped, for that would set up a situation like in the movie 'Miller's Crossing', where he could effectively blackmail the ISI by threatening to turn up somewhere).