Thursday, March 13, 2003

It is time to consider the madness of King George. George Bush is bound and determined to have his war on Iraq. We know that the people who tell Bush what to think have lots of reasons for wanting this war, reasons having to do with oil, hegemony, the position of the dollar in world markets, Israel, and the testing of new weaponry. None of these reasons has anything to do with Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, al-Qaeda, terrorism, or feelings for the Iraqi people. We've also seen analyses of Bush's personal motivations, including a desire to finish the job his father left unfinished, a desire to avenge the purported assassination attempt on his father, or his view of himself as a Christian crusader against evil. We have even seen psychotherapists weigh in. The time has come to consider whether Bush is medically crazy - does he suffer from something resembling schizophrenia? Are there voices in his head telling him that he has to kill the Iraqi people, voices which he believes are the Word of God?:

  1. Tom Shales has been the first person to make the extremely brave emperor's-new-clothes remark that Bush was on some sort of drug during his recent speech and staged 'press conference' (presumably, John AshKKKroft already has Shales' name on a cell in the Kamps). Some drugs to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia have very strong side effects, and can make the patient lethargic or dopey. I am amazed at the lack of reaction amongst the American public to the obviously drugged George Bush (some have tried to explain his bizarre behavior by suggesting he was receiving electronic prompting). If he had been working for a business, his coming to work in that drugged a state would have resulted in immediate dismissal for cause. Americans are pretending not to notice that their President appeared at an important press comference stoned out of his mind (paricularly ironic as John AshKKKroft is currently on a crusade against those who sell drug paraphenalia, and it was AshKKKroft who just before September 11 directed that funds be directed away from counter-terrorism to the war on drugs). Are people afraid to admit that the man who is supposed to save them from terrorism by leading them into a dangerous world war is so doped up as to be incoherent? Are they afraid to admit that their only leader has flipped his wig?

  2. There is a strong genetic component to schizophrenia. The Bush family is about as disfunctional as it can be, riddled with drug and alcohol abuse, and what amounts to criminal behavior (the family is often referred to as a 'crime family'). Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a major financier of Hitler in the United States, and a big supporter of eugenics (rather ironic, considering how much better the world would be if Prescott himself had been sterilized). His father was possibly involved in the CIA operations to assassinate JFK and was 'in the loop' in Iraq-Contra. The famous incident in which he vomited on the Japanese Prime Minister may have been caused by taking some sort of sedative (possibly halcion, a sedative used in the treatment of schizophrenia, or Haldol, which is an anti-psychotic drug; see some wild speculations on Senior's mental health here). Most of the rest of the family is involved in various forms of crony capitalism, including very shady dealings (Neil's experiments in the S & L scandal being the most notorious).

  3. As a child, George Bush apparently liked to put firecrackers in frogs and blow them up. While this isn't evidence of schizophrenia, such childhood cruelty against animals is often evidence of a sociopathic personality. Bush is probably a sociopath.

  4. Bush may have been able to keep his problems in check until the pressures of his job pushed him over the edge. Due to the side-effects, schizophrenics often have trouble staying on their medication, and when they go off their meds is when society has problems.

  5. Bush has a well publicized history of drug and alcohol abuse, which may have been a way of self-medicating his demons. He attributes his alleged sobriety to his being 'born again', but gives every indication that he has sublimated at least part of his insanity into a kind of vicious evangelical Christianity. He may feel that the voices he hears are the Voice of God.

  6. The famous pretzel incident, and at least one other incident which left him with bruises on his face, may be as a result of his having to be restrained or perhaps collapsing due to the effects of the anti-psychotics he is on (and some anti-psychotics can cause rashes).

  7. The handlers of Bush have bent over backwards to control his access to the press and the public. His last 'press conference' was a scripted sham, and when Bush accidentally admitted this the disgusting American press went along in covering it up. Are his handlers afraid of what he might say if he gets outside of a script?

Of course, none of the above proves that Bush is schizophrenic. But what are the answers to the following questions:

  • why does Bush persist in waging this immoral war against the wishes of the rest of the world and the majority of his own electorate, when all signs point to the fact that it will be a complete disaster and result in his being a one term President?

  • why are his handlers so careful about how Bush is presented to the public, especially when his folksy clumsiness is supposed to be one of the points endearing him to voters?

  • why does Bush constantly harp on his Christian faith as the sole explanation given for what seem to be recklessly stupid decisions?

  • why would his handlers allow Bush to appear to be stoned out of his mind at an important speech and press conference?

The average schizophrenic who hears voices telling him to kill is usually quite limited in the number of deaths he can actually cause. However, when you hear these voices and you're the leader of the most powerful country on earth, the damage you can cause is tremendous. The United States is completely unequipped to deal with a problem like this. The American system relies on checks and balances between the three branches of government to function. When all branches are contolled by the same group as it is now (with the 'opposition' controlled by exactly the same people), the system falls apart. The American government functions more like a kingdom, with the President as King, but there isn't even the mechanism to appoint some kind of regent if the King should turn out to be mad (allegedly, Nixon's consumption of drugs and alcohol caused Secretary of Defence James Schlesinger and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to issue a directive to all government agencies not to obey any order given by President Nixon regarding nuclear weapons!). Cheney was actually sold to the electorate as the regent, while he is just one of the enablers using the madness to achieve the goals of the plutocrats. Of course, in this case, the madness suits all those close to the levers of power, and just makes it all that much easier to manipulate the King. Is Bush leading the United States into the Apocalypse, guided by voices?