Tuesday, March 25, 2003

More thoughts on the ongoing massacre of the Iraqi people:

  1. Donald Rumsfeld expressed outrage that the televising of the American POW's was a breach of the Geneva Convention (while of course Fox and other U. S. media had done exactly the same thing to Iraqi POW's - I guess Rumsfeld is advocating a war crimes trial for Rupert Murdoch!). But what of the Geneva Convention? When the Americans picked up Afghan peasants who were fighting to defend their land against invaders, they labelled them Taliban and claimed they could be detained as 'enemy combatants'. This is a term invented by U. S. military lawyers to circumvent the Geneva Convention. Most of these men are still in detention in Cuba, with absolutely no propect of release, and the main reason they aren't released is that to release them would be for the perfect Americans to admit they made a mistake. Many are so greatly in despair that they are attemting to commit suicide. So does the Geneva Convention apply to the American POW's? After all, every single reputable expert in international law regards this 'war' as illegal under international law. Perhaps these Americans are just 'enemy combatants'. Perhaps they are completely outside the Geneva Convention, and can be treated as spies or franc-tireurs. Perhaps the Iraqis should just take them to an area of Baghdad that has just been subject to an attack of 'shock and awe', arm the Iraqis with small knives, and let them decide what to do with their 'liberators'. Of course, this would also be an outrage, and all prisoners should obtain the full Geneva Convention protections. This kind of problem is what the Americans created when they arrogantly decided not to apply the Geneva Convention to the Afghan prisoners (some even predicted that there would be a problem).

  2. It is absolutely no surprise that the main threat to the British is American 'friendly fire'. Tony Blair is responsible for putting his troops in harm's way.

  3. The Americans are facing extremely stiff resistance from people in areas that have been thought to be vehemently against Saddam. It is becoming increasingly apparent that even those Iraqis who appear to welcome their 'liberation' are just doing so to ensure their short-term well-being in the face of the arms of the American crusaders. Just imagine what the attitude of the people in areas which generally support Saddam will be. The kicker is of course that the Americans are going to have to lord over these same people for years, with the conquered growing more and more enraged with each passing year. The American soldiers who will have to keep the Iraqis enslaved will be picked off one by one.

  4. Robert Fisk, the man who according to the warbloggers is a completely uninformed coward who doesn't know the least thing about the Middle East, is ironically in Baghdad obtaining information from the scene and living under the onslaught of the 'shock and awe' missiles that the warbloggers love so much (would that any of the warbloggers had the tiniest percentage of Fisk's courage or intelligence). These precision weapons are landing on the houses in a quiet residential neighborhood. Fisk quotes Taha Yassin Ramadan, the Vice-President of Iraq: "They are trying to assassinate President Hussein. What kind of state tries to assassinate another country's leader then says it is fighting a war on terror?" It's not a bad question.

  5. Referring to the same (? - it may be another speech by Ramadan) speech by Taha Yassin Ramadan, in which he said that captured enemy soldiers whould soon be shown on Iraqi television, and to another report that seven U. S. and British aircraft had been shot down, U. S. Marines Captain Stewart Upton, a spokesman at the Qatar command headquarters of U. S. and British forces in the Gulf, said: "We categorically deny both, that they shot down any coalition aircraft or took coalition prisoners of war. More lies from the Iraqis." We now know the Iraqis do have prisoners of war (one of the captured soldiers said he had been 'only following orders' - wrong Nuremberg answer!). So who was lying?

  6. The Americans continue to be flummoxed by the amusing problem that they have. They could easily win this war if they just levelled the country, but they would be destroying the assets, including the slave-labor workforce, which is the whole point of the war. So they have to actually fight on the ground. The highly vaunted American troops are rather pathetic - it they were only 100 times more powerful than the Iraqis, rather than 10,000 times, the Iraqis would beat them easily. The rest of the world, including places like North Korea and China, must be gaining a lot of confidence watching this debacle. Any state with reasonable air defenses can beat the Americans.

  7. The best information site by far on the massacre in Iraq continues to be the Russian 'Agression against IRAQ' site (see also here).

  8. The latest story is that Iran may be next on the list to be enslaved and have its oil stolen, right after Iraq is wrapped up. Before the monsters in the Bush junta are finished, I swear the whole world is going to be on fire.

  9. Here are some great pictures of what every single American is morally responsible for (more pictures here, and an especially sickening one here). Here is a quote with which I completely agree (from an oustanding article):

    "Let there be no doubt about this. Even those courageous American souls who protest for peace are willing to admit their complicity in this matter, for it is this segment of the American population that realizes it has been inattention to the improper and destructive behavior of its own government that has led to this current danger that the entire world must now confront, or be raped and vandalized by a gunslinging Texan with his shaky, dry-drunk finger on the nuclear trigger."

    The complicity of every American in these crimes isn't a function of the current Administration or its dirty immorality. It is a function of at least forty years of lying about the nature of the American government and American society. Time after time, after the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK, after the Vietnam War, after Watergate, after Iran-Contra, even in the last mid-term elections, Americans have been given chances to put things right, and each time they have chosen to bury their heads in the sand and hide behind the usual platitudes about how great America is. Well, it isn't. It is a completely immoral country led by monsters. I ask again - when are Americans actually going to do something about this? Until they do, each Iraqi death haunts the soul of each American.