Wednesday, March 12, 2003

This is an excellent list of the propaganda lies used by the Bush administration in trying to sell the war to steal Iraq's oil. The essential lie is of course that the war has anything to do with threats of terrorism, al-Qaeda, weapons of mass destruction, the happiness of the Iraqi people, or anything else other than the general goals related to the conquest of Iraq set out by members of the Bush administration over the past ten years (a combination of American hegemony over the world, control of oil for American companies and American geopolitical uses, Israeli motives, the joy of using new weapons on innocent civilians, and, although not stated explicitly, possible fears of loss of dominance of the American dollar in oil markets and as a reserve currency). The lies are so extensive that it is hard to keep up with them (my favorites are the ones made by Powell that Hans Blix politely but firmly refuted in the United Nations, while Powell had to sit there and take it). Besides the list, there is the lie that Iraqi scientists were prevented by the Iraqi government from exposing sensitive information to the inspectors. We should also remember the early incident when the Iraqis allegedly bought a sizeable quantity of uranium in Turkey, which started out as over 35 pounds of weapons-grade uranium (15 kilos), but ended up actually being five ounces of something else! Remember that the Americans are planning to drop thousands of bombs on civilians. The onus is on the American government to come up with a plausible reason to do so. All we get are a pack of lies.