Wednesday, April 16, 2003

More on the atrocity exhibition staged by the United States and Britain in Iraq:

  1. In Baghdad:

    • American soldiers are acting abominably, shooting at civilians and killing in cold blood anyone who approaches them. A U. S. army doctor said: "You got to understand. These guys are still young. When they're anxious, they easily shoot." They even shot at an ambulance, probably killing two of the three severely injured patients that were in the ambulance and injuring the driver and a first aid worker (see also here and here and here).

    • Foolish American soldiers attempted to destroy Iraqi munitions and rockets left behind by the Iraqi army in the Atayfiyya neighborhood of Baghdad by firing a shell on them. The people of the neighborhood had asked the Americans to remove the weapons, but these geniuses knew better. The resulting explosion killed the American tank crew and many Iraqi civilians, as well as destroying around 20 houses.

    • Baghdad's psychiatric hospital was ransacked by violent mobs. Two patients died of thirst as they were unable to swallow water without assistance. American troops were in the area but told the hospital staff that they could offer no assistance against the looters. The looters returned and let out about three quarters of the patients. Four female patients may have been raped.

    • U. S. officials are hampering the media from covering the anti-American demonstrations taking place each day in front of the Palestine Hotel (how long do you think that name will last?).

    • There is reason to believe that U. S. troops are encouraging and facilitating the looting. It is possible that destruction of Iraqi civil infrastructure is being encouraged as it can then be replaced by contracts given to crony capitalist friends of the Bush Administration, all paid for out of the proceeds of Iraqi oil!

  2. In Basra:

    • Putting the lie to another of the alleged reasons for mounting this dirty attack, the British actually had the nerve to appoint as a leader of Basra a former brigadier general in the army of Saddam Hussein and a onetime member of his Baath Party. This appointment did not meet with the approval of the local people. Since removal of the cruel old rulers of Iraq is about the last argument left standing for the 'liberators', the hypocrisy of this attack is now completely clear.

    • The official British story was that there was a popular uprising against the Iraqi militiamen who controlled Basra during its 13-day siege by the British. This story was created to explain the inability of the British to take the city, and the large number of civilian deaths in the city. Perhaps not surprisingly, this story was a lie. The civilians who were wounded were wounded by British artillery and U.S. bombs. The British stories that civilians were forced to take up arms by the militia and were used by the militia as human shields were also lies. The militia caused relatively little problem for civilians - civilians only began to suffer under the lawlessness which started when the British entered the city. Even 'Chemical Ali', attacked with great loss of surrounding civilian life, may still be alive.

    • The water supply of Basra was destroyed by the British at the beginning of the attack. Although it is completely unbelievable, Basra is still without an operating water system, and doctors are starting to fear that an epidemic will set in due to the lack of access to safe drinking water. Looters are actually stealing the water pipes!

  3. In Kirkuk, a city that was taken over by the Kurds, Kurdish looters were attacking the property of the Turkmen residents. The Americans, needless to say, were occupied securing the oil facilities, and did nothing to stop the looting. Looting and killing continues, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has decided to forcibly expel Arabs living in villages south of Kirkuk. The PUK has decided that all persons who had been resettled from their original homes to other parts to the country by the Iraqi government in the past should return to these homes. This will create a humanitarian disaster.

  4. In Mosul:

    • The lawlessness degenerated into a riot, in which 12 were reported killed and at least 16 injured (as many as 100 may have been wounded). U. S. troops are said to have fired on a crowd which became hostile towards Mashaan al-Juburi, an Iraqi opposition leader, as he was making a pro-U. S.speech (the Americans deny firing, but given their recent history of lies, who do you believe?).

    • There has been the usual massive amount of looting. Needless to say, American troops weren't available to help as they were busy securing the oil fields.

    • The museum has been completely looted. There were no American troops in the city as they had already left.

  5. Last week, in Najaf, two clerics who were supported by the Americans as local rulers were hacked (or here) to death inside one of Shiite Islam's holiest shrines. The U. S. State Department was so proud of the installation of these new rulers that it had flown two helicopters of journalists to meet them, but they just got a chance to meet pieces of them. One of the clerics had been a supporter of Saddam, and the other had urged cooperation with the Americans. The local Shia Muslims have graphically expressed their opinions of cooperation with the occupiers.

  6. In Nasiriya:

    • The Americans staged their first meeting to try to manufacture a fake government for Iraq, but the meeting was marred by the fact that it was boycotted by Iraq's main Shia opposition party.

    • Last week, in another checkpoint incident, marines shot and killed two children and injured nine people.

    • It turns out that the whole story of the rescue of Jessica Lynch from Saddam Hospital in Nasiriya - the extent of her injuries, the specifics of the rescue, the danger of the attempt - was a lie (or here). It is estimated that 300 civilians were killed in Nasiriyah and 1,000 people were wounded during the last few weeks.