Thursday, April 03, 2003

More on Iraq:

  1. U. S. aircraft hit Baghdad's trade fair and other civilian buildings, killing several people and wounding at least 25. The original Reuters report was that a hospital was hit, but possibly it was only damaged and the casualties were not due to damage to the hospital. The specificity of the Reuters story makes it sound true, which leads me to wonder why the British Red Cross as reported in the Guardian can be so certain that it is not true. We'll have to wait and see.

  2. Here is more on the inappropriateness of Jay Garner as American Grand Vizier of Occupied Iraq. There is even a website dedicated to stopping this mistake! They seem not to be concerned about the Israeli problem, but concentrate on the fact he is closely associated with military contractors.

  3. One of the problems that the Iraqis have is that the years of sanctions have caused huge shortages in the medical supplies available to the hospitals that have to try to treat the victims of 'coalition' handiwork. There is even a report that the 'coalition' forces are raiding hospitals, claiming to search for hidden chemical and biological weapons, and, at least in one case, trashing what was left of disinfectants used to clean medical equipment.

  4. Here is an article on the 'credibility fatigue' of British authorities as they lie about Iraq. 'Credibility fatigue' pretty much describes the current state of the whole Anglo-American propaganda war.

  5. Here is Robert Fisk on the American massacre at Hilla. Apparently the video footage was so gruesome that much of it could not be shown on television. Children were cut into pieces.

  6. By some odd coincidence, U. S. special operations forces are said to have blown up an Iraqi pipeline to Syria at almost the same time that Israeli Infrastructure Minister Joseph Paritzky said that he wants to reopen the pipeline leading from Mosul to the Israeli city of Haifa after the 'war'. The Ha'aretz article (or here or here) states:

    "The flow of oil from Mosul was redirected from Haifa to Syria after the British Mandate for Palestine expired in 1948."


    " . . . Israel was involved in talks during the mid-1980s on a plan for an Iraq-Jordanian pipeline to the Red Sea port of Aqaba. Among the participants in these talks was Donald Rumsfeld, then an adviser to U.S. president Reagan and currently secretary of defense. The American corporation Bechtel was slated to build the pipeline. According to the deal, which eventually fell through, Israel was to receive about $100 million a year via former Israeli businessman Bruce Rappaport in return for a commitment not to oppose the construction or operation of the new pipeline."

    Israel - Rumsfeld - Bechtel - Bruce Rappaport - destroyed Syrian pipeline. This kind of thing might almost turn you into a conspiracy theorist.