Sunday, September 28, 2003

Here is the latest Judith Miller article in the New York Times. It concerns the investigations of David Kay in Iraq, and the somewhat surprising fact that he and his team were unable to find any weapons of mass destruction (I say 'surprising' as I assumed he went to Iraq to plant the evidence of weapons of mass destruction). The entertaining thing is that Miller manages to be the co-author of an article that discusses this issue without once mentioning that she was the key person involved in spreading the lies about Saddam's alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction (for some examples from the considerable Miller oeuvre, see here and here and here). Of course, she did this through citing various mysterious 'sources', but consistently showed a profound lack of a critical eye concerning what should have been clearly seen to be complete malarkey. With the podium of the New York Times to add credibility, Miller was responsible for establishing the justification for an attack that has cost the lives of over 300 American soldiers, led to the deaths of thousands of completely innocent Iraqis, and will cost the United States $166 billion and counting, together with the loss of its international reputation. She must be so proud.