Saturday, September 13, 2003

Paul Wolfowitz in an interview with the Washington Post on September 6 (or here):

"There are some thousands of former Baathists (members of Saddam's Baath Party) and some hundreds of al-Qaida and other foreign terrorists who are . . . killing Americans and Iraqis and U.N. officials and moderate Shiite leaders in order to destabilize Iraq."

or, as published (edited?) in DefenseLINK:

". . . there are some thousands of former Ba'athists and some hundreds of al Qaeda and other foreign terrorists who are killing Americans and Iraqis."

Paul Wolfowitz on September 11 on ABC's 'Good Morning America':

"We know it (Iraq) had a great deal to do with terrorism in general and with al-Qaeda in particular, and we know a great many of bin Laden's key lieutenants are now trying to organize in cooperation with old loyalists from the Saddam regime to attack in Iraq."

Paul Wolfowitz on September 12 tells the Associated Press that he had 'misspoken' and that U. S. military forces were still trying to identify the foreign fighters in Iraq and whether they are collaborating with Saddam loyalists. But isn't Bush's request for the absurd first-installment sum of $87 billion ($87 billion saved is $87 billion earned; $87 billion here, $87 billion there, eventually it adds up to real money) based entirely on the necessity for the United States to continue the 'war on terror' in Iraq until the forces lined up against the United States are defeated? How can Bush be sure he needs $87 billion to defeat terror until he is certain that al-Qaeda is really involved in Iraq? What if the Americans aren't fighting international terror at all, but just a bunch of Iraqis defending their country from invasion? Wouldn't it be nice if the neocons could keep their stories straight at least long enough to walk away with the $87 billion? Do you think it might be possible that they saw a chance to make the largest heist from the American treasury in history to feather the nests of their military-industrial complex friends, all on the basis of the universal Bush excuse for everything, the 'war on terror'? Is the 'war on terror' just being used as an excuse to explain why the United States can't withdraw from Iraq, as withdrawal would embarrass the neocons, ruin the neocon-Zionist plans for Israeli domination of the Middle East, and destroy Halliburton's (and Cheney's personal) pot o' gold?