Sunday, June 06, 2004

Washing-Bag TIU

Another way in which the late Bush White House is like the late Nixon White House is the fact that both ended in Total Information Unawareness. No one knew what was going on in the late days of Nixon until he actually resigned. Rumors reigned supreme. Bush is in no danger of resignation, but it has become as difficult to find out what is happening in Washington-Baghdad (Washing-Bag) as it is to figure out the North Korean government. Did Tenet jump or was he pushed? If he was pushed, who pushed him? What's up with Chalabi, anyway? Is he being framed by the CIA? Does this have something to do with Tenet's resignation? Who ordered the jackbooted thugs into Chalabi's office? Was it actually Bremer of Baghdad? If so, was he acting for the CIA, the State Department, or the paleoconservatives who have taken the White House back? Have they really taken the White House back, or does it suit some people to have that rumor circulating? In fact, is there any real difference between Kissinger-inspired paleocons and the neocons, or is the distinction just more disinformation? Are the high oil prices a conspiracy between Bush's energy friends and the House of Saud, a conspiracy that now has to be reined in for a few months? Is the Saudi government behind recent attacks in Saudi Arabia, intended to keep the price of oil high? Are the paleo-conservatives back, if indeed they are back, to force the price of oil down until Bush's reelection, at which point it can go back up again? Is there a ceasefire in the south of Iraq? If so, which side is breaching it? Is the ceasefire the work of the CIA and/or the State Department, with the breaches the work of Pentagon neocons trying to start WW III? Is the appointment of the specific Iraqi stooge politicians that Bremer forced on the Iraqis a victory for the CIA? Are the neocons on the run in Iraq, or are they just biding their time until after the November election? My guess is that they are just taking a refreshing break, with the start of WW III inconvenient now due to the fact that it would greatly raise gas prices; after the reelection, watch for a big neocon comeback, with new wars against Iran and Syria. Are the neocons suddenly in insurmountable legal problems in Washington? My guess is that Bush is so religiously addled, and completely dominated by the Christian Zionists, that he is like a brainwashed cult victim - Patty Hearst as President! - and would never turn on his neocon Zionist friends, and as long as Bush is onside the completely Republican-dominated American government will continue to shield the neocons no matter what they do, just as they have until now. After all, if Douglas Feith isn't in the Graybar Hotel making license plates already for what we know he's done, it is difficult to see what would get him in trouble. Don't underestimate the neocons. They are at their sneakiest when you think they are on the run. The complete Washing-Bag confusion suits them very well.