Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Further adventures of the Spanish police

Further adventures (or here or here) of the Spanish police (my italics and bold):

"Discrepancies started to emerge as members of the Spanish parliament probing the aftermath of the March 11 rail bombings quizzed police on duty on the day of Spain's worst ever terror attack. Police chief inspector Luis Martin Gomez told the enquiry how he had examined a van understood to have been used by the bombers in the town of Alcala de Henares, the small town east of Madrid from where they set off with their deadly cargo. Gomez said he saw nothing suspicious in the seized vehicle, which he looked over only briefly 'for two or three seconds' before it was transported to Madrid for further investigations. A later search uncovered detonators and a tape containing Koranic verses. Gomez then described earlier intelligence service claims that the detonators had been left clearly in view as if to call deliberate attention to them as 'utterly false'."

and (my italics):

"Madrid's former head of security, Santiago Cuadro meanwhile contradicted evidence given last week by his then superiors, insisting he had never said the explosives used were of a type ETA used in the past. Cuadro said he had merely told former police deputy director Pedro Diaz-Pintado just hours after the blasts that there were 'indications' to that effect. He added he was 'sure to have spoken of dynamite' and not Titadyne, used in past ETA attacks. But Diaz-Pintado had told the hearing he remembered Cuadro spoke specifically of 'Titadyne with a detonator cord.' It was early on March 12 that the explosive was revealed as Goma-2 Eco. Members of the inquiry said Wednesday it was possible that either a poor quality telephone line or the great stress officials faced led to the confusion."


"Further uncertainty surrounds the caretaker of a building opposite where the van was parked. He told officials he saw police discover the van's contents. A supposedly secret intelligence report backs that contention that the police checked over the vehicle on the spot.

But some police officers say the van was only searched in the late afternoon of March 11 after being taken to police headquarters in the capital."

It's not just the many discrepancies in the various stories of the police and intelligence services, or the fact that the supposed terrorists loudly proclaim their innocence in a manner completely unlike fundamentalist terrorists who should be proud of what they did and basking in the publicity they must have sought, or the fact that the Aznar government knowingly lied to the Spanish people, or the fact that the supposed terrorists made telephone calls from outside a police station, or the fact that at least some of them were police informants, or the fact that Aznar has now made the very peculiar admission that his government lied, or the convenient fact that the main alleged terrorist managed to blow himself up while surrounded by Spanish police and thus deprived himself of the court forum to express his supposed terrorist grievances (without a death penalty to face, why would he kill himself?), or the amazing story of the Spanish police and the rental car. Were I Spanish I'd probably be equally as concerned about the fact that the Spanish police and intelligence services participated in the murder of Spanish citizens for extreme right-wing neo-fascist political purposes, and the fact that they are clearly such a bunch of incompetent boobs.


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