Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The American election

Americans have the opportunity to use this election to state that they do not approve of the politics of deception, lying, and manipulation. Forget about Kerry, whose inability to elucidate a plausible alternative to Bush just emphasizes the fact that the election is really a referendum on Bush and the Rovean politics of deceit. It is also an opportunity to get out from under the debilitating logic of the war on terror, where each fight in the war is just the cause of more terrorism (it's like a headbutting competition, where the 'winner' is the last guy to fall down). The Spanish people faced a similar choice in their last election, and threw the bastards out. There comes a point in politics when politicians obviously have so little respect for the electorate that the electorate has to reassert who is the master and who is the servant. It will be interesting to see whether the remarkable servility of American voters continues in the face of such a massive display of contempt for Americans and the values they purport to hold dear.