Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Fear Factor: Elections in Iraq

I'm not sure I'll dignify the travesty of a joke of a sham that was the new American 'reality' television show - 'Fear Factor: Elections in Iraq' - with much blogging, but I thought this posting from Eschaton summed it up quite well, referring to the revelations of Chalabi's old friend, Judith Miller:

"Last night's little quote from The Queen of All Iraq wasn't just about the usual Miller-bashing, it was actually a bombshell revelation. Here we have a New York Times reporter going on the record saying that according to a source, the Bush administration was in talks with Chalabi about a position in the new Iraqi government. So, in one neat little package we learn that the Bush administration backs Chalabi and has significant influence over appointments in the new government, once it exists.

Isn't this important?

Repeat, Judith Miller on Hardball:

We now are told, according to my sources, that the administration has been reaching out to Mr. Chalabi, to offer him expressions of cooperation and support and according to one report he was even offered a chance to be an interior minister in the new government."

So it's the United States government which gets to offer the senior cabinet postings in the newly 'elected' Iraqi government. No big surprise, but probably a mistake for Miller to reveal it. The election, initially rejected by the Bush Administration who wanted to install a 'strong man', but forced on them by the insistence of Sistani, and staged by an occupying army making it completely illegal under international law, was just a front to cover the fact that the United States continues to run Iraq down to the smallest detail (they need the new giant embassy in Baghdad as it will be the real government building for the whole country). Apart from all the other things wrong with the election - e. g., general systematic problems, vote or starve, misleading or lying reports of high voter turnout, no independent election monitoring (with the election run by ex-Saddam henchman Allawi, internationally wanted fraudster Chalabi, and the serial liars in the Pentagon, prospects of a fair election are essentially nil), problems with people not being allowed to vote in Kurdish areas, limited Sunni participation, vote fraud, massive amounts of violence, etc., etc. - it was fundamentally a sham, a made-for-television movie intended to back Bush's new propaganda line that the United States is installing 'freedom' while it is really doing just the opposite. Whether it be Baghdad or Cleveland, the people running the United States have developed a certain expertise at running crooked elections staged as a series of televised photo-ops intended to disguise what is really going on.