Saturday, February 19, 2005

Jeff Gannon

I've been reading all this stuff on the 'Jeff Gannon' scandal, and I just don't see it. The lefty bloggers seem to think that this represents hypocrisy in the Republican Party, but someone else might say that this fascination with outing someone in the White House just represents an anti-gay agenda amongst the lefty bloggers. It's probable that someone in the White House is gay, and introduced Gannon as a ringer who could ask soft questions to guide the discussion in a Republican-friendly direction. If this person is outed and forced to resign by the lefty bloggers, will this represent a victory for truth and justice? What if this secret gay guy in the White House turns out to be one of the moderating influences?

Gannon is just a hustler, and figured the hustling in the White House press corps was more lucrative, if far more degrading, than what he did at night. The sad fact is that Gannon wasn't noticed for months because his questions were no different than those asked by the likes of hustler Wolf Blitzer (and everyone else except for Helen Thomas). It's quite true that if this had happened in the Clinton White House, CNN would be covering it 24/7, and would have commissioned special theme music for it. So we have more proof that there is hypocrisy in the Republican Party, and the networks are terribly biased. So what? More proof of these things won't change anyone's mind about anything. This scandal is just a reflection of frustration amongst those who live in a country with an immense number of real scandals - Gitmo, illegal wars, killing civilians, torturing people to death, class warfare, environmental degradation - not one of which seems to cause even the slightest ripple in the consciousness, or conscience, of the nation.

Although there is a long history of sexual blackmail in Washington, there is not one piece of evidence that Gannon was connected to any of that, and hints of such things, or comments about the legality of what Gannon was doing in his other job, just smack of homophobia. If there is more to this than we have already seen - and the diggers should, of course, keep digging - I know one thing: Gannon is a dead man walking.