Tuesday, February 15, 2005

More of the same in the Palestine

Eric Margolis throws some cold water on all the optimism about peace in Palestine:

"While Sharon and Abbas talk peace, Israel continues to expand settlements and expropriate Arab land. There are now 450,000 Jewish settlers on the West Bank, 200,000 of them in the illegally enlarged boundaries of Jerusalem.

Sharon's vision of a Palestinian 'entity' is three of four separate cantons, or apartheid-style Bantustans, isolated by Jewish-only security roads and checkpoints, all surrounded by a high 'security wall.'

Jewish settlements may occupy up to 58% of the West Bank. Palestine's air, land, sea and telecommunications contacts with the outside world will be entirely controlled by Israel. This is not peace. It's a penitentiary."

It is completely implausible to conclude that Zionist Arik Sharon and Christian Zionist Condi Rice woke up one morning and decided to allow the Palestinians to have a state sufficiently robust that it would block the establishment of Greater Israel. No, the Likudnik plan - to put the Palestinians in a series of what are effectively concentration camps, completely surrounded by constantly hounding and encroaching settlers and without any economic or political viability, give the camps a flag and call them a 'state', and wait for the inhabitants of the camps to slowly but steadily leave in despair - remains in full effect. The goal is to entice the Palestinians to agree to this trick with a combination of rhetoric and relief from some of the worst breaches of international law imposed on them by the state of Israel, and have the Palestinian leadership fall into the trap of collaborating in their own destruction. There are elements of the Jewish collaboration with the Nazis here - an irony not lost on the Holocaust-obsessed Zionists - where Jewish leaders participated in the eventual destruction of Jews, all on the hopes that cooperation would lead to an acceptable compromise, never realizing that compromise wasn't on the agenda of the Nazis. Compromise is also impossible for the Zionists, and you will notice that with the 'concessions' by Israel we have not seen one attempt to comply with the terms of the 'road map'. All the real concessions have been by the Palestinians, particularly the decision by Abbas to take over the destructive job of policing his own freedom fighters (a mistake that Arafat also made, which led to the intifada). The proposed withdrawal from Gaza, much touted as part of the peace process, is simply another tactical way for Israel to isolate the Palestinians in separated settlements, and allow the misery imposed by the uninhabitable nature of the settlements to take its course. Israel has just announced it would be building a new settlement in the West Bank to house some of the current inhabitants of Gaza, an announcement so utterly incompatible with the 'road map' that it is almost surreal, and reveals the true plans of the Likudniks. There will be no peace in the Middle East until there is sane leadership in Washington.