Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Palestinian casino

Some Israelis are praying that the peace talks between Sharon and Abbas fail. They need not worry, as the Israelis will ensure that they will fail. Abbas is doing all he can to fit into the spirit of what is claimed to be required of him, making Arafat's mistake of going the collaborator route by having the Palestinian Authority do the dirty 'security' work of the Israelis, while every day the Israelis kill more Palestinians, build more settlements, and extend the Wall. This is doomed to failure, as Palestinian society will need to see rapid progress towards some kind of just settlement, or fall back into another intifada. A just settlement simply isn't going to happen, at least with the current American government in place. The necessary and sufficient condition for peace is entirely territorial, restoring all of the Occupied Territories to the Palestinians (on the maps of the loss of Palestinian territory, moving from the fourth map to the third), and the Zionists and Christian Zionists - including Condoleezza Rice - won't let that happen. It would be the end of the dream/nightmare of Greater Israel. I think the best comment was from the thread on Fark by 'wibblyhead':

"Things would be much better if the Israelis would let the Palestinians open a few casinos."

You just have to laugh.


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