Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Pipes versus Chamish

Daniel Pipes seems to have decided to make his career as the Savaronola of American academia, effectively a book-burner of anything which criticizes, even vaguely, the Likudnik project for the creation of Greater Israel. It must be difficult for Pipes, the son of a famous academic following in his father's footsteps, all the while hearing the muffled jeers that his whole academic career is based on nepotism, and he is getting his revenge by systematically attacking freedom of speech in American universities. This has all been on the guise that such free speech is anti-Semitic, or supports 'terrorism', but his real goal is obviously to suppress any talk that might interfere with the Likudnik goal. He has finally given himself away in a bizarre attack on the Israel Insider, putting pressure on it to stop publishing the writings of Barry Chamish. This was supposed to be a secret - a conspiracy, if you will, to surreptitiously repress free speech, and ironically one of the few occasions when the conspiracy referred to by Chamish comes to light - but the honesty of the Israel Insider let the cat out of the bag.

The Israel Insider is obviously ultra-Zionist and completely supportive of the most extreme Likudnik positions. Their editorial rants are scary, but they do attempt to cover the news accurately (I think it is fair to say that Israeli news sources on the Middle East and Israel are always considerably more accurate than the lying and/or incompetent efforts of the disgusting American press). They also publish the writings of Barry Chamish. Chamish is also a Zionist, but more importantly, a truth-seeker. He is one of the few who dares criticize the inner workings of the Israeli state, and in particular one of the few who criticizes the obviously sanitized story of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, an assassination with obvious conspiracy ties to the highest levels of the Israeli establishment. Rabin was killed by people who wanted to stop the peace process, as peace would end their deranged dream of Greater Israel. These same people are still in power in Israel.

There is a long history of connecting the Jewish people with conspiracies and secret societies, with the accompanying suggestion that the minority Jewish population is secretly undermining the societies in which they live in the accomplishment of their covert goals. Unfortunately, there is a tendency amongst supporters of Israel to substantiate these fears, with the clear suppression of any talk which might give 'outsiders' any leverage over the Jewish state. The Jews have to hang together over Israel, no matter what it does, or hang apart in a new Holocaust. Jewish liberals are as aghast at what is going on as the rest of us, but repress their misgivings for fear of giving a weapon to enemies of Israel. The fact that the latest faked rocket attack on Israel was revealed by members of the IDF itself is a welcome development, and may indicate that Israel is finally reaching a state of maturity and comfort with itself that the truth, however unpleasant, can be told.

Pipes completely gives himself away in his insistence that the Israel Insider stop publishing Chamish. Chamish's writings can't possibly be called anti-Semitic, or anti-Zionist, or anti-Israeli, or pro-terrorist. Chamish thinks that Israel is the victim of a larger anti-Zionist conspiracy involving the highest levels of the American establishment. He may be wrong in this, but there is no obvious reason to suppress his right to express his point of view. By connecting the leaders of Israel to the Council on Foreign Relations, he expressly attacks the self-righteous nature of the stated goals of the Israeli leadership. The only thing Chamish undermines - and I note that I doubt Chamish would support my characterization - is the reputation of Israeli leadership, and in particular the unholy alliance of the most crazed religious nuts with the leaders of the Likud party and the Israeli military, a combination which may be employed by the CFR to destroy Israel in its long-term goal of American control over Middle Eastern oil. Pipes has finally gone too far and has revealed that he is not trying to stop anti-Semitism, or hateful speech. He is trying to repress talk of the darkest of Zionist secrets, as he and those he works for are afraid that the truth will stop the crazy religious goal of the creation of Greater Israel.

Reuven Koret of the Israel Insider, to his great credit, is refusing to buckle under to Pipes' considerable pressure. Regardless of what your political position, agreeing to the terms of censors and book-burners is simply wrong. Pipes has gone one step too far, and has revealed what he is really up to. He really ought to see a psychiatrist about these issues with his father.