Friday, March 18, 2005

Still bombing Iraq

I think it is amazing that the United States is still dropping significant amounts of bombs on Iraq. This has somehow been lost in all the back-patting about how America has brought 'democracy' to the Iraqi people. Since there is no army in the field, you have to ask what the target of the bombs is. How is it legal under international law? This reminds me of all the thousands of bombing raids conducted by the United States and Britain before the attack on Iraq under the guise of enforcing the 'no-fly' zones, bombing raids which weren't covered by the media and thus were never a political issue and might just as well have not happened, despite the fact their main victims were civilians. The current bombing is apparently completely uninteresting to the media. From Jarrett Murphy in the Village Voice:

"One reason for this gap in reporting is there are apparently no embedded reporters with air force units or on navy aircraft carriers to notice trends in bombing. That is not a matter of policy, a Centcom officer tells the Voice: The media show little interest in working with those units. For cash-constrained news operations covering the massive story of the Iraq war, air combat is admittedly a tiny piece of the picture. But the bombs are still falling."