Monday, March 21, 2005

World versus neocons

The international community did an excellent job in managing the latest neocon/Zionist crisis in Syria/Lebanon. The 'con plan was to create a reason for war against Syria if it did not withdraw its troops from Lebanon. If it did withdraw the troops, the hope was that the loss of face in the withdrawal would provoke a Syrian coup. All this is part of the long-term Israeli plan to weaken any possible opponents of Greater Israel. The world was clearly blindsided by the 'cons before their attack on Iraq. It reminds me of situations involving serial killers where we wonder how it is possible that people get in the killer's car or enter his house, when it is so clear that the killer will soon be picking out a wine to drink with the victim's liver. The fact is that we never expect absolute evil, and are always surprised by psychopaths. The 'cons used this to their advantage in Iraq. No one ever expected that they would wreck international law and go to war on the basis of a pack of obvious lies, particularly when the issue of weapons of mass destruction was clearly being well handled by the weapons inspectors. Now that the international community realizes that Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith are Hannibal Lechter, it will not be caught short again.

The world's response to the 'cons was to tell Syria to withdraw, and, more importantly, to make this appear to be a demand from many countries. Britain, Spain, Russia, France and Saudi Arabia all publicly insisted that Syria withdraw. Far from being a defeat for the Syrians, this gave the Syrian government the chance to comply without being seen as being pushed around by the Zionists, and thus the possibility of a Syrian coup was averted. We even saw the announcement that such a coup had occurred, as part of the 'con plan to replace the government of Syria by causing a coup by announcing a coup, in exactly the same way that the State Department used the Washington Post in its clumsy effort to create the coup in Venezuela by announcing that it had already occurred. The latest 'con attempt was a complete failure due to the actions of the world community in immunizing the Syrian government against a coup by deflecting the idea that the withdrawal was forced by Israel and its agents in Washington. Syria remains in full control in Lebanon, and its position is arguably stronger now than when it had troops in Lebanon. The 'cons have been soundly defeated.

The current state of affairs is summarized by Joshua Landis:

"The only real leverage 1559 offered the US was European sanctions. When Bush went to Bruxelles, he got the European powers to agree to support 1559 to the extent that it required the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon - that meant sanctions, a big club.

With Syria's withdrawal, the club is gone. Europe does not support forcing Hizbullah to disarm in the immediate future or naming it a terrorist organization, which would require Europe to move with the US to shut it down. Europe has always been reluctant to join the US in the use of sanctions against Syria. Chirac's about face following the Lahoud extension shifted the balance of the EU against Syria. Now that Syria is withdrawing, Europe is returning to its former anti-sanctions position."


"Washington must find another club. It will not forget Damascus and the Syrian regime, far from it. But 1559 and Lebanon will not be the principal weapons to use against Syria.

Everyone in Washington is now cooking up next-steps and other instruments to finish off president Bashar al-Asad. Those who want to continue the campaign against dictatorship, Baathism, the enemies of Israel, Arabism, or the 'unfree' will now have to begin to address the question of regime-change and internal Syrian politics directly, something Washington has not done up to this point. They will have to convince President Bush and his policy people that it is in US interests to attack Bashar, not for his foreign policy, for occupying Lebanon, or for troublemaking in the region, but because he treats his people 'egregiously' in the words of some Washington wonks."

It is going to be difficult for the 'cons to suggest that thousands more Americans die because the human rights record of the Syrian government isn't quite up to snuff.

And what did the Europeans get for being nice to diplomatic Bush and agreeing to pressure Syria? They got John Bolton to the UN and Paul Wolfowitz to the World Bank (it's a sad commentary on the world today that the choice for leader of the World Bank is an Irish rock singer or Wolfowitz, Bono or Bonehead). Some thanks! It is impossible to be cynical enough in dealing with the Bush regime. In order to prevent the deaths of hundreds of thousands more civilians, and the further destruction of international law and world peace and security, the international community has to be ever vigilant in acting to stop the future psychopathic actions of the 'cons.