Monday, October 17, 2005

Plamegate and Watergate

An old CNN article on the Plame matter quotes Joseph Wilson from an interview with Paula Zahn:

"'Bob Novak called me before he went to print with the report and he said a CIA source had told him that my wife was an operative,' Wilson said. 'He was trying to get a second source. He couldn't get a second source. Could I confirm that? And I said no.'

Wilson said he called Novak after the article appeared citing sources in the Bush administration.

'What was it, CIA or senior administration?' Wilson said he asked Novak. 'He said to me, 'I misspoke the first time I spoke to you.''"

Novak really didn't answer the question, did he? Maybe it was a badly phrased question. There is one guy who was both CIA - Plame's field, in fact - and senior administration. Fred Fleitz. Fleitz worked for Bolton, and Bolton paid a visit to Judy in jail. Now Judy is pointing directly at Libby as the culprit (and her lawyer is as much as accusing Libby of witness tampering). Do these pieces fit together?


"As I told the grand jury, I recalled Mr. Libby's frustration and anger about what he called 'selective leaking' by the C.I.A. and other agencies to distance themselves from what he recalled as their unequivocal prewar intelligence assessments. The selective leaks trying to shift blame to the White House, he told me, were part of a 'perverted war' over the war in Iraq."

The neocons felt themselves to be unjustly under attack from the spectators in the cheap seats, which would include the CIA. The neocons, in fact, always perceive themselves to be unjustly under attack, and always depict themselves as underdogs fighting for righteousness against incredible odds. Paranoia is a big part of their game. The attack on Plame was much more a warning shot fired at the CIA - we can and will put your lives in danger if you mess with us - than it was an attack on Wilson. The attack was too vehement and too expensive in time and energy to be directed at Wilson. If Watergate was really a power struggle between Nixon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was Plamegate a power struggle between the neocons and the CIA? If it was such a power struggle, which side was Bolton/Fleitz on? What side is Miller on? Was she turned by something Bolton said to her in jail?