Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pollari's Ledeenlessness

I've read the La Repubblica investigation of the Niger uranium documents (translation by Nur al-Cubicle here and here and here, or reprinted a little more legibly at Cannonfire here and here and here). Pollari's story puts all the blame for the stovepiping of the documents on himself, SISME and Stephen Hadley, thus completely absolving Ledeen and all his neocon homeboys. Ledeen is mentioned, but not in a dangerous way, and Pollari effectively backs up Ledeen's story that he had nothing to do with the documents. Hadley is the designated scapegoat, and even has an out as Pollari is depicted as having deceived Hadley. Neat. I wonder what Pollari and Berlusconi are going to get for this.