Sunday, December 25, 2005

Khashoggi into drugs?

There is an interesting article by Peter Dale Scott on the international drug trade which contains a lot of brilliant analysis but is unfortunately marred by being based on the dodgiest of dodgy sources, a combination of an anonymous Russian source 'N', an article published on a Russian web site by "a so-called Yuri Yasenev, which is clearly a compilation of extracts from intelligence reports" (which is itself heavily relied on in a paper by "a reputable Hoover Institution scholar" - which seems a contradiction in terms - John B. Dunlop, the Hoover Institution being the absolute worst of the Scaife-Olin-Koch funded thinktanks, devoted to the old anti-Soviet view of the world still held by people like Condi Rice), an article in the increasingly weird (but fun) Pravda, and an article in a Russian investigative magazine based on assistance from French and Israeli intelligence. In other words, the whole thing, which turns on an alleged meeting in July 1999 at the French villa of Adnan Khashoggi between Khashoggi and a motley crew of villains associated with the international illegal drug trade, looks like an intelligence fabrication. The multiple dodgy sourcing, as we've seen in Nigergate, is just another of their tricks.

It has become a bit of a running joke in the world of conspiracy theory that Adnan Khashoggi is connected with every single conspiracy out there (George Soros runs a distant second). I think all we can conclude is that this July 1999 meeting occurred, or, more likely, some intelligence agencies have gone to a lot of trouble to make us think it occurred. I still recommend the article for its analysis of the drug trade (and this company Far West Ltd. should be looked into). I find it amusing that I mentioned that Sibel Edmonds made me nervous as she sounded like Peter Dale Scott (and my Marc Grossman guess looks increasingly good), and Peter Dale Scott quotes her!


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