Monday, December 12, 2005

Not as bad as Stalin

Americans won't, or can't, accept that Bush isn't an aberration in American politics, and that the United States has been up to Iraq-style adventures, admittedly a bit more circumspectly, for years. Harold Pinter's Nobel Prize acceptance speech covers the point with dramatic intensity. The decades of being able to bamboozle the world with nonsense about the inherent goodness of America have led to sufficient confidence that the American officials no longer even bother with the sales pitch. United Nations, Geneva Conventions, International Criminal Court, Kyoto Agreement, laws against torture, sovereignty of nations, international law? Fuck them all. If it doesn't fill the American SUV, it doesn't matter. Niall Ferguson, who has parlayed his remarkable ability to bend over and lube up whenever he hears the words 'United States' into being Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History at Harvard University (just like another primo luber celebrity Harvard professor, Michael Ignatieff, who plans to become Prime Minister of Canada!) defends the United States against Pinter's charges by playing - get this! - the Stalin card. Yes, it's come to this. The United States isn't quite as bad as Stalin, so it must be OK then. Wow!