Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ten reasons for Iran talk

Top ten reasons why Israel might want to lie about having plans to attack Iran:

  1. The lie forces Iranian leadership to the right, and reinforces the position of the most radical Iranian leaders who are most likely to be anti-Sunni.

  2. The lie forces Iran to buy defensive weapons, and Israelis, big players in that market, will no doubt get a cut (remember that a large reason for Iran-Contra was to give Israelis the deal to sell weapons to Iran).

  3. The lie is just another in the long series of distractions planned by Israel to hide the real problem in the Middle East, Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

  4. The lie reminds everyone of the military ability of Israel to attack any country in the Middle East.

  5. The lie emphasizes that Israel, apparently alone amongst all the countries of the world, has the right to attack any other country for no reason other than a slight feeling of unease.

  6. The lie reinforces the idea that Israel, alone amongst countries in the Middle East, is allowed to possess nuclear weapons.

  7. The lie plays extremely well to right-wing voters in Israel, which has an election campaign going on now.

  8. The lie gives the American politicians another reason to fall in behind Israel, and another reason to send billions of dollars to Israel to buy 'defensive' weapons from American military contractors.

  9. Most importantly, the lie focuses attention on another 'existential threat' to Israel, the kind of threat necessary in all fascist regimes - the Nazis had the Slavs, the Gypsies, and, oh yes, the Jews; the Bush Administration has the 'war on terror' - to support the otherwise intolerable burdens placed on its citizens.

I agree that it is prudent to pursue this issue as quickly as possible, and can't fault anyone for trying to publicize Israeli plans before it is too late to stop another Holocaust like Iraq. On the other hand, the noisiness of the Israeli plans for Iran leads me inevitably to the tenth reason for Israel to lie: the lie about Iran hides its very real plans for Syria, plans which are underway right now. I continue to find extreme bad faith in all those critics of the Iraq attack, including Europeans and some American Democrats, who are allowing exactly the same conspiratorial plan used against Iraq - involving lies and manipulation of the United Nations - to be employed against Syria, with nary a word of complaint.