Saturday, March 25, 2006

Proof of a conspiracy

The Kennedy School of Government removed its logo from Walt/Mearsheimer paper and made more prominent a disclaimer stating that the views expressed belong only to the authors.  From The Harvard Crimson (the Sun article is here):

“Yesterday’s issue of The New York Sun reported that an ‘observer’ familiar with Harvard said that the University had received calls from ‘pro-Israel donors’ concerned about the KSG paper. One of the calls, the source told The Sun, was from Robert Belfer, a former Enron director who endowed Walt’s professorship when he donated $7.5 million to the Kennedy School’s Center for Science and International Affairs in 1997.

‘Since the furor, Bob Belfer has called expressing his deep concerns and asked that Stephen not use his professorship title in publicity related to the article,’ the source told The Sun.”

As Rozwadow at Daily Kos notes:

“No need for comment.  In succesfully getting Harvard, with its billions in endowment, to repudiate a tenured professor's study, they prove the study's thesis.”

The problem, and it is an immense one, isn’t with American Jews, whose sole problem is that they remain quiet while others purport to speak for them (with some praise-worthy exceptions), but with a tiny group of American Jewish plutocrats. And I mean tiny.  We’re talking less than a hundred big political donors, probably less than twenty-five.  They have large amounts of money to give, mostly come from the American media and entertainment industries (and thus control their own spin), and most importantly, donate their money based on only one issue, requiring the recipients of their donations to take a pure Likudnik approach on the Middle East.  Their donations are actually more corrupting to the Democrats than to the Republicans, as the Democrats are much more dependent on this particular source of money, and this dependence explains the bizarre Democrat approach to Israel, the Iraq war, and the Middle East.  The crazy views of a handful of plutocrats are not only destructive to American interests, they are destructive to Israeli interests and wider Jewish interests.

By the way, did you notice that Dershowitz’ attack on the paper is an incompetent use of much the same methodology that Norman Finkelstein used so devastatingly against Dershowitz himself?