Sunday, April 23, 2006

Gorilla theater

The play “My Name Is Rachel Corrie”, effectively censored in New York by the pusillanimous actions of  James Nicola and the New York Theater Workshop, is receiving one reading in Toronto, to be held at a secret time and place!  Has it come to the point where the Israel Lobby is so all-powerful where even the slightest implied criticism of Zionism has to be held in secret?  Will discussions of Israel have to be held like the planning sessions of Solidarity in Poland?  Will copies of the play be passed around like Samizdat material in the Soviet Union?  Will anti-Zionists have to recognize each other by secret handshakes?  I have three suggestions:

  1. There should be a boycott of the New York Theater Workshop until it gets around to staging the play.
  2. Since it falls into the category of forbidden literature, it would make the perfect subject for a ‘happening’ or ‘guerilla theater’, where suddenly in a crowded public place a production breaks out.
  3. The attack on the play is an attack on the theater, and it only requires one young woman to play the part.  As a form of protest for freedom of the theater, very brave directors should plant it into other ‘legitimate’ plays.

The main enemy of Zionism is truth.