Sunday, April 02, 2006

Zundel's real nemesis

Found via YayaCanada, a posting in Undertow:

“I was doing some Googling on ‘Donald Macintosh’ the federal lawyer who wants so badly to see Algerian refugee Mohamed Harkat deported to an Algerian torture chamber.

Surprise. Surprise. Macintosh is a great friend of the B’nai Brith!

Interesting admission at the bottom of that page: “Honoured at the event was Sabrina Citron, who single-handedly took on the task of ridding Canada of Ernest Zundel. Said B ’nai Brith Executive Vice President Frank Dimant, who presented a certificate of appreciation (accepted on her behalf by Larry Zeifman): ‘It was Sabina Citron, not any organizations’ who accomplished the task.”

Silly me. I thought it was Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the federal government’s justice system that deported Zundel.

These Jewish lobby groups are drunk on the wine of someone else’s power. They no longer view themselves as lobbyists. They believe they are creating and implementing Canadian government policy!”