Monday, July 24, 2006

The feeble stirrings of the American immune system?

Alan Senitt was the British Zionist agent infiltrated into the pre-Presidential campaign of former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, presumably to ensure that Warner stayed on the straight and narrow ultra-Zionist path with respect to the Middle East (note how the Washington Times tries to downplay this connection, a sure sign of shenanigans).  Warner is a possible Democrat presidential candidate should Hillary make everyone sick and Gore stick by his guns and continue to refuse to run.  It is frightening to see the preparation of the International Zionist Conspiracy, already in control of a Presidential campaign months before the campaigning has even begun.  This is how the Lobby works.

Anyway, Senitt, is dead, allegedly as a result of a botched robbery in the ritzy Washington neighborhood of Georgetown (where break-ins are common but murders are extremely rare, no doubt because of a large and visible police presence).  Needless to say, things are already strange:

“Detectives investigating a series of robberies in Georgetown had the address of two of the suspects now connected to the slaying of Alan Senitt three weeks before he was attacked.

The information came from a 24-year-old Georgetown woman who was held up June 11 - three blocks from the place where Senitt later would be slain. She said she provided the address on Robinson Place SE after learning that her credit card was used to make a purchase that was shipped there.”

The police had the address for three weeks, and didn’t even bother to look.  And what kind of robber uses a stolen credit card to have something delivered to his own residence?  It sounds like a set-up.

“Homicide detective Douglas Carlson testified Wednesday that after the attack, police took Senitt's companion to a street in Southeast Washington where they believed the attackers may have lived.

They saw a shirtless Piper outside and approached him because he fit the victim's description of a bald, stocky black male. The woman was at first unsure if Piper was her attacker because she remembered her attacker as even stockier. Police then had the victim look at Piper again after he put a shirt on, and this time she positively identified him.

She was later asked to identify Rice, who repeatedly shouted ‘She can't identify me!’ as she and police approached, Carlson said. The victim said at first that Rice looked like one of the attackers and his hostile manner was similar to what she observed during the attack. She later said she is ‘90 percent sure’ that Rice was one of the attackers.”

So the police drive the witness to a street “where they believed the attackers may have lived” (huh?), point out the suspects, get the wrong answer, and then insist on the witness looking again until they get the right answer.  What happened to all the extreme care taken over police line-ups, line-ups that American cop shows keep telling us can be tainted by even the slightest impropriety? 

  • From the same article (my emphasis in red):

“According to the victim's account, it would have been Rice who slashed Senitt because Piper was attacking and robbing her while Rice and a 15-year-old, who has been charged as a juvenile, had Senitt in a chokehold.”

The problem is that Senitt was killed by having his throat slashed.  How do you have your throat slashed when the person restraining you has you in a chokehold?

  • I don’t know what to make of this, originally from the Wayne Madsen Report:

“According to State Department sources, a meeting of top U.S. Defense Department psychological operations (PSYOPs) officials had been taking place at the Georgetown home in front of which British neo-conservative activist Alan Senitt was brutally murdered early in the morning of July 9. Senitt and a female companion were reportedly retrieving something from the trunk of their car when they were attacked. Four assailants, all residents of Washington, DC, were arrested in connection with the Senitt murder. Senitt's throat was slit in the incident. The home where the PSYOPs meeting took place was located near the corner of Q Street and 31st Street in an otherwise quiet neighborhood in the wealthy Georgetown area of Washington.”

Is it just possible that this entire story was concocted in order to cover up a political assassination?  Were Senitt and his companion attending the meeting?  The fact that the alleged perps appear to be in the process of being framed makes one wonder.

Senitt was an up-and-coming Zionist politician in Britain (not to mention well connected to the neocons).  He led an organization now called The Co-Existence Trust, a group dedicated to using the anti-Semitism slur as a weapon in Israel’s ongoing war against Arabs (note that the list of directors, officers and patrons, with the notable exception of Bishop Tutu, is very dodgy).  To add insult to injury, this organization is being depicted as one that “aims to bring Muslims and Jews together to fight Islamophobia and anti-semitism.”

Senitt is not the only foreign ultra-Zionist to die in the United States in recent months under mysterious circumstances.  Jason Korsower, a young and healthy Israeli who worked for Steve Emerson’s group stirring up American hysteria and hatred against Muslims, died in his sleep, with no apparent cause of death.

Zionism itself is a virus that is leading the United States to a slow and painful death.  Like AIDS, it attacks the immune system, by subverting the press and corrupting the politicians, leaving the victim unable to put up a fight.  Are we now seeing the slight stirrings of the American immune system, making a last-minute attempt to fight off this debilitating sickness?  If so, it is probably too late.