Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel's incompetent strategy

I am not as pessimistic about the current Israeli misadventures as I might be.  The Israeli leadership seems to have completely lost the strategic thread (Olmert is in way over his head), and actually has done considerable harm to the Zionist Plan for the Middle East.  The pre-planned attack on the civilians of Gaza was intended to destroy the political leadership of Hamas, and, as usual, further demoralize the Palestinians.  As is always the case, the racism of the Israelis caused them to completely underestimate the ability of the Palestinians to tolerate war crimes and crimes against humanity, and the brutality against Palestinian civilians has increased the legitimacy of Hamas, and solidified the will of the Palestinian people to obtain something of value for the captured prisoner of war.

Hezbollah saw the overreaction to the capture of one soldier, and decided to up the ante by capturing two (employing “operational prowess, daring, and inventiveness”).  Israel was thus forced to go crazy in Lebanon, and I mean crazy.  How does bombing the Beirut airport have anything to do with Hezbollah?  It doesn’t even make sense on the Israeli’s own doctrine that Hezbollah has no legitimacy in Lebanon, and clearly doesn’t fit Israel’s assertion that it is tackling Hezbollah, and not the Lebanese (this parallels the confusion in goals in attacking the civilians of Gaza while simultaneously blaming the whole thing on Syria).  Part of the Zionist Plan is to destabilize Lebanon, a goal being achieved through covert means (including the recently uncovered spy ring), but this insane attack has simply rallied Lebanon against a common enemy (it also makes fools of the Americans, whose professed love of Lebanese state integrity – remember the ‘Cedar Revolution? – now looks like a hypocritical joke).

Sharon’s unilateralist plans were unfolding smoothly (under the new branding of ‘convergence’), with the full support of the Americans and the tacit support of the Europeans (even though it made a mockery of the ‘Road Map’;  btw, what are the Europeans going to say to their ‘disproportionate’ politicians when they are scraping each other off the sidewalks as a result of the terrorist attacks caused by the completely legitimate anger raised by the inability of European politicians to make any serious complaint about what the Israelis are doing?).  Israel was simply going to keep seizing big chunks of the West Bank, and with the aid of the Wall carve what was left of Palestine into an ungovernable mess.  It would then wait for the Palestinians to give up and leave, and seize the whole thing. 

What happened?  One possibility is that the Israeli generals have given up hope on further American military help in the near future, and are trying to force the Americans into new Middle East wars (the generals were prepared – or here –  for an attack on Lebanon).  If so, this appears to have been a big tactical mistake.  If the United States were interested, we’d be seeing a huge propaganda build-up, and we’re not seeing anything.  Rice even went so far as to scold Israel (a little; she also bizarrely scolded the Syrians, just to prove her Zionist bona fides), an unheard of bit of effrontery.  Israel has achieved no strategic goals, shown its main weaknesses, and strengthened its enemies.  It has stepped over the Wall – the symbol of unilateralism – and stepped over the notional wall with Lebanon.  What is the point of walls if you are on both sides of them? Unilateralism is dead.

Many of us have been saying that this kind of escalation is the inevitable result of the grim racist logic of Zionism, and have, for our prescience, been called names like ‘anti-Semite’.  Everyone ought now to be giving the apologists for Israel all the disdain they so richly deserve.  These outrages were predictable, and predicted, and flow directly from the lies told by those who try to make the case for Israel.