Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The next trick (in a series of tricks)

Bearing in mind that one of the main points of the exercise was to steal Lebanese water from the Litani River (the military operation wasn’t called ‘Summer Rain’ for nothing!), the next Israeli trick will be to build a ‘security strip’ in southern Lebanon, at least until the world can come up with an international ‘peacekeeping force’.  Of course, participating in such a force would be a political disaster, as the casualties from Hezbollah attacks would be enormous (as would the number of innocent civilians murdered by the ‘peacekeepers’).  As instructed by the Jewish Billionaire’s Club, the usual suspects for the ‘peacekeepers’ will demur, thus leaving the Israeli ‘security strip’ as a permanent feature of south Lebanon (Kurt Nimmo makes the excellent point that the intentional targeting of UN officials – I’m waiting for the inevitable apology of Kofi Annan for having the audacity to point out the obvious truth – is a warning to the international community to stay out).  It will be just wide enough to allow Israel to grab the water!  Once Israel grabs the water, it will rely on it (filling the settler’s swimming pools), and will never return it, as – and you know the drill already – forcing Israel to return what it has stolen is an ‘existential threat’ to Israel, a trick by anti-Semites who just want to force the Jews ‘into the sea’. 

Where have I heard this kind of thing before?  Oh yeah, the settlements in the Occupied Territories, originally a ‘temporary’ measure to ensure Israeli ‘security’.  The Israeli Ratchet – the idea that Israel’s ongoing quest to steal land from its neighbors never stops, except for a few head fakes like the temporary withdrawals from Lebanon and Gaza, but continues to build on the lands previously stolen – will continue in Lebanon.  Once part of Lebanon is stolen, the environmental stresses caused by the theft of much of its water will lead to further crises, which will entail further Israeli military interventions, in Lebanon and elsewhere (the destruction of Syria is next on the Zionist Plan), and on and on and on. . . .  When is the world going to wake up and realize that the logic of Zionism – the idea that Israel, the only country in the world without established borders, has a G-d-given right to a great swath of the Middle East, and won’t stop provoking and agitating and conniving to put itself in a position to steal more of this land – is going to lead to more and more serious problems until the world is embroiled in a World War?