Sunday, July 02, 2006

Racial hatred as the real essence of Israel

The one lesson the Palestinians will take from the latest Israeli outrages is that the real Israeli weakness is a hypersensitivity to having its citizens captured and controlled by Palestinian militias.  The weakness flows directly from Israeli racism:  it is simply intolerable for any member of the real Master Race to be under the control, even for one moment, of the untermenschen.  This racism underlies everything that the Israelis do, and has reached a point which can only be described as pathological.  So pathological, in fact, that it is even being noticed in places where you would never expect it to be noticed (note the comments, including the first one, which called the posting ‘brave’).

The fact that Israelis have no problem with the fact that Israel can brutalize and terrify and risk the lives of a million innocent civilians over one Jew proves, definitively, that Israel is completely racist, and irredeemably so.  In fact, Israeli popular opinion seems to be that the current Israeli government batshit-insane response is too easy on the civilians of Gaza.  When Israel disappears and moves to Oklahoma, it won’t be because of any external threat.  It will be because Israel suffers a ‘legitimacy crisis’ based on a sudden realization that you cannot build a country in the 21st century based entirely on racial hatred.