Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Flying without liquids

A few useful articles on the latest phony terror scam  – aka ‘Operation Save Tony’s Ass’ – from London:

The internet is agog over the revelation in the last article that some of the alleged terrorists hadn’t bothered to obtain passports!  It is clear that the governments of the United States, Britain, and Canada have an inventory of suspects under long-term surveillance who can be used as patsies whenever the mood strikes the politicians.  The crime of the patsies consists entirely in the fact that they are young Muslim males.

We will continue to be fooled by the politicians as long as they need to hide behind the ‘war on terror’ in order to stay in power.  In this case, we have upcoming American elections coupled with Tony’s pressing problem of unpopular support for Israel’s massacre of Lebanese civilians.  Therefore, everyone else gets to pay with increasing inconvenience at the airports.  The joke is that the inconvenience stays at its highest levels until the airline executives manage to get their phone calls through to the politicians, when suddenly the terrorist threat is reduced a shade or two, just in time to save the airlines from bankruptcy.

This political scam can continue as long as we agree to put up with it.  Airline security is a joke, with the neanderthal screeners picking out the 90-year-old grandmothers for strip-searches, and the guards pouring all the chemicals, which supposedly explode on being mixed, into the same vats.  Why can’t the terrorists soak their sweaters in one chemical, their shirts in another, and repair to the airplane bathrooms to soak themselves up an explosion when the two chemicals are mixed?  Whether they actually do this or not, the politicians can continue to fool us as long as there is a reasonable reason to believe that there is anger in the world-wide Muslim community. The only way to stop the problem in the long term is to stop the root cause, and the root cause is almost entirely Anglo-American support for Zionist wars against Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon.

People forget that the inventor of the ‘war on terror’, the war we are fighting at great expense and inconvenience but can never win, is a guy called Benjamin Netanyahu.  He set out the basic principles in books and in a famous speech (or here) he made at the Jewish Agency Assembly Plenary meetings on June 24, 2001 (note the date).  On the morning of September 11, Netanyahu said:

  “It’s very good.  Well, it’s not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy [for Israel from Americans].”

The plan has always been to involve the Americans and the British in the Zionist phony ‘war on terror’.  The ‘war on terror’ is simply a propaganda trick developed to allow Israel to steal land from, amongst others, the Palestinians.  Isn’t it time we put an end to the inconvenience, the expense (in money and lives), the fear, and the violence, and stopped dancing to the tune of land thieves like Netanyahu?