Thursday, October 05, 2006

Put down the champagne for a while

It is curious that the Republicans are in the middle of a sex and cover-up scandal (which seems to go further than cover-up and amounts to aiding and abetting the commission of a series of criminal acts) at the same time that the most damning evidence of Bush Administration foreknowledge – and negligent, or worse, ignoring of foreknowledge – of the September 11 attacks has come out.  Rice and Hadley received a detailed warning from Tenet on July 10, 2001 concerning an imminent al Qaeda attack on targets which could include those within the United States (the first time this story came out, from Time, the warning was supposed to emphasize overseas attacks), and Rumsfeld and Ashcroft received the same briefing within a week.  Although Ashcroft denies receiving such a briefing, The Mahablog notes that it explains his refusal to fly commercial domestic flights starting in July, an unexplained anomaly before we heard the real details about this Tenet briefing.  Tenet also explained the whole thing to the 9–11 Commission, both the timing and content of his meetings (in fact, he appears to have done a restaging of the briefing for members of the Commission, something panelist Ben-Veniste completely forgot about, and then suddenly remembered when challenged with the facts), and the 9-11 Commission, needless to say, didn’t bother to mention any of it in its lying cover-up report (Philip Zelikow, who now works for none other than Rice, should be on the hot seat for this outright deception).  Rice says it is ‘incomprehensible’ that she would ignore such a warning, which is not a denial that she received it (a good thing for her, as we know she did receive it).  The only decent thing for Rice to do to prove she is not a liar, or worse, is to authorize Tenet to release the full contents of the briefing.

It appears that the Establishment – you know, the group that Chomsky claims rules the world – has finally decided to stop playing polo and sipping champagne long enough to get around to reining in the Bush Administration.  Talk of another war, one that would put a big dent in their trust funds by collapsing the international economy, was the last straw.  Suddenly, buggergate comes out, known to the mainstream media for months if not years but carefully covered up until it was time for a rare Democrat October Surprise, and Woodward receives his new marching orders, this time not to make George out to be some kind of new Churchill but to strike right at the heart of the Republican message that they are the only party capable of looking after American domestic security.  They are forcing Rove to rely on computer vote fraud to win the upcoming elections, fraud that will be so obvious that they won’t be able to keep their lovely machines through to the next presidential election.