Thursday, October 19, 2006

Things aren't going to get better


“Naive Liberal fantasies of what could happen if the Democrats take over. 10 hearings that you can bet will never take place, even if the Dems gain veto-proof majorities in both the House and the Senate. If there is one thing I've learned in recent years, is that nothing will really change if the Democratic Party takes power. Their goal isn't to fix government, but to be the ones receiving the bribes and living above the law. Don't underestimate how much support the neofascists have received from the Dems since Dubya's inauguration. They both want the same thing: absolute power. You think Hillary would reinstate Habeas Corpus? She voted to eliminate it. We have only one political party in this country, with two PR fronts. Pretending to be in opposition is just a ploy to mollify the masses, by conning them into thinking they actually have a choice.”

The Democrats have the same problem as the Republicans.  They exist solely to collect bribes, try to gain more power, and satisfy their Zionist paymasters.  Cracking down on corruption would make it more difficult for the Democrats to collect their share, so it won’t happen.  Bush impeachment?  Don’t make me laugh.  Even if Diebold doesn’t do its job and the Democrats squeeze out a tiny sliver of control of one or both houses of Congress – an extremely unlikely eventuality, and Rove is already preparing the way to mute the outrage at a Republican ‘victory’ by boasting of how confident he is – nothing whatsoever will change.  In fact, a Democrat-controlled Congress would be much worse for immorality in American foreign policy.