Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Who did Lockerbie?

Lenin’s Tomb summarizes some of the plausible perpetrators of the Lockerbie explosion, other than Libya, which appears to have had nothing to do with it (despite copping to it in order to be readmitted to the international financial community!).  Besides the fact that the Americans paid some of the witnesses to testify, there are a few other problems:

  1. The Crown violated procedure in withholding German police evidence at the trial, evidence translated at considerable expense, and evidence which pointed to other parties.  The main person implicated by the German evidence was a key Crown witness, who testified in return for immunity from prosecution!  I’d be inclined to bring the lawyers in question up before their professional body.
  2. A senior Scottish police officer has revealed that the key physical evidence used in the conviction, a small piece of circuit board, had been planted.
  3. The circuit board was miraculously discovered months after the explosion, many miles from Lockerbie. The manufacturer claims it was not the type supplied to Libya, despite the fact that this connection is the keystone of the prosecution’s case.  There is in fact evidence that the board was of a type in possession of the CIA.
  4. The CIA may have been allowing the smuggling of drugs on the flight (as part of a scheme to obtain Hezbollah help in releasing American hostages held in Beirut; of course, this may itself be a cover story to hide culpable extracurricular CIA drug smuggling), and a potential DIA whistleblower to the smuggling, Major Charles McKee, was on the flight, providing a double motive to kill the whistleblower and frame Libya.

The only thing that bothers me about this is that the frame-up is now pointing towards Hezbollah/Iran, a little too convenient in light of current Zionist attacks.  It would be unfortunate if this exercise in coming clean over Libya was just another trick against Iran. 

It is interesting that Vincent Cannistraro, who has been a critic of the Bush Administration, particularly with respect to the Niger documents and the Plame outing, and thus extensively quoted by ‘progressive’ sources, was the CIA goon in charge of harassing Libya, and in particular guiding this frame-up through the courts.  Always watch out for ulterior motives.


Charles said...

Not only that - the suitcase itself was a plant