Thursday, December 21, 2006

All interested parties except Israel

A Middle East peace conference that involved all interested parties except Israel would be:

  1. the ultimate death of Zionism (Israel would finally have to accept the 1967 borders);
  2. the only way peace can be achieved in the Middle East (Israel has avoided, undermined and sabotaged every other peace attempt, and is guaranteed to do the same as long as it is involved, as peace constitutes the death of Zionism);
  3. the only way to avoid a conflagration in the region which will destroy the wealth and power of the American Establishment (you’ll see a lot of denials of the connection, but the Establishment has come to the conclusion, obvious to all non-liars, that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the only way to save the entire Middle East from disaster and preserve American wealth).

The Americans have to obtain a consensus minimum acceptable proposal from everybody except Israel, wrap it in a package with some security guarantees, put a bow on it, and present it to the Israelis as a fait accompli.

The American Establishment may have finally figured out what it has to do in order to save itself from the fate of the old British Establishment (selling the family silver in order to pay the monthly wine bill).  It remains to be seen whether they have the courage to fight the Zionist propaganda war they are going to encounter (needless to say, it will be brutal).   It is not a given that Empires always survive.  Sometimes the decadence sets in, and there is simply not enough energy left for an Empire to do what it must do to save itself.