Friday, December 22, 2006

More unsolved criminal mysteries

More unsolved criminal mysteries, mostly from the DOE Network:

  1. Unidentified White Female discovered on March 25, 1887 in Rahway, New Jersey;
  2. Jodi Sue Huisentruit (and here and here);
  3. Vicky Fay Hamilton;
  4. Genette Tate (see also here and here and here);
  5. Unidentified Native Female discovered May 25, 2003 in Mammoth Lakes, Mono County, California (pioneering use of a number of techniques including bone testing developed by Henry P. Schwarcz to determine the isotope geochemical signature of the water she drank during her life to determine where she came from);
  6. Unidentified White Female located on May 3, 1975 in Casselman, Ontario, Canada (I’ve mentioned this one before but the Ontario Provincial Police are putting a new push on to solve it);
  7. Baby Hope”;
  8. The Chillingworth murders (perp caught, but interesting story);
  9. The Sodder children;
  10. John and Shelly Markley;
  11. April Marie Tinsley (message on a barn door and notes in baggies);
  12. Tara Leigh Calico (spooky photos);
  13. A success, the identification of Richard (Dickie) Hovey, from an Ontario Provincial Police attempt to identify two murder victims who were killed forty years ago (part of a larger program to clear up old cases).

The police in Hamilton, Ontario have just used YouTube to help solve a crime, by posting a surveillance video which led to the surrender of a suspect.