Thursday, December 28, 2006

So typically Noamesque as to sound like a parody

Noam Chomsky comments on the Iraq Study Group Report.  After pointing out that poll results display overwhelming Iraqi desire for American withdrawal, he proposes a referendum in Iraq to decide the issue.  This is so typically Noamesque as to sound like a parody.  While maintaining his usual attacks on the American Empire, Noam proposes a precondition that he knows will never happen (what Empire is going to ask for a referendum guaranteed to prove how unpopular it is with the people it is supposed to be helping?), thus ensuring the fulfillment of the Zionist goal of keeping American troops in Iraq until the country is forced into Yinon-style non-threatening (to Israel) statelets.  As usual, fiendishly clever.

I think the best way to view Chomsky is as a one-man Zionist ‘sleeper cell’.  He started to write about the American Empire at about the same time as the extreme Israeli right was planning its campaign of taking political power in Israel and creating Greater Israel over the dead bodies of a lot of Arabs.  The long-term plan involved seizing control of American politics through the use of the Christian Zionists (thus Begin’s courting, and financing, of Christian Zionist leaders), at the same time quietly infiltrating the bureaucracy of government through the use of those people we now know as the neocons (it is a huge mistake, but one encouraged by the Zionist media, to regard them as Republicans).  All the while, Noam was working on his completely ineffectual critiques of the American Empire, building up his street cred for when it would be needed in the service of the Israeli Empire.  We hardly need a referendum to know that the Iraqis don’t want a continued brutal American occupation, and suggesting an impossible precondition to utopia is more of what Noam has been doing for the last thirty years.  The brilliance of the conception of the sleeper cell is that much of Noam’s most trenchant criticism remains directed at Israel, thus fooling many into thinking that he is working against Israeli colonialism.  Nothing could be further from the truth.