Saturday, February 10, 2007

An award for Islamophobia

One of the nominees in the National Book Critics Circle award for this year is an overtly bigoted, in this case Islamophobic, book.  It is interesting to look back at advertisements from the first half of the last century and see how obvious much of the racism was, with the people of that time completely oblivious to it (this material is now sought after by collectors).  We are currently at the same phase with respect to hatred of Muslims, with some people, particularly in the United States, unaware that there is even an issue.  Of course, there is a small Zionist industry devoted to producing this type of material.  The author of the book in question is openly gay, and seems to be trying a kind of Pim Fortuyn approach to the issue (the movement we might call ‘Homofascism’).  The general approach of all these guys (and MEMRI too), is to take the most outrageous examples from the craziest Islamist writers, and assume those opinions are held by the entire Muslim community.

It is even more curious to note that the average American doesn’t tend to suffer from this artificially-created Zionist intolerance, as witness the survey on whether it would bother people to have Muslims as neighbors.  In this case, it is the chattering classes, the so-called American ‘intelligentsia’, who find the bigotry invisible.  Twenty years from now, when American support for Israel is seen as the biggest mistake in American history, all these Islamophobic books will be looked at in much the same way that we look at the old racist ads from one hundred years ago.  They are already dated propaganda for a dying political idea.