Saturday, February 17, 2007

The hate that (used to) dare not speak its name

In the last six months, we’ve made enormous advances in understanding the unwholesome hold that Zionists have over the American government, and I am optimistic that the truth will continue to come out (six months from now, people behind the curve are going to look quite silly).  Just recently, those who were brave enough to point out the massive influence of the Lobby weren’t just considered to be mistaken, or even crazy.  The issue was literally unspeakable (at least in polite society).  Zionism was the hate that dare not speak its name.  The Zionists don’t yet realize that they lost the battle and the war once these issues became debatable.

The United States is currently under a Zionist Occupation Government.  Still don’t believe me?  This past week the Democrats started to exercise their newly acquired power with a hearing of the Middle East Subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the ‘next steps in the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process.’  Do you think they invited Jimmy Carter?  Bishop Tutu?  Nelson Mandela?  An neutral expert on the Middle East?  A Palestinian?  Nope.  The three invitees – the only three invitees – were (drum roll, please): 

  1. Daniel Pipes (who, it is claimed, was forced on the committee as a witness by the Republicans);
  2. Martin Indyk; and
  3. David Makovsky.

Makovsky works for the ultra-Zionists at WINEP (the Lobby’s think tank).   Indyk, the original founder of WINEP and a former research director at AIPAC, is the Director of the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution (Saban is the Israeli who is biggest donor to the Democrats and thus the leading member of the Jewish Billionaires Club).  I really don’t need to describe Daniel “brown-skinned peoples cooking strange foods and maintaining different standards of hygiene” Pipes.  Indyck comes across as moderate but non-committal, Makovsky as a complete hard-ass, and Pipes as absolutely, over-the-top, insane.  I imagine the three of them arriving at the hearing arm-in-arm, deftly performing Jewish folk dances, singing Hava Nagila, waving the Israeli flag, and sporting their medals from Israeli for service to Zionist colonialism.  For guys like these, a ‘debate’ about the Palestinians consists of a discussion of the appropriate caliber of ammunition to use to shoot Palestinian children in the face.  It is not unreasonable to wonder why all the witnesses are on one side of the issue (and for similar shenanigans – more of the ‘diet plan’ – from the same bunch of politicians, see here).  Is Congress just the New Knesset?

From the comments to the excellent note by Daniel Levy linked to above (and see also here), I select that of madison1776 (emphasis throughout in red):

“So the Jewish Committee chair Tom Lantos (Likud-CA) and the Subcommittee chair Gary Ackerman (Likud-NY) will hold a hearing on the I-P conflict with David Makovsky (a former US citizen now an Israeli who works for the AIPAC cutout, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy), Martin Indyk (an Australian brought to the US by indicted AIPAC spy, Steve Rosen, to work as his assistant at AIPAC and somehow became a US citizen and our ambassador to (not from) Israel) and Daniel Pipes (National Socialist-Philadelphia).
Thar's it! No Arab-Americans. No Palestinians. Not even one goddam gentile.
Is this a joke.
AND by the way, the staff director of the committee is David Makovsky's brother, Alan Makovsky.
I am not making this up

and Mark Weinberg:

“This in nuts. As a Jew and a Zionist, I believe that this type of arrogance – using the US congress as a venue to promote right-wing zionist propaganda – is going to blow up in all our faces someday.
How dare they? Does it ever occur to Lantos or Ackerman that they are Americans (sort of, in Lantos's case) and should act like it.
This is truly disgusting. Read ‘The Truth About Camp David’ by Clanton Swisher to find out whose these characters are.
God, as a Jew, this is just embarrassing. It's like a bunch of Catholics holding hearings on birth control with the witnesses being Father Mulcahy, Msgr. Herlihy, and Cardinal O'Connor.
Madison 1776 is mad. The real Madison would puke.”

I really have to wonder what evidence would be required to prove the existence of the ZOG to those hold-outs who still refuse to believe it.