Thursday, February 08, 2007

Writing a novel without using the letter ‘e’

Some good things to read:

  1. Robert Fisk, the best real Western journalist working in the Middle East, is consistently awful in writing about Lebanon, due to his friendship for Hariri and the Hariri clan.  The facts on the ground are so obvious, however, that he finally seems to be getting it.  It is almost unheard of to read a class-based analysis (or here) of politics in the Middle East.  Meanwhile, the Globe and Mail is caught red-handed in Zionist propaganda, publishing a series of articles gap-jawed with amazement about what is happening in Lebanon, while barely mentioning the root cause, the attack by Israel.  It is like writing a novel in English without using the letter ‘e’. 
  2. An excellent list by Amira Hass of prohibitions on Palestinians imposed by Israel.  Zionists would have you believe that these prohibitions are a sort of unfortunate accident, caused by various Arab failings and crimes.  Actually, as Stephen Lendman points out (or here or here), referring to Jeff Halper’s concept of the Israeli "Matrix of Control", they are part of a conspiracy to achieve ethnic cleansing.
  3. More Stephen Lendman, this time a long and informative review of Ilan Pappe’s latest book, on the background and mechanics of the Nakba and its relationship to today’s ethnic cleansing operation against the Palestinians.  Again, this was no accident, but was part of a careful Zionist conspiracy going back at least to the 1930’s.  All we are seeing now is the completion of the same, very old, plan.  The conspiracy was well hidden, first by having the historical record intentionally unexamined, and then by the careful building of an Israeli creation myth, fostered by such writers as Leon Uris, and bolstered by Zionist Hollywood.  We are still waiting for the day when Nakba Revisionism is a crime. 
  4. Speaking of secrets, the Pentagon just loves its secret air wars, and there is one going on now, a big one, against the civilians of Iraq.  Knowing about the violence from the air might help to explain why there is so much violence on the ground.  Of course, the American media won’t touch this, as the idea that the problems in Iraq might be caused by American military planners, rather than by crazed Muslims, is incomprehensible.
  5. An interview by Silvia Cattori with Daniele Ganser on NATO’s role in the strategy of tension in Europe.  Of course, the ‘war on terror’ is just the extension of the strategy of tension around the world.