Thursday, April 26, 2007

At witz end

The grayhound that runs the World Bank is in a spot of trouble, and is just managing to hang on by his fangs.  There are some fun dynamics to his plight.  When the old colonial powers were dividing up the spoils through the use of the new international organizations created to squeeze every last bit of wealth from the old colonial victims, the deal was that the Europeans would get to run the IMF, while the Americans would get to run the World Bank.  Thus, when the Lobby arranged for Bush to arrange for Wolfowitz to escape to a cushy and fancy job at the World Bank, the Europeans had to grin and bear it, or risk throwing their own IMF fiefdom up for grabs.  The worst possible scenario was that the European-American fight might lead to calls for someone from one of the victim nations to run one or both of these plunderers, which would be a disaster.  It is, after all, the white man’s burden.

Wolfie, one of the greatest war criminals in all of history (no exaggeration whatsoever, as he was instrumental in destroying much of international law, as well as a whole, innocent, country), was a hard sell, but he presented himself as a reformer who would eliminate corruption at the bank.  He then stocked all the key positions he could with old cronies who helped him with the attack on Iraq, and got his hand caught in the petty cash when he attempted to arrange for the overly-generous payment of his mistress/‘girlfriend’ out of public funds.  Eurotrash politicians understand the last concept very well – indeed, paying for the mistress(es) out of public funds seems to be their main reason for going into politics – but the sum total of Wolfie’s indiscretions amounted to an insult to the Europeans.  When you add the fact that the staff of the bank hate him, his position is untenable.

If this were a normal situation, Wolfowitz would have already resigned, but, as always, this has turned into a test of strength for the Lobby.  Since the Zionists put all their eggs in the basket of controlling the American government, the ultimate ScareJew is the loss of American sponsorship.  Thus, all issues even peripherally involving the Lobby become a sort of referendum on the continuing power of the Lobby in American politics.  The Americans have to continue to prove their love.  This paranoia really started with the failure of the Americans last summer to do what the neocons wanted and attack Lebanon/Syria (the first signs of sanity in American foreign policy in years, and the return to consciousness of the American Establishment), and the problem continues with the ongoing failure of the Americans to attack Iran.  Every perceived slight is a reminder of Holocaust II, and thus this has become another unnecessary embarrassment for the United States.