Thursday, May 24, 2007

Neocon update

Neocon update:

  1. The deliberate leaking that Bush has authorized new covert action against Iran is bizarre, especially when we already know that the United States and Britain are utilizing groups like the terrorist cult MEK (see Raymond Tanter) to stir up trouble in Iran, and British and American troops have probably made incursions into Iran.  My take on it is that the announcement is just a sop to the Zionists, still smarting after the pogrom against Wolfowitz.  They need a reassurance every once and a while as the biggest ScareJew, the retaking of Washington by the American Establishment (yikes!), represents to them the beginnings of the next Holocaust. 

  2. The fang-marks of Elliott Abrams are all over the Palestinian ‘civil war’ and the attack by the Lebanese army on a Palestinian refugee camp (the main external links are to here and here, but the Hersh story may itself be disinformation to protect Israel, and we have seen some of the Israeli machinations in Lebanon, up to and including the Hariri assassination).  Another war isn’t particularly palatable to Israel right now, as another loss would be a political disaster, so the decision from the Zionist High Cabal seems to be to conduct war by other means, by causing the victims of Israel to fight amongst themselves.  Apparently, the Gazans want to be reoccupied!

  3. There is a good list of some of the more obscure neocons in this Jim Lobe article.  Although a lot have left, the Bush Administration is still dangerously infested.  They are going to the Caribbean to plot and scheme.

  4. Did the neocons start as a conservative movement and morph into Zionists, or did they start as a Zionist movement that used conservatism to further the needs of the Israeli Empire?  Traditional wisdom says they were liberals mugged by reality, but the truth is starting to come out.  Philip Weiss cites both Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz from 30 years ago to the effect that the goal of the neocons was to keep American militarism at a high level, for the express purpose of helping Israel.  In other words, the lite Zionists have it entirely backwards.  Israel isn’t caught up in American Establishment schemes; the United States is caught up in a Zionist trick to increase talk about wars (including Iran talk) and participation in wars, in order to benefit the Project of Greater Israel by continuing the United States on a constant war footing.  As an example, the very real hatred that the neocons have for China is really just another method to ensure continued American militarism.    The Zionist tail continues to wag the American conservative dog, and don’t let lite Zionist propagandists fool you otherwise.