Saturday, July 21, 2007

American Zionism jumps the shark

One of my newer themes is that Americans actually know a lot more than it is permissible to say.  While the scope of censorship is narrowing every day, it is still strong enough to block almost all outright statements of the truth.  Americans live in a world much like the old Soviet Union, where everybody knew what was going on, but truth had to communicated in secret, using a complicated code.  The main bafflegab used by Americans is the anti-Semitism slur (they reach for it so instinctively it is almost humorous), but even that is soon going to look quite silly, or even quaint.

Anthony DiMaggio surveys the evidence that points to the fact that Americans are a lot hipper to the realities than it would appear, once we clear away the barriers put up by various levels of gatekeepers.  Almost all the homilies about Israel spouted by the mainstream are pure bullshit, and the ubiquitousness of the bullshit is quite misleading:

“Unconditional support for Israel is relegated primarily to American elites, who, although a tiny minority of the U.S. public, speak with the loudest voice due to their dominance of American political, economic, and media institutions. The commitment of this loud minority to demonizing those who criticize Israel (a category which could easily be defined to include the majority of Americans) is as impressive today as it has ever been.”

Even the term ‘American elites’ defines the group too widely, as it is really limited to the Zionists and those they pay to speak for them.  A large reason for my general optimism is that both the American Establishment and real American popular belief is headed towards the truth.  Let’s give the average American some credit, as his/her appreciation of the facts is achieved in the face of absolutely no help whatsoever from the American mainstream media, which lies consistently about all matters concerning the Middle East and the American relationship to Israel.

The shit is really going to hit the fan when the Walt/Mearsheimer book appears.  They have received a considerable advance (I’m waiting for some wag to suggest the figure of $6,000,000), so the publisher expects to sell a lot of books, which will entail a lot of discussion.  As the main thesis is undeniable, but must be denied for Zionism to continue to thrive, I don’t expect that Alan Dershowitz will get any sleep for the next six months.  Largely due to the Iraq war and the common American knowledge who is really responsible for that disaster, Zionism has ‘jumped the shark’ in the U. S., and the usual blanket attack by the usual suspects will only confirm what everybody already knows.