Thursday, July 12, 2007

One-party state

Rudy Giuliani has been overdosing on Zionist foreign-policy advisors – really, really, really hard-core thrill-kill-cult Zionists – and in a showy way that is intended to be noticed.  This isn’t a way to attract American voters or even Republican delegates.  Rudy is using his ostentatious Zionism as bait to attract Jewish Billionaires and their political donations.  He has correctly sized up the facts on the ground, and realizes that the most likely scenario is that he will be running against Hillary.  The Jewish donations normally are directed almost entirely to Democrats, and Rudy is attempting to poach this money from her.

It may be difficult to comprehend, but Rudy, the candidate for Israel, is very electable.  He’ll have oodles of money; the media, controlled by you-know-who, will stop writing nasty things about him and start dredging up nasty things about Hillary (and find some new ones); there is a considerable portion of the country who wouldn’t vote for Hillary if she was the last candidate on earth; he’s got 9–11 to continue to harp on (the ‘Family Guy’ episode where Lois wins over Mayor West by answering all questions, no matter what the subject, with ‘9–11’, sounds exactly like Rudy); he can pretend to have the trendy ‘moderate’ views  on all the issues that don’t matter; and, of course, the vote fraud issues, particularly in the key states, have still not been fixed.  Despite the fact he is obviously insane and surrounds himself with the lowest of low-lifes, it is not a given that the next president will be a Democrat (the media is flying this idea in order to rally the Republican troops).

If you thought Bush’s slavery to the Lobby was bad, just wait for the next election.  Both candidates are going to engage in an orgy of Israeli butt kissing.  The United States is now a one-party state, and that party is Likud.